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Found 10 results

  1. SOL III – The Federated States of Micronesia claimed their third successive Soccer World Cup victory this weekend, smashing records for historical finals with a flourishing spectacle. On a night to remember in Montevideo, two powerhouses of Association Football faced each other in what will surely go down as one of the most dramatic World Cup finals in history. In the sweltering South American heat, hosts Uruguay took on everyone’s pre-tournament pick to lift the trophy – the Federated States of Micronesia. Though, the FSM did not have it all their own way. Uruguay took the lead early in th
  2. ANDORIA – Andorian Aces and Kindred of Kahless meet on the ice in an epic battle for the title of Champion in first Galactic Ice Hockey tournament held on Andoria. Ice Hockey, a popular sport from Earth, has taken off amongst the many races of the federation, and several of her neighbours too. As is stated in the name, this particular sport is played on a field of ice. It should come as no surprise then, that the Andorians, who inhabit the frozen moon Andoria, would naturally gravitate toward this sport. Ice Hockey has always had a reputation as an aggressive sport, and unsurprisingly this
  3. BOLARUS IX – For the third year in the event’s history, the Galactic Regatta’s championship leg will be held on Bolarus IX home of the defending cup holder. The event is being touted to run for four days to maximize both fan enjoyment and time for the unique events centred on the Bay of Bolse. The first day promises smaller activities including a free swim race across the mouth of the bay, jet ski buoy races, windsurfing, and land-based activities to help everyone settle in. On the second day, the rowing competition begins with two separate races of four teams each across the widest part o
  4. STARBASE 118 – After a decade of dominance in Starfleet’s intramural baseball league, Deep Space 9’s “Niners” team has announced they will not be competing for this year’s top prize in the Benjamin Sisko Memorial Cup. With their star player out for antennae reassignment surgery, and their coach – Ambassador V’Lelk – having retired last year, the DS9 team is regrouping and disappointing fans everywhere. This opens the way for newer teams to compete, including Starbase 118’s Trojans, named after the station’s official class designation. The Trojans have recruited several skilled and experien
  5. CESTUS III ⁠— The reigning champions of the Cestus III Baseball League are trading in their bats and mitts for bowls of broth and plenty of rest. Remy LaFleur, Assistant General Manager for the Pike City Pioneers baseball club, confirmed that the team’s offseason training which was set to begin today has been delayed due to most of the players and coaches contracting food poisoning. Team doctors are not sure of the exact nature of the infection but stated the team should be able to commence their training in the next few days. When asked in which restaurant the players likely contracted the
  6. ANDORIA — Action ramps up at the Galactic Ice Hockey Tournament as the Denobulan Dodgers are off to a flying start after topping their first division and set to face old enemies in the next game. Losing only one of their games in the group – their game against The Gallant Grazites – missed by the last minute goal making the score 2-1 in favor of the Grazites. The loss was a shock to everyone, as they were last in the group with the one game to go. Sadly, they stayed in the last position but showed performance to be proud of for their fans. Other teams in the league displayed rousing feats of
  7. M892-IV – The colony of M892-IV celebrated the ancient festival of Saturnalia last month with a communal feast, altruism, an incessant party, bookmaking, and a heavily protested gladiator competition broadcasted across the sector. Gladiators a thing of the past? Only seen on Qo’nos? The answer to both is no. They are alive and well, and on M892-IV, the recent Saturnalia gladiator tournament attracted Klingon warriors and Andorians amongst the legions to fight it out. The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, once celebrated on Earth and other similar “parallel development” planets, continues
  8. TELLAR PRIME — Following three months of quarter-finals and semi-finals, two teams in the Tellarite Debate Championship remain. The Debate Championship is a popular spectator sport on Tellar Prime, traditionally reaching an audience of millions across the Federation every year. This year’s debate finals have drawn a crowd of 175,000 spectators watching the debate in person while millions more watch a broadcast of the deliberations. The popular Rurlet City Debate Association is now engaged in a verbal duel with the Tellar Prime University Debate Team for the championship title. The Ru
  9. CESTUS III — The thriving baseball league on the Federation world of Cestus III has seen a new team, the Traerston Tigers, join its ranks. All baseball lovers Federation-wide are aware of the state of the league on Cestus III when it comes to its quality of play. While always fair and a good show, it has yet to happen that a team from the Top League of the Cestus III Baseball League reaches a high ranking in the Federation Galactic Cup. The Traerston Tigers are hoping to change that by inviting multi-title winners Bill Cleansy (batter, Earth planetary team regular, Ex-Achilles) and t
  10. BETA ANTARES IV — The Interstellar Tetraball Federation has announced the addition of twelve new planetary teams and a new junior professional league to its organization for the 2394 season. The sport, often simply called tetra, experienced an explosion in popularity last year, with the championship final game ranking among the most-watched sporting events of the year. The Interstellar Tetraball Federation (ITF), the sport’s governing body, has nearly doubled its number of active members. “Last year was such an exciting time for the sport,” said ITF Publicity Chairperson Norem Kaam.
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