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Jona ch'Ranni

Lower Decks (TNG) is a great episode

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I got a hankering to watch an episode of Star Trek the other night and I selected one of my very favorites. A seventh season gem called Lower Decks from The Next Generation series. You all probably remember the one: Several junior officers are followed throughout the episode. We see competition among ensigns for promotion, speculation and gossip among friends, a civilian and his interaction with the crew. It feels like we get to see more depth and behind the scenes of serving on a starship. It's the feeling that kind of drew me to swimming with Starbase 118 in the first place. Does anyone else have a standout feeling for this or another episode that just makes it your favorite?

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I agree.

Voyager's Good Shepherd (6x20) has a similar vibe that I like a lot. 

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