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  1. ((Guest Quarters, USS Thunder-A, Deck 3)) Shi'lar: :: turning to Savan again:: Why would I need such a guard? You should not concern yourself with that duty. They will not kill me. ::Savan was fascinated by her confidence.:: Savan: How can you be sure? Shi'lar: ::confused again:: I'm not sure how I know that, other than they need me. My captors were told not to harm me. But when I refuse to tell them anything they carried things too far and I almost died until I was rescued. Savan: Would you have ever told them what they wanted to know? Shi'lar: Worla! Not until I'm sure . .
  2. ((Main Sickbay - Starbase 118)) ::Mirra had reluctantly left Tyler's side, so she could order the necessary tests in order to get him discharged. It was strictly precaution, but had they not reached Tyler when they did, things could have ended very differently. Being blown through the wreckage into the deep cold of space, was more of a common occurrence in the lives of Starfleet officers than one would think. So, tests it was. Besides, the longer he was confined to bed, the more likely he would get the actual rest he desperately needed. She finalized the order in the computer, and sa
  3. ((Traenor's Quarters - USS Za)) ::Barque was yipping in a quiet whimper of excitement, happy to see the stranger. Guard dog the beagle was not, more willing to play with any intruder rather than scare them off. The interloper wandered aimlessly throughout the quarters, picking up and displacing knickknacks and running an idle finger along the ebony sheen of the case on the piano in the main living area. The visitor, a security officer, used her role and position on the ship to override the lock on Maxwell Traenor's door, not for the first time in the man's career. Going to the repli
  4. ((Dagorin VI - Underground Bunker)) :: Lazlo sat back in his chair, arms crossed over his chest, and waited impatiently for word from Urian and Gaixor. Their last transmission indicated an encounter with Starfleet, and he was anxious to know if they'd been able to deal with the intruders. :: Peon: Mister Lazlo, sir! :: Lazlo spun his seat around, his face a combination of anger at the interruption and relief for a distraction. He eyed the short human. The man's skin looked pale and clammy, and he held the handle of a large metal case resting on the floor. :: Lazlo: What is it? P
  5. ((Conference room - IKS S’Tarahk)) ::Dempok sat, hands gripping the side of his chair as he watched General Crang pick apart the tactical report on one side of the viewscreen. On the other half was an ashen faced looking Romulan carrying out the same task. Toval, that was his name, Admiral of the 9th Republic Fleet and the only one that had offered any sort of communication when the intelligence had been passed on. Captain Taybrim stood behind him, while he'd wanted to change into something smarter than his scorched uniform Dempok had insisted that he hadn't. Both these military hotheads
  6. (( Deep Space 6, Deck 21, Corridor )) :: The procession away from the Function Room after the meeting had been cut short by the recall back to the Darwin was, as Kurt approved, progressing quickly and orderly. Some had 'Enjoyed' themselves more than others, none to any serious degree that would require any medical intervention. :: Logan oO A few mild stimulants as available from any standard replicator should do the trick Oo :: Heading back to the Darwin it was appropriate to let the Security Chief know incase anything needed to be put in place :: Logan oO An early divert to a Transporte
  7. ((USS Avandar – Main Engineering)) :: This was a most special day for the tiny daughter of Della Vetri. This was the day that T’Sara was amongst the most powerful people on the ship. The engineers. Mo said so. The engineers were the only ones that had absolute power to control the ship. Not even the Captain could do what the engineers could do.:: :: With her alert blue eyes T’Sara soaked in as much of her surroundings, and listened closely to what Chief Ryan was saying as the tour progressed. The little girl was in lock step with Ryan as consoles and controls were pointed out. Nothing
  8. ((Deep Space 6, Deck 21, Function Room A1)) ::As the meal came out the table dominated by Kael’s family chatted quite enthusiastically. Kael found himself blushing, and remaining quiet for the most part which wasn’t all that different from his previous experiences with his parents at functions. His mother choosing to share every embarrassing event and moment of his life, even if he was only 6 months old had not changed. The Captain was very polite with his family and Kael appreciated that. They were anything but low maintenance and silent. Kael’s mother barely stopped talking the entire t
  9. ((USS Avandar – Officer’s Lounge)) T’Lea: I’ll let her know. Thank you for this. :: A death threat and a thank you. Classic T'Lea.:: Ryan: Of course Commander. I look forward to it... ::almost smirking:: the tour part, not the death part. :: After… :: ((Holodeck 2)) :: There was something about the fluidity of the water that filled her soul. Fishing was never a hobby that T’Lea would have considered for herself, but after being forced into it by her father in-law, it was now something she would never consider being without.:: :: Maybe it was a form of meditation, she thought as she reel
  10. ((Mountain Lodge, Echevar - Day 2)) ::Ren Rennyn was on a desperate mission. A gauntlet had been thrown, a challenge set, an obstacle placed in his way that he was determined to overcome. But he couldn’t do it on his own.:: ::Only Antero Flynn could save him now.:: ::The Trill launched through the lodge, every fiber of him bent on finding the Risian man who was his only hope. He scanned each room, looking for that familiar face. He went outside, and tried hurriedly to spot him. As if he would be outside in the cold! Ren went to check by the warm roaring fireplace. He searched everywhere, until
  11. Guest

    LtCmdr. T'Mar- So now what?

    ((Bridge, USS Consitution-) :: As Jalana took her seat, T'Mar sat in the XO Chair next to her. She could somewhat relate to how Jalana was feeling. T'Mar was not to jump to the idea of time travel. Scientifically, she grew up learning that it was physically impossible, and yet time and again instances cropped up that proved it was possible.:: Rajel: Is the rift still there? Fiorr: Yes, although its far less powerful on this side… Only slight gravimetric pulses. They won’t affect us or Earth in any way. Sinda: We were lucky enough to drop a probe just before we ran into the rift. At the mome
  12. ((Promenade - StarBase 11)) ::Shar'Wyn Foster firmly believed in never tempting fate. He would pass that advice on to others as well, though he didn't often give advice outside the medical field. Mostly because he didn't usually take advice from others and he didn't want to be counted as a hypocrite. Oh, but sometimes fate was tempted. And right now the timing was just too perfect. He was about to stay his hand when his hyperactive hearing caught exactly what Sinda Essen said, that light affirmation of good behavior that he was a hair's breadth away from proving wrong. And his finger
  13. “Now that I’ve tried to talk to you and make you understand All you have to do is close your eyes and just reach out your hand” ~ Extreme, More Than Words ((Holodeck 2, USS Invicta)) ::It had been several days since they had ventured onto the holodeck in their last, rather unsuccessful venture into a holonovel. Previously their explorations of their respective homeworlds had been found mutually agreeable so, after allowing a certain amount of time, Saveron had suggested that they venture out once again in that vein. He had once promised to show her the native habitat of the flowering succule
  14. “There’s a hole in the world tonight,There’s a cloud of fear and sorrow.There’s a hole in the world tonight,Don’t let there be a hole in the world tomorrow.” ~ The Eagles, Hole in the World ((Sickbay, Astrofori 1)) ::The Security Officers stepped aside to let him pass and Saveron stepped into the isolation room that held the comatose Harrison Ross. Unlike Evan Delano, Ross had not regained consciousness, and his neural scans showed a greater degree of neural degradation; greater, and increasing.:: ::He had studied the medical literature from his homeworld, the descriptions of how one assessed
  15. ((Chief Science Officer’s Office, Deck 2 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Having already packed up the lion’s share of his personal effects and assorted tchotchkes, Maxwell Traenor was taking one last sweep of the office before he handed over the reins to John Valdivia. A close colleague and a good friend, Maxwell was more than pleased for John to be inheriting the role of CSO in his absence. Still, it was a bittersweet feeling to be vacating the office. Not because of the locale, per se, but more because of what it represented. The entirety of his adult life had been spent as a scientist. First as a
  16. ((USS Avandar - Main Bridge)) ::If he was capable of blushing he would be a bright shade of crimson after T'Lea had rather bluntly corrected him on his mistake. To be fair, he'd barely had time to glance the senior officer roster before coming on board, although ignorance was never an excuse when it's highlighted on everyone's collar's in gold pips. The captain remained in her ready room as the rest of the senior staff were relieved, although Tatash had requested an additional few hours on the bridge. He could go well over twenty four hours without needing sleep, one of the few perks of being
  17. (( USS Apollo-A, Deck 11, Ensign Saalik's quarters)) :: Fortunately, the tree had survived the trip with very little damage, and Saalik was able to install it in an appropriately respectful location in his new room. With the tree attended to, Saalik had the opportunity to survey his new home. He walked to the other side of the room. He kept walking. It was a very long walk.:: Saalik: ::muttered:: I think this was the size of my entire dorm floor at the academy. :: Saalik wandered over to his viewport, which looked out onto a streaked field of stars. :: Saalik: oO I won't get tired
  18. (( Holodeck 4 )) (( Riverside Simulation )) :: Mei’konda gazed out over the simulated river. He’d asked the computer to pick a relaxing location somewhere on a Federation planet, and he’d had to admit that this one wasn’t one that he was familiar with. Trinary system, though, judging by the one proximal star and the two others he could see on the horizon. Warm, but not uncomfortably so, Mei’konda had dressed down to his shorts and was letting his feet dangle into the cool water off of the pier here and Evan were seated on, eyes fixed on Odin while the rottweiler splashed happily about in th
  19. ((USS Darwin, Deck 7, Personal Quarters)) ::Kael was a creature of habit. He liked to maintain a schedule and achieve certain things while on every shore leave. It’s not to say that he didn’t like the touch of spontaneity or surprise but just that his shoreleave tended to look much the same every time. Which is why he was sure that no one would be surprised by his need to visit the Gym as much as possible during shore leave. Although, he hardly imagined anyone particularly cared to give it a thought. Entering his quarters he realised he had failed to organise with Ensign Logan to join him,
  20. (( 1900, Counseling Office )) :: CD took a breath and relaxed as he rang the chime. Due to the amount of stress he was under, Gabi had ensured he had at least a sandwich to go with his tea. He was relieved when she was the one to suggest they reschedule the date they had made for this evening. Now, he was wearing the standard issue Starfleet Teal, because he was the acting boss. :: Moonsong: Come in! ::she was finishing up some notes on her padd:: :: He entered with a smile. :: Skyfire: Things got busy. Apologies. Moonsong: ::lifted her head to smile at him but it didn’t quite reach her eyes:
  21. ((Rathos Prime, idyllic site by the lake)) ::Tosz and Vanessa sat there and just watched the sky showing thousands upon thousands of little, sparkling lights… each of those representing the vastness and sheer magnitude of the universe.:: Driscoll: This star… over there… ::Her voice was now nothing more than a whisper almost drowned now by the light and gentle breeze that could be felt coming from the lake. Tosz followed the direction of her finger before her hand almost fell back. Vanessa’s strength had gone. It had vanished rapidly in these last few hours. Now she even seemed to have difficul
  22. I know Jeremy already submitted part 3, but I wanted to submit all three parts as one sim because as sad and well written as part three is, the whole closing chapter of the character of Vanessa Driscoll is heart breaking and touching and well worth the read as a complete short story. ((Rathos Prime, an idyllic spot)) :: As the whirling, blueish particle stream of the beaming process was slowly replaced with normal sight again, Vanessa took a look around. On her right there was a small river, which was peacefully burbling its way towards a lake on which the light of the sun was sparkling like t
  23. (( Sickbay, USS Garuda )) :: A light chemical push. Alleran felt it as a real, physical thing; an intrusion into his sleep, forcing him awake. Forcing him to live. Open his eyes. :: :: It wasn't truly living with half a mind -- unjoined Trills were perfectly capable at any task they set their minds to, really -- but after years of having two brains, it certainly felt that way. The world was sluggish, dull, and had a strange unrealness to it; as though the dream, and the Otherplace was the reality. :: :: A shadowy figure stood above him. Alleran's eyes had not yet adjusted to the light. :: Alle
  24. ((Chief Science Officer’s Office, USS Gemini)) :: Ensign Riel was walking through the corridors of deck 6, feeling better. The meditation had soothed his nerves for a while, and the drugs started wearing off. The latter being, on the flipside, the reason why walking past the CSO's office felt like the empathic equivalent of a punch in the gut. The pain was almost physical, enough to make Lan's eyes water. Lan sighed. Apparently, his star-crossed lunch break with Lieutenant Rejoh was once more thwarted by the imperious call of duty. Composing himself, he pushed the door chime button. :: Richar
  25. (( Courtroom, Deep Space 10 )) ::And here it came. Harry looked across at Telaan, mentally bracing himself. For all Damos had known he didn't want to be here and didn't want to cooperate with her prosecution, she had still provided him with a few sage words of wisdom. ::"Keep your answers short. Don't elaborate. Don't lose your temper," she had said. Advice to live by, perhaps.:: ::Gaareth took a deep, relaxing breath before standing. He needed to keep his temper under control. He needed to fight this fight like a Vulcan, not a Tellarite. His friend's career depended on it. Starfleet regul
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