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Lt JG Serala: The Hunt

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Lt JG Serala: The Hunt

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis, NCC-74682, In Orbit around Lydor V))


Brell: Alright everyone, the hunt has begun. We aim not to destroy that ship but capture it and recover our people aboard.


Dermont: response

Serala: Au’e Riov! (Romulan: emphatic affirmative; Aye, Captain!)

Brell: Take us out of orbit, signal The Observer, and our shuttle that we are leaving for awhile.


:: Serala had forgotten again that she was supposed to be speaking Federation Standard, not Romulan; an old habit that sometimes reared its head when she was particularly excited or angry. Or, in this case, both. ::

Serala: Au’e Riov!


:: Sending the signal to The Observer, she turned her attention to her sensors, activation her subroutine and almost immediately getting a lock on the ship. ::


Serala: I have them, Captain. Bearing 347 mark 065 mark 16. Range one-hundred thousand kilometers.

Brell: Full impulse to that location!

Gixu: Pulling from orbit, pursuit course laid in sir!

Termine: Wait sir! Incoming transmission from Commander Tel-ar.

Tel-ar: =/\= Cmdr. Tel-ar to the USS Atlantis. Emergency beam up authorized for Ensign Knight. Transport him directly to sickbay. =/\=

oO Swell. And I was just starting to like that kid. Now he wants to go and pull a Raga on me! Oo

Termine: I’ll need a few seconds to grab him captain, just one second!

Brell: Take your time to do it right, but make it quick Ensign.

Gixu: We’ve got to GO Dante, we’re going to loose them!

::The moments ticked by tensely. That ship with their chief Tactical/Security officer, and the their most senior Marine aboard it was slipping away, as was their ability to attempt to detect them.::


oO Come on! My dead ancestors could do it faster! Oo


:: Not really, of course.  Ensign Termine seemed to be quite capable at his job, but having smelled blood, she was like a shark ready to kill it’s prey.  Of course, she couldn’t kill this prey. The Captain had already ordered them to take the ship, not destroy it. Still… ::

Termine: Transport finished!

Brell: Re-engage pursuit course.

Gixu: You got it Captain!

::Soon they were open space and able to go to warp.

Brell: Lieutenant Serala, focus your efforts on your cloak detection scheme. As well as be ready to target their engines. I know you will use a gentle touch to keep that thing in one piece but make sure they can’t go anywhere.


Serala: Aye, sir!


oO At least I said it in Federation Standard that time. Gentle touch, my rear. I guess if I must. Oo

::Pivoting to the Engineering station at the forward starboard side of the bridge near the doors to his ready room, Captain Brell next addressed the Chief Engineer. ::

Brell: I need us ready to go to warp at moments notice, even if we are not yet in the stellar particle free corridor yet.

Dermont: response

::Next he looked to the OPS station at the port rear of the the Bridge.::

Brell: Ensign, keep watch for the signal transponders of our away team members. We should be able to get a lock on them through the cloak that way as well. Between that, and Serala’s efforts we should be able to triaxlate their exact location and spatial alignment.

oO Nice thinking.  But, then that’s why he’s the Captain and You are still the Junior Tactical Officer. Oo


Termine: Aye captain, ::Turning to Serala:: I’ll try to see if I can pick up a transponder lock from some long-range sweeps but if the ship is cloaked, it will be unlikely since most of the energy inside a cloak gets reflected back inwards but I think I just might have an idea. That just might do the trick.

Serala: That would be extremely useful. What do you have in mind?


Termine: :: walking over to join her at her console :: Well, remember the transmission from The Observer that I picked up earlier? If they’re still listening from that signal, we may be able to provoke a response from them. They’ll most likely disguise the carrier wave in the noise the same as the original. If we can pick it up we’ll be able to triangulate a rough place of origin and even may be able to find their cloak frequency based on the disturbances created then the signal passes through their cloak.


Serala: That would be very helpful. Especially if they make it into that particle-free zone.  My program loses all integrity if that happens.


Termine: I’ll patch all my data through your console Lieutenant, and free up every joule of energy I can for the sweep, just let me know if you need anything.


Serala: Make it happen, Ensign. I want this ship!


:: As he walked back to his own station, she thought of the 27 lives lost when these robots attacked her ship Just a few short weeks ago. She had failed to detect the ship until it was just too late. That slip had cost those people their lives. She would not fail her ship and crew again. Nor would she let her best friend and Captain McKnight be captured during what was supposed to be a boarding action. ::


Brell: I couldn't agree more Lieutenant.


Gixu: Responses




Lt JG Serala, Security Officer 
USS Atlantis NCC-76482
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