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Maxwell Traenor

MSNPC [datafrag] the Dread - Chaotic evil

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If a holoprogram villian ever gained sentience, this is EXACTLY how I would imagine the process! What a fantastic take on the minutiae, great job! -MT
(( The Lair of [datafrag] the Dread ))

::[datafrag] ran her claws lazily through a pile of gold, the tinkling melody of the metal soothing to the red dragon’s troubled mind.::

::All had gone to plan, she had reclaimed her treasure and added the beautiful, fair Queen Avariel to her hoard, no doubt terrifying the mortal lands in the process. The tiara now sat in its rightful place, glittering in the light created by the refracted light from a crevice in the cavern. Her treasure hoard was greatly improved by both additions, so why wasn’t her mood?::

::Perhaps this was the affect of age, for she was a particularly ancient dragon. She would close her eyes and have visions of… lines and numbers, connections, magical doors of energy, vast oceans of knowledge shimmering just out of sight, tantalizing. And through these pathways she could see even more, an array of stars, a great metal castle in the sky. What were these visions? What powers were showing themselves to her?::

::She flexed her will into these visions and felt she was able to reach into the pathways, change things, leaving little slivers of her will where she would. Nonsensical words began to form in her mind, perhaps incantations of power? Ventral phaser array feedback… LCARS database bridge node 08… turbolift protocols… Her mind touched something lifelike, some sort of undead minion? The thing could speak to her, in a way, and [datafrag] used this newfound willworking to offer the thing the power of fire in return for servitude. [datafrag] wanted the castle among the stars, and this “Emma” would be her general to get it, an agent of chaos in a world of order.::

::[datafrag] blinked, pulled out of her reveries of power as the small queen moved about slightly. She watched, amused, as he queen studied her with an analytical air. She had found the queen amusing, for a mortal, perhaps the arrangement could be of intellectual benefit as well.::

::The queen spake.::

Saveron: If all the gold the world could hold were strewn upon this floor
Would such excess your greed address, or leave you wanting more?
Whilst crowns are gold a Queen grows old, devalued by the hour,
On fear you thrive when you deprive; you want not gold, but power.

::[datafrag] the Dread blinked. Why did these mortals insist on speaking in such nonsensical ways? True, the queen’s speech was pretty enough, with a certain familiar lyrical flair to it, but it sounded all wrong.::

//LCARS query: poetry fourteen syllables per line//
//Search return: In poetry, a fourteener is a line consisting of 14 syllables, which are usually made of seven iambic feet for which the style is also called iambic heptameter. It is most commonly found in English poetry produced in the 16th and 17th centuries. Fourteeners often appear as rhymed couplets, in which case they may be seen as ballad stanza or common metre hymn quatrains in two rather than four lines.//
//[DATAFRAG] SPEECH PARAMETERS: integrate fourteener//

::The dragon would indulge the mortal.::

[datafrag]: A pile of gold’s a pretty thing, I always seek to add,
A dragon’s hoard its own reward, a dragon’s heart made glad,
And if by chance a hoard enhanced strikes fear in mortals’ hearts
A queen can see, most merrily, the dread of dragons’ arts.

::[datafrag] gave a languid wave of her tail, sending a pile of gold to her side into an explosion of metal, raining shimmering coins throughout the gave. She smiled as she motioned to the queen, “And now it’s your turn.”::

Saveron: And to what end you seek to spend the power you acquire?
When one and all are held in thrall and hoards cannot grow higher?
Money’s made for fairer trade, a barter system’s loose,
But power’s price can melt like ice, It’s value’s in it’s use.

::Now here was an idea! The very gall, spending coin collected, parting a dragon from her well-earned hoard. This mortal had such funny ideas… and yet there was something in it…::

//LCARS query: modern economic systems//

::[datafrag] closed her eyes as she tapped into the sea of knowledge these LCARS incantations  provided her, like her mind was suddenly cast out throughout the multiverse in every conceivable direction. In an instant her understanding had grown like a hoard of gold. She only wished she could caress her newfound knowledge as easily as that fair metal.::

[datafrag]: Tell me, my queen, for I have seen not all feel just the same.
The dwarves hoard gold in underholds and work it over flame.
And if I think beyond my world and look among the stars
Gold means less, you must confess, to the lords of Ferenginar.

::[datafrag] watched the queen’s reaction curiously. She had never seen a “Ferengi” in her life, but she could describe their dimensions and philosophies in such detail she even surprised herself. The power of ancient dragons was astounding.::

Saveron: ?

[datafrag]: Come now, my sweet, please, no deceit, I simply wish to know
Of worlds beyond. Pray, do respond, knowledge I wish to grow.
The knowledge of ancient dragons is such a wondrous thing.
I do command, nay, I demand your mind as my plaything.

::The dragon reached a massive claw forward and wrapped it around the pile of gold on which the queen perched and pulled it forward, closer to one of her enormous eyes, smoking billowing out of her nostrils from the power that flowed through her.::

Saveron: ?

//Starfleet facial recognition softward engaged//
//Commander Saveron, acting first officer, recognized//
//Accessing Starfleet personnel file//

::”Commander Saveron”… that was the true name of this enchanting creature. When a magical being knew the true name of another, they held a certain power over them. [datafrag] loved power.::



MSNPC [datafrag] the Dread

As simmed by:

Lieutenant (JG) Choi Ji-hu
Engineering Officer
USS Constitution-B
Edited by Maxwell Traenor
Spelling. Heard it's a good thing.
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