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Keira Callahan

academy Callahan Reporting for Training!

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Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to be here and to be apart of this story. 

I'm still trying to figure out everything, because there is ALOT of reading before you Join. 


My question is My character Keira is training to become a doctor and I am just wondering, of course all starfleet crew members attend the academy together, however I have been reading that StarFleet also did provide a medical school for any Federation member wishing to find a career in medicine, or physiological or otherwise. The Medical school is seperate from the academy. So I am just wondering does the same process happen here? or everyone is it under one blanket and shall graduate together.

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Starfleet do provide Medical School for their Doctors - usually four years of Starfleet Academy Officer training, then four years of Starfleet Medical School. It's up to you if your character went to a medical school outside of Starfleet Academy - that's fine too. They'd graduate that first, then go in for Starfleet Officer Training. 

Out of Character: Everyone goes through the same Academy training with us to prep you for life in the 'Fleet! You'll do your simulated practical exam In Character (which is the week-long training) and graduate with your classmates. 

There's some more in-depth info here on what we use for reference in Starfleet Academy's Medical program. You might find this useful. - https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php?title=Academy_Majors_and_Minors/Medicine

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