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  1. ((Starbase 118 - CR Center 3)) (( A few days after returning to base)) ::T’kar was a reasonable man. It was part of what had led to him being given the role he had - Crisis Response required one to be cool headed and efficient in the direst of circumstances as well as able to handle people who were panicked, injured, or otherwise compromised. He was not a councillor, however, and he reflected somewhat glumly on this fact as he looked at the boy in front of him. The Orion incident was some weeks ago now. The kidnapped crew had been returned safely, the
  2. (( Main Shuttlebay 2 )) ::Mirra made her way back to the away team, noticing that Ishani seemed to be holding her own with some evasive maneuvers as a medic was trying diligently to get her to lay down for transport.:: Ezo: ::gently:: Ishani..? You're going to have to let us clear you for duty... Kasun: :: She stopped and turned to face Mirra which allowed the medic to grab her wrists. :: I’m fine. :: Ishani’s words were said carefully and without slurring for once, but her eyes were dilated and she was still struggling to keep her balance. :: Ezo: And I absolutely be
  3. ((Bridge - USS Albion)) ::Power flickered back to the computer console with an electronic groan. Like the battered crew of the Albion, the computer systems were equally unwilling to respond. Fortunately this was a low power profile program; flashing up as a simple text message on the screen. Sal took a step back, standing side by side with Antero and Theo. The three of them together; ready to do the thing a Starfleet captain hopes to never have to do. He glanced at both of them, gave a dry swallow and spoke up.:: Taybrim: Computer, this is Cap
  4. ((USS Albion - Deck 18 - Main Shuttlebay 2)) ::Tyler and Mirra had found a moment of respite from what had been a day from hell. They both knew it was fleeting, as the battle was far from over. It always surprised him how just a few minutes with her could undo hours of stress and hardship and "reset" his mental state. Today, more than most, it was a very necessary thing.:: Kelly: I need to get back in the fight...::He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.:: But I promise, as soon as this is over, I'll find you. ::He paused.:: I love you, Mirra. ::He had gone with
  5. ((Dagorin VI - Underground Bunker)) :: Lazlo watched on the security monitors while Gaixor and Urian climbed out of the bunker and into the surrounding woods. He envied them in a way. Inaction didn't sit well with him, and he wished he could be out there with them, skulking through the trees and stalking their prey. He had eagerly left his office for a chance to get back out in the field, but instead found himself stuck in this backwoods bunker with no stealth suit large enough to fit him and the outside climate too cold for comfort even if he did. He frowned and grumbled to himself, much t
  6. ((USS Albion - Trauma Room 1)) ::Having received the call that haunts the dreams of everyone in teal, Mirra sprinted as soon as the lift doors opened enough for her frame to slip through. She arrived through in Sickbay just moments after the mobile gurney. Stopping outside of the surgical ward, she hastily stripped her lab-coat and briskly walked through the bio-filters, finally to step into the room, arms outstretched. Within moments, she was scrubbed up and mask in place. Time to go. She listened intently while various members of the trauma unit called out numbe
  7. ((Corridor, Deck 8, USS Darwin-A)) ::Iniko and Iy set off down the corridor, wandering aimlessly. Iniko couldn’t remember the last time jhe had just walked around without a destination in mind. It was not exactly peaceful. Jhe was still agitated and the bright lights and occasional people passing by were irritating and left jhea feeling exposed. Jhe tried to steer jheas mind away from the uncomfortable thoughts.:: Mpeba: We never really got a chance to talk back on Zakdorn, with all the . . . ::jhe shuddered and let that sentence trail off.:: I mean, we worked together, but I don’t know much
  8. ((USS Darwin Deck 8 Ensign Cooks quarter)) ::With no one in the room but Graeme he instantly stripped out of his uniform. Looking in the mirror his arms and legs were covered in scratches. Making a mental note to have Dr Tarna check him over as well as the rest of the away team. Graeme's PADD bleeps. Checking out the message he opens it.:: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: Crew Manifest, Uss Darwin From: Lt. J.G. Lyldra The marital group of Lyldra, Hars Vlin, and Brell, are happy to announce the birth of twins! We
  9. ((Starbase 118 – Personal quarters)) :: Slowly Ceilidh peeled her forehead away from the window port allowing the fog of her breath to dissipate fully before moving over to the small coffee table and picking up the pair of gloves that had become an extension of herself and something she now went everywhere with. Going about her daily life had been challenging at first, but after much work with Counselor Meona, Ceilidh had begun to learn to control what she was willing to pick up empathically and what she could tune out. Gloves also provided a barrier, helping to muffle out what she fel
  10. (Shuttlebay Exit- USS Atlantis) ::Mitchell sat near the aft edge of the Atlantis’s shuttle bay exit. The only thing between him and the cold vacuum of space was the mag-con field that kept the atmosphere inside when the doors were open. He had the area to himself since the ship only had a skeleton crew aboard, just an in-port watch was aboard and anyone who hadn’t gone on leave.:: oO And I’m probably the only one who made that choice. Oo ::He volunteered to take the in-port watch since he didn’t feel much like celebrating or ruining anyone’s else good time. Plus he could do the whole bro
  11. ​((Chief Science Officer’s Office, USS Gemini)) :: Rest. Normally that would bring a sense of relief to Alexander. That wasn’t the case this time around. All he had in his head was a sense of dread looming over him, lieutenant Driscoll, and the captain. Scratch that! It hung over the entire ship like a dark storm cloud ready to unleash its massive store of energy via thunderbolts and very heavy rain. If they only had more time they might have been able to formulate a cure, some simple way of saving Vanessa’s life and the Rathosian people. They would return triumphant heroes and be bestowed wi
  12. ((Captain's Ready Room - USS Gemini)) :: Liam took a sip of espresso from the small cup in front of him, wincing at the sudden bitterness that filled his palate. It wasn't that he disliked the taste, but rather that he was so used to drinking coffee, sweet and with cream, that he had forgotten how raw the taste of the style was. It was a strange dichotomy that he would enjoy one style one way, and another entirely differently, despite being such similar things. It was also interesting to note that thinking about it was an incredible waste of time.:: Richards: =/\= What I am about to say comp
  13. (( The Otherplace )) :: Where did people go when they die? :: :: Philosophers from every species had asked this question for years. For Tan, it had always been this place. :: :: It had no real name. The Graveyard of Dreams. The Otherplace. It had whatever label was most appropriate to it at the time. :: :: A simple cottage, in a dark wood, surrounded by grass and trees. :: :: Hell. :: Alleran: Why are you doing this? :: He was seated in a warm, comfortable rocking chair, nestled up by the fire. It crackled and popped as Trill honeywood burned away, bathing the entire building in a warm, aroma
  14. (( Corridors, USS Apollo-A )) :: Sun had just gotten done saying goodbye to her brother, she was going to miss him, but finding out that he held himself back to take care of the family made her feel bad. He didn't need to put his life on hold for them, their parents were adults and she was grown herself. She had been taking care of herself for a while. She moved to her Quarters and checked up her uniform, before heading towards Jalana's quarters. Her friend needed her, and she wanted to be there for her. :: :: Once she got to the quarters, she pressed the chime and waited for Jalana to answe
  15. ((Carnivale Wonderland - Deck 42, DS26)) ::For a man who was born to a species that thrived on an inhospitable ice ball, Shar’Wyn Foster hated to admit that he was not particularly fond of snowstorms. Adapted to them? Sure. Able to weather them? Certainly. Fond of them? Not a chance.:: RENNYN: Ahh! Where are you? Wyn! ::He ripped one last piece of curtains in half, throwing one over his own shoulder, and using the other to block the blizzarding onslaught. He caught sight of the doctor's shape, and moved to wrap the material around him. The Andorian was shaking.:: Okay, if you're shivering
  16. ((Isolation Unit – Sickbay)) ::Folds left Skyfire with the new data from Cuthbert's biobed and went to the nearest open workstation. As rapidly as he could, he called up the computer's database of toxins. Then he narrowed it by those known for use in murders or assassinations. Then -- in the midst of narrowing for known or suspected use by Romulan or associated agents, he remembered that it would be far faster to simply allow the computer to sort by similarity to the toxin he had just discovered in Cuthbert's bloodstream. He was far, far too tired. And now, with Cuthbert deteriorating nearby,
  17. (( Parkers’ Quarters, Marine Barracks )) :: After the night of dealing with Doctor Adan, they were fortunate to get back just before the twin suns rose that morning. It was too early to go to bed..they still had some work to do, and their quarters was the best place to do it at the moment. Others were enjoying their shore leave, but they were knee deep in finding out more about this secret organization the doomed doctor referred to. After a leisurely breakfast, which did more to make them both feel more tired, they decided to call it a day...or was it night...and get a little sleep...they had
  18. ((Sickbay)) ::So this Red-Collar with four pips came tumbling out of the Isolation Unit, looking like he was ready to be free of that hazard garb when he noticed the short blond feller and they took to gabbing.:: ::Now, Nady Briskow never minded much people gabbing in his Sickbay; you never knew what you’d overhear, what kinda tips you’d get just by payin’ attention to what others would blab in earshot of just about anyone. But today was another thing altogether. Closing off more and more of Sickbay as more and more beamed up from the surface; first the new doc and his muscle, who’d stumbled
  19. ((Luxury Suite, Menthar Anchorage)) ::Sorel watched as B’horn and MacNickols pulled the minibar replicator in the rear of the apartment apart. The main one in the lounge might have been easier, but the last thing she wanted was Tol walking in and finding Anil hooked up to the thing’s computer system.:: ::She’d managed to keep him out of the Ferengi’s sight so far, and wanted it to stay that way. The nanotech implants in Anil Tain’s brain were illegal in multiple jurisdictions, and thus exceptionally rare anywhere near space controlled by most of the major powers. She didn’t like to think what
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