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  1. ((Par’tha Expanse, Beta Quadrant, USS Darwin, Deck 8, Personnel Quarters)) ::Taking a last look round his shared quarters after making sure that all his belongings were packed such as they were, with replicator technology the only things that were carried were items that had a personnel significance everything else could be replicated when you arrives at your destination. Thinking of his meeting with Lieutenant Pond when she was moving quarters and her multitude if items that had miraculously been packed into the bags that she carried, made him look at the two that he had, not packed tigh
  2. ((First Officer’s Quarters, Deck 2 -- USS Za))::Trellis sat at the desk in his quarters, subspace communicator at the ready. He was excited to have his weekly conversation with Zaina. He had a lot to talk to her about. This last mission had been quite emotionally, physically and psychologically draining. He needed the Risian’s good spirits and happy face to help cheer him up. A good glass of wine or three wouldn’t be a bad thing, either. For the moment, though, he’d willingly accept Zaina’s beaming face. He was sure she had a lot to talk to him about, too. ::He hit the call button and
  3. (( Deep Space 26, Level 4, Conference Room 1 )) :: Jalana turned and headed off to find the reptile again. Okay that was not really hard, he was really tall. She knew a couple of reptile species, and she could keep them apart if she cut them open and looked at their organs, but she had the slight suspicion that he wouldn't like that. Once her curiosity was peaked she wouldn't stop though. Jalana headed right for the mass of white fabric and as she stood in front of him, she realized that she really was too small. Either she'd have to look up so far that she'd fall on her butt or he had to
  4. ((Tallesin Forest-Devi Providence, Til'ahn))::Tyr and Toni materialized at the foot of a large forest. In spite of all the time he'd spent on Til'ahn, he had never really studied the geography, except to plan for tactical situations like a ground or air attack. Now, he fully appreciated the beauty of the planet he'd called home. The forest was composed of enormously tall trees, taller than the ones on Ba'ku, although he wondered if part of that was due to the regeneration of the cells in the trees. They were ever-young on Ba'ku, but the trees here seemed ancient by comparison. Time had scarred
  5. ((USS Magnus Hirschfield, [...]pit - En Route to the Typhon Expanse)) Allison: Captain...Chang acknowledges our message, says "good hunting", Captain.... Pavlova: Oh yay, tell Sammy Spook I said high. Jorey: Well, hopefully it won't come to that. Our plan is just to head into the expanse and test the TSD at impulse and warp speeds. How long until we reach the expanse? :: Kamela checked her instruments one more time:: Allison: Three hours, twenty three minutes until we reach the outer boundary... Jorey: Well then, ::Brayden said standing up from his chair.:: we de
  6. OOC - Second day of shore leave, shortly after 0930 hours ((Corridor, USS Athena)) :: Asno walked quickly along the corridor away from his quarters and towards the nearest lift. He was a tall man, 5’11” with an athletic build and a quick easy way of moving. He had shoulder length black hair that was currently tied back into a pony tail, a deep tanned complexion and brown eyes. :: :: Currently he was out of uniform, wearing loose black pants tucked into mid-calf high black boots with a loose cream colored shirt with loose sleeves that was open half way down his hair
  7. Data here used on the species wiki page OOC – First day of shore leave ((Science Department, USS Athena)) :: Hsina had just left what had turned out to be a somewhat less brutal interrogation than she had expected, no doubt made a little easier by the good night’s sleep, hearty meals and vigorous workout she had enjoyed between her arrival on the ship and her appointment with the Intel officers. :: :: She still hadn’t met the captain though no doubt she would be summoned as soon as the intel reports were in, but it was clear that her file and codes had been uploaded and she
  8. ((USS Blackwell, Chief Science Officers Office)) ::Sometimes times the brightest days can have their own special darkness. A shadow that cast itself on life and one that resists all attempts to dispel it..:: ::Merrick sat in his office, the lights dimmed to the point where the fixtures were but glowing embers, hardly enough to be seen against the blackness of the room. However between them and the screen in front of him there was more than enough illumination for Merrick to see his screen.:: ::D E A R:: ::Four letters hung there staring at Merric
  9. ((Conference Room 1, Level 4 - Deep Space 26)) ::It has been a nice evening full of success for Isabel. She had met some new people, was recognised for her achievements during the last mission with two new ribbons added to her collection and was able to celebrate with others who had received promotions and other accolades.:: ::It appeared to her, that Starfleet parties are always over quite abruptly. It didn’t even need a red alert or other similar emergency. As soon as people start to leave, it was basically a rap for everyone. Right now, their guests from across the ga
  10. ((OOC: SUBMITTER'S NOTES: For context's sake, there is a lot of alcohol consumption going on in this meeting. As a consummate imbiber, Traenor hides it well, so his responses don't show the same level of intoxication as the others without the background text to make it obvious. Rest assured, the entire scene is of a same vein, if not as 'stellar' as this prime post!)) (( Starbase 104 - Habitat Area, The Sink )) Iel’ue: Commander Traenor here is one of the best kept secrets of the Constitution. I’d call him the foremost expert in Astrometrics and Stellar Cartography, but I’m su
  11. ((Starbase 118, Ensign Maxwell’s Apartment – Thirty-one hours after the Columbia’s return.)) ::His face and neck were itching like mad were Dr Ezo had removed the scarring that belonged to the now discarded persona of Logan Lang. The rest of his body was also sore and aching, but that wasn’t the worst part of how he felt. There was a deep ache in his chest, which some would call a broken heart. No, that wasn’t it. They’d split up for the final time when he was a year into the Academy. She’d breezed back into his – and Milly’s – life like she’d never been away. Maxwell had hone
  12. ((Starbase 118 – Twenty-seven hours after the Columbia’s return.)) ::Crewman Julien Paradi had been in uniform just over a year, having joined Starfleet as soon as he turned eighteen. He’d completed his training and been shipped out to Starbase 118 as a “Transport & Storage Operative”. It was a glorious sounding title for what was essentially a Starfleet order picker. He ran lift loaders and other equipment, shunted palletised freight and equipment from storage locations to transporter bays or aboard shuttles and larger cargo haulers. Some days he was in one of the transit offi
  13. ((FLASHBACK - Vulcan, 2362)) ::She was supposed to be producing a historical analysis of the political and economic circumstances surrounding the last Vulcan intra-planetary war and the Awakening, but after the first few journal articles, T'Reshik found herself losing interest. At eleven years old she did not yet have the resistance to boredom that most adult Vulcans were disciplined enough to maintain, and besides, she could not see what possible applications this subject might have to her planned future career as a brilliant doctor and/or scientist (she hadn't quite decided which
  14. ((Deep Space 26, Deck 6, near Xenobiology Labs)) Ferentis: Gree-sa-sa... gree-sa-sa... ::With his face still firmly embedded into the deck, Ferentis snored his gentle, reptilian snore, perfectly unaware of the events that were occurring inside and out of the station. Firefights, diplomatic struggles, mechanical wizardry, medical miracles- it all played out around him, unrecognized and ignored. His internal workings, however, had his full attention. Memories and imagination, interwoven so one could not be told from the other, plagued his thoughts. Synapses and dendrites processed bare
  15. ((Rear Entrance - Dou'lempor)) :: Fortunately, the elements were working with Alex and his companions. Having been forced for the past week to work in very low light in an effort to save on their supplies, he had gotten very used to working in near darkness. There was just enough ambient lighting to provide what he and his team needed to be able to work comfortably enough to hold this rear exit. :: :: Alex motioned to the other members. Since they were inside the ship, he did not want to give away their position by causing too much no
  16. ((Transporter Room, Deck 9 , USS Darwin-A)) ::Today was a day of mixed emotions. Lyna Namid was leaving the place she had called home since Sicarian agents had sntched her from her homeworld many months ago. She had once been so afraid of aliens she had been too afraid to leave the shelter of the Darwin to make the intimidatingly long journey home. Aliens still made her nervous from time to time, especially ones she hadn’t met but nowadays it was rooted more in a fear of offending them than an inbred dislike of them as it had been initially. She was excited to have this opportu
  17. ((Iria's Shuttle - Deep Space)) Tarna: Please don’t get upset. Iria you are a wonderful person and I greatly value our friendship. I’m certain you will find love but it won’t be with me. I’m sorry but I just don’t see that changing. ::Was he patronizing him now? The little ember of anger ignited and exploded in her chest at what seemed to be an offhanded remark. She began to squeeze her fists trying to somehow keep her temper intact. The words from her psych eval came tickled the back of her mind. "Iria is a high functioning psychopath with a tendency towards violence". Viole
  18. (( Somewhere, nowhere, everywhere )) :: Hungry, so hungry. It wasn't sure how long it had been, but the source of deliciousness had been long depleated. Nothing was left, not the spicy, not the sweet. Nothing had been so scrumptious since. The little snacks throughout the time had been nothing to fill the void. Oh it was so hungry. Starving even. It needed food, urgently. While it could go longer periods without that time would be over soon. It would call out, its new home was able to. It had seen it happen before. It would probably take a while. It had listened to the words, before the food r
  19. OOC: Going to assume we're home. Also, I wrote this while listening to "Hearts I Leave Behind", which [...] near made me cry. It was in tribute to Chris Kyle, the soldier the film "American Sniper" was made for. It sort of fit's Tyr's situation too. ((Bridge, USS Thunder)) ::They were home.:: ::Or at least, his temporary home. With his involvement in the rescue mission and the events in the ready room, Tyr knew what he had to do. He quietly left the bridge as the Thunder achieved orbit, heading for his quarters where he packed his meager belongings into his backpack and slung it over his sho
  20. ((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Dunbar)) ::The Bridge was alive, which was more than Connor could say for himself right now. He had endured some very hard hours and there was little left in his tank for much longer. His officer had been trying to think of ways to free the ship from the anomaly but the Dunbar was simply not equipped with the sensors, or the engines to shake it free. Connor was a little under the pump and he was feeling more than a little overwhelmed. :: Tansey: Sir, hull stresses are increasing. I’ve attempted to reinforce, but, it’s not having a great deal of effect. Dreyfus: o
  21. ((USS Einstein, Counsellor's Office, Stardate 239109.15)) ::One month. These appointments had been going on for one month. Vance was friendly and optimistic and he could get on with anyone, but he was finding Ensign Kellan Joran to be impenetrable. He'd tried talking. He'd tried not talking. He'd tried adjusting the lighting and temperature in the office to make it seem brighter and more welcoming, or to seem less formal and more relaxing. Whatever he did, he was met with the same impassive expression, and he was running out of ideas.:: ::Reading through Kellan's files hadn't helped, either. T
  22. ((StarBase 118 - Security detention center)) Taree: Rhiaandrus…. thank you. :: The girl stared into the his eyes and suddenly the world of pain went away. His mind went back to his homeworld. His homeworld before it was torn apart by riot and radiation and war. His homeworld where they used to sit under the cokaberry trees after all the chores were done, eating the berries until their tongues and lips were stained a deep purple. His sister Vorna would keep the pits of the biggest cokaberries and carve them into tiny tops. It was always a game to see which one would spin the longest.::
  23. ((Capitol City Heralokk, Mercadia III)) ::The cool night air swirled around her as she walked further away from the lights of the city with the rest of the group. Members of her family, along with other people from around the grouping who had come to Heralokk for the launch, moved further from the few lights that were left on so that their view of the sky would be better. Above them, the stars twinkled in the clear protective layer of their atmosphere.:: ::And all around, wonder danced from young to old. It was the dawn of the space age here on Le'wei; no one was willing to miss out on the f
  24. ((USS Excalibur - Deck 1 - Briefing Room)) Nicholotti: If there are any other questions, I will field them now. Otherwise, let's get to work. :: Cory got up quick got up and headed for the door. He wanted to get back to the helm and look over the information that was on his PADD. Since the ship was already on course and the ride is smooth, he could look it over at his leisure. :: oO Hmmmm, the Afehirr sector, the Mercadian system. Not much there. Something that can destroy a planet? It would take every starship in the galaxy. I will definitely have to get sometime in the holodeck to
  25. ((Marine Facility, Deck Thirteen, USS Constitution-) ::Cerissa was stood in front of her unit going over the mission briefing. She felt like she should say that she knew it was their first mission together, that they could get through it if they worked hard and pitched in…but she didn’t. If there was one thing law school had taught her was that the right thing needed to be said at the right time – these people were Starfleet Marines, they didn’t want to see their commander second guessing herself before they had even set foot on the Edison.:: ::No, keep it focused on the mission, that was
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