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Hey, my lovely crew. I have another fun what if I wanted to pose to you. 

if your character could switch career paths, what station would they choose?

for Quentin I think he would absolutely be a Helmsman, having taken the base level pilot courses at the Academy I could totally see him turning away from the cold and cruel other Science students and becoming a full tilt flyboy. I have also thought about, what if he went even darker? Tried to commit to the Intelligence Service aiming for some kind of Starfleet CIA.

what about you all? 

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Ash was once a provisional ensign aboard the Resolution, having rooted herself so far into the science discipline she was basically a walking textbook. Intel was her career change, and one that I'm discovering fits pretty well with her overall need to hide in plain sight. I would have never guessed it, but my characters have a habit of surprising me on a continual basis.

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I might make Aria do some sort of Intelligence gathering role.  She likes doing research, so it would only makes a certain amount of sense.

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Originally, Melody was supposed to be an engineer. But I feel like if she were to do a career change now, she would probably end up putting her skills in stellar cartography to good use.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Aria would run like the wind from doing counselling work.  All those feelings ...

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