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FltAdml. Wolf

Post a sim, post your thanks – here's more info

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As we end the Top Sims Contest, we want to make sure there's a place to share your appreciation for the hard work of other community members, including their great writing. So we've set up this forum as an open place where anyone can post a new thread appreciating their fellow members. 

Simply start a new thread with a descriptive title, and then tag the person you're appreciating in the body of the post! This can be for anything – from a great sim, a quote from a sim, or even someone's OOC work or support. 

If you're posting a sim, unlike the Top Sims Contest you're welcome to include sims with open tags, and give any background you want on the sim itself. Go wild! 

Have questions? Post them below and we'll get them answered. And thanks to all of you for being members :)

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Is there an easier way to tag someone in a post than searching for a quote from them on the forums and copy-pasting it in here?

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You can use the @ and then their user name. i.e.- @catscatscats

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