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Funny things heard on the USS Gorkon

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A moment of silence, please, for the glory of Mek'tul.

I'm hoping this nickname will catch on

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Basilone: This one didn't bring any of his brothers along for the boil. At least none within my currently limited tricorder range. But we should probably keep an eye out for other escaped specimens, ma'am. Once we get moving again.::The last was added directly toward the Commander.

@WLandAlice Be careful what you wish for. :-)

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Mek: But later, when you’re ready for a real drink, come see me.  :: casually returning the bottle to the shelf:: Being a new ensign on a ship like the Gorkon can be a lot to take in.  You’ll be needing something stronger I imagine.  Let me guess…security, maybe tactical?  You don’t strike me as the engineering type.

Sutton: Tactical.  ::sipping his whiskey, which was stronger than he thought it would be::  oO This is his weak stuff? Oo  Thanks, I’m sure I’ll be back.  Thanks.

@Ens. Joshua Sutton Kicking off life on the Gorkon in the true style of the party boat!

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And we have a winner ladies and gentlemen and all other species.

The QotM badge for April goes to....
Rachel Flores (aka @Anath G'Renn )with:
If anything, lucky was an understatement. She owed the away team a nice fruit basket or some other gesture of gratitude before they departed the colony. The only worry was if the replicator had any “Thank you for rescuing me from a fate of involuntary mutation into a Human-fungus creature abomination” cards on file.
Congrats Rachel!



And special thanks to @Jo Marshall for making the awesome shroom... I mean badge.
Greets Sami.
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Hey Folks,

Gorkon's Quote of the Month May has been won by... ::adds some drum roll::... ::drums some more::...

Corliss Fortune with:
My boots hated me, and then I used them as ammo. You would think they'd fly farther than they did.
Congrats Corliss and thank you Jo for the fabulous badge!
Greets Sami.
Edited by Samira Neathler
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Since this covers a few sims:

Imagine a beach scene, the start of the conversation between Tali Namura (written by @Jo Marshall) and Arlo Thornton (written by @Theo Whittaker)



Startled momentarily by the sound of her name, the young Doctor’s eyebrows raised as she turned to look at the source of the voice, finding none other than the Assistant Chief Science Officer herself. 

Namura: Arlo. ::She pointed a slender finger toward her bare feet.:: You should be wary of sand crabs. They like the helplessness of the little toe. 


A few sims later, the end of the scene:



Arlo looked back up and caught Tali’s attention with a concerned look in her eyes. From over the scientist’s shoulder, she saw the waiter coming back toward them, requested glasses of the raspberry-coloured wine. 

Thornton: You were kidding about the sand crabs…. right?

Namura: I was. ::With a smile to the waiter, she plucked her glass from the tray.:: They’re big enough to take a full leg out here. 



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Ladies and gentlemen,

We have a winner for QotM June 2397, namely our lovely Doctor Caitríona Cayne with the quote:
She nodded eagerly, her head bobbing from side to side like it was attached to an extremely smaller body and she was on top of the Admirals console as the ship took to warp - the bobble head of the USS Gorkon. 
And for this, she receives this awesome badge made by our finest Jo Marshall (thank you Jo :) )
QOTM June 2397.png
Congrats Cait. 🙂
Greets Sami.
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Hey all,

So far we're doing our best to outsmart them Dino's. And if needed we can find a hidden ship on the asteroid somewhere, put the skipper at the helm and she'll fly us away from there in no time. 
Now I hear you thinking: why the skipper?
Because... our Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds is the winner of QotM July with the quote:
Just so we're clear; the first person who tries to take the driver's seat and isn't me gets demoted.
And for this she receives this awesome badge made by Jo:
Congrats Skipper and thank you Jo for making the badge. 🙂
Greets Sami.
Edited by Samira Neathler
fixing badge
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I'd like to nominate this one from Marshall:


If the Belluchelodromeus had any fight left, it fled quickly, and the creature ran down the corridor, complaining about the rareness of the Trill rump steak on offer. 



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  • 2 weeks later...

Ladies and Gentlemen and other Beings,

I have an announcement to make:
The winner of QotM August is..... no other than our newest Sec/Tac Officer Serren Tan with the quote:
Before it could be fixed, the dinosaurs had escaped and were in the market for an exotic meal prepacked in a Starfleet uniform. Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside! Delicious AND nutritious. Perfect for every growing Tyrannosaurus.
And for this he receives this awesome badge, made by Jo Marshall, who again delivered an awesome piece of meat... I mean art:
Congrats Serren and Thank you Jo. 🙂
Greets Sami.
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