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Time until Halloween Avatar Contest closes. Get in costume now!

The Halloween Avatar Contest has closed! We'll announce the winners next week! 

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Poll of the Week: Shore Leave

Poll of the Week: Shore Leave  

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  1. 1. Where is your character most likely to be found during shore leave?

    • Wherever they can be with their friends.
    • In the crew lounge, enjoying a drink.
    • Probably relaxing in their quarters.
    • On the holodeck.
    • At their station, leave is no excuse to stop working.
    • Somewhere else on the ship? Let us know!

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Missions are great fun and give characters a chance to show how they work under pressure. Whatever the objectives of the mission opportunities often arise to display a character’s expertise in their field. This could be combat with a hostile species, examining a new form of life, or treating an injured colleague just to name a few tasks that might be part of a mission. Besides letting a character show off their skills these moments can also give insight into their personality. Character is communicated through these moments made on duty.  However, the way a character chooses to spend their time off the clock can prove just as enlightening when it comes to their personality. The activities they prefer give us hints as to what kind of person they are. Do they prefer quiet, solitary activities or are they more at home around their peers? What is the best way for them to unwind? Where is your character most likely to be found during shore leave?

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