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  1. (( Government Offices, Yarista, Palanon, Tyrellian System )) :: The monitor flashed in the darkened office, illuminating the immaculate and bare desk space around it. The silhouetted figure stood beside the window turned imperceptibly, enough to see the message, read the contents with disaffection, and turn back to the casement. Between dark eyes and glacial white hair a deep frown carved into her features. :: Worry had long since disappeared from her body, leaving behind an anger that was almost tangible. Her fist clenched on the arm that crossed her chest, her teeth removing sliver
  2. (( Quarters Rajel - The next forenoon )) :: Jalana hadn’t slept well, and Jerry’s visit had taken some of her, digging through past things. But she started to feel a bit better, now that she had eaten something and was able to sip her tea in peace. It was rather cozy on her couch, and the look out of the windows showed the breathtaking sight of Dagorin VI. A decision would have to be made, not by her, but by Awern and his people. Would they really want to stay here and risk the Syndicate trying to take up the operation again? When the door buzzer went off she looked up from her seat. :: Rajel:
  3. ((Embassy Grounds, Duronis II)) ::Ceilidh looked at the people there. The captain, Allison, Stelin, as well as the Laudean Prime Minister. There was tension in the air, and Ceilidh wasn't too sure what to make of it. Out in space, aboard a Space ship during battle was one thing, but on the ground, that was completely different, and to be quite honest, more terrifying. When Daysa greeted both herself and Allison, there was a sad joy to his voice, as if he was happy to see them, realizing that this was per chance the last time they'd greet each other alive. It was a sorrow that sprank up
  4. ((Commander Cody’s Office, Deck 1, USS Athena)):: David established the security of his office before opening a comm channel through the JTSC encryption. Paranoia never really bothered him. He checked the sweep reports from his slimpadd, verifying the non-existence of listening devices, whether energy or bio-based, and entered Captain Rajel’s comm channel. He didn’t show Prendar all of his security features. That was a good way for David to get hacked. ::((Quarters Jalana Rajel, Deck 2, USS Constitution-B)):: The night in the dark quarters was rather quiet, which just played into Jalana’s hand
  5. Written by @Luna Walker ((Somewhen else)) :: In the distant past, two races fought. The details, while significant to each of them, were as dust...much like their original systems. Each felt that the other would doom the Universe if they weren't stopped. Unfortunately, each were equally matched in technology and production. A deadlock that spanned centuries without visible end. And so it was for all of their long memories, until, finally, an answer was created. The Omega device, too large to be called a ship, a hull as intransigent as the beliefs that helped create it. T
  6. (( Earth - By The Docks - Shanghai )) :; Rustyy considered his options, not that he would have much control over where he was put. The lady in charge was in charge of that. He would liked to have gone off and play on the boats, not that he would have gotten much accomplished. Ship and boat engines of this era was just too much to pass up! His lips moved of their own accord while he thought of the expensive engines and the excuses he could come up with to keep them. But apparently the head of security had other plans for the smelly chief engineer. :: Sinda: Alright. Mr Hael, no offense but y
  7. ((USS Stormcrow, Captains Ready Room -CRR)) ::Haz looked over the data on his desktop viewer and leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them he adjusted his uniform.:: Arrhimen: Computer start and recording. Computer: Ready to record. Arrhimen: To Star Fleet Command, This is Captain Haz Arrhimen, Commanding Officer of the USS Stormcrow, Command ID number Alpha 1150Gamma 453 Bravo. As you know I have strong feelings about the Romulan threat, and your weakness and ability to not lift one finger to stop it. I now know that it is my responsibility to purg
  8. (Earth, Sarajevo, a house) :: So, it was decided. The team would need to prevent the Kaiser from attending the parade in order to keep the timeline on track. Everyone agreed a non-lethal solution would be best; the Kaiser needed to die, but not at their hands. To that end, the plan was to drug his food to give him symptoms as though he had a stomach flu. He was sure both Jalana and Danzia had the knowledge of how to make that happen, but since Jerry was actually carrying the drugs, not to mention the only official medical officer on the team, he decided it was his duty. Although he was happy
  9. ((The Pocahantas)) Alt!DeVeau: Il y a les ténèbres. Il n'est pas sécuritaire. Nest pas sécuritaire! ::The utterance was soft, but still audible in the confines of the ships cabin. Although spoken aloud, they were done under the influence of sleep as Alora muttered in between the unconscious whimpers that punctuated her slumber.:: ::He looked over at the sleeping woman with a slight frown. He recognized the sound of the language but not the words. He could have used the translator but he decided not to bother. For all he knew, she was spouting all her secrets. He had secrets of his own. Far too
  10. ((Transporter Room 1, Adjacent to Bridge, USS Apollo )) ::The faint, dizzy lurching sensation that Torrin was not sure he would ever grow accustomed to faded quicky, and he materialzed. As his senses returned to him, he saw standing in front of him a human-looking man with short neat dark hair, a clean shaven face, and the uniform of ....:: oO An admiral? Where am I?! Oo :: The man looked with what Torrin could only interpret as disapproval at his state of undress. He was suddenly incredibly self conscious and entirely horrified and humiliated, the realization dawning on him that there had
  11. ((Jamming Room – The Tower)) ::Nate had created quite a buildup of stunned guards, all of which had fallen unconscious at the top of the stairwell. Frankly it was becoming somewhat ridiculous. They had dedicated a significant number of guards to preventing them from deactivating the beaming jammer. However, the Starfleet officers had the superior advantage and it was beginning to come across as something of an “overkill” on their part.:: ::Nate allowed himself a moment to focus on the situation with his colleagues – Fi, D’Sena, Collim, even Gordo. They were all still alive.:: ::His comrades
  12. ((Bishop's Quarters - USS VICTORY - Deck 2)) ::To say that Leland “woke up” was to make light of a great struggle – like saying The Trail of Tears was “a long hike.” It was a slow and painful process which began with the gently piping chimes of his alarm. Unused to the sound, Leland waved his arms about ineffectively trying to knock the offending timepiece across the room. Only after prying one eye to half mast did he realize that the alarm was tied to his rooms comm system. Knowing the only way to silence it was to hit his comm badge he blearily scanned his bedroom. There it was, still
  13. ((USS Columbia - Deck 8 - Carson's Quarters)) ::It had all come down to this; the evidence had all fallen into place and with equal parts luck and skill, Tyler was moments away from a slam-dunk arrest. He could almost feel the pats on the back he'd receive for this one, he could imagine the the pretty little notation in his Starfleet record. What he didn't know was that the universe seemed to have other plans.:: Kelly: Starfleet Security! ::He knocked strongly door 3 times:: Come out now or we will force entry. ::A voice came through the door, sounding mildly perturbed..:: Gerard: What
  14. ((USS Atlantis - Rennyn’s Quarters)) ::Ren Rennyn fell gracefully through the air, high above the village of Arnmere. He could see all the places he loved from here - the old farmhouse he grew up in, the school, the forest, that bend in the creek behind old Uncle Wavern’s fallow field, where an ancient tree bent lovingly to the brook below, where little white paloue blossoms littered the sloping banks. He drew nearer that spot, remembering youthful romps there. Now he was naked, and falling faster. Wind rushed toward him mercilessly. The parachute he was sure he’d been wearing seemed to have
  15. (( Flashback )) (( Stardate: 237209.22 )) (( Angosia, Graziar Medical Center )) (( Center of intensive treatment – West Wing )) :: Camus arrived under heavy escorted. He was starting to get distressed for not seeing the mother of his son, Doctor Darci Sakth. Their romance was censored at the beginning but when Tarsii was born the situation got worst. Darci started to receive professional reprimands and everything that she did was scrutinized at the small details. They were trying to find a way to move her away from the senior staff since the baby had born, five years ago. But Darci was a super
  16. ((Nissitissit Middle School, Pepperel Massachusetts, Earth))((15 years ago)) ::Despite the growing cosmos and expanding enlightenment of the known galaxy, even the epicenter of the Federation was riddled with small towns full of people who were quite happy living on their home world thankyouverymuch. Pepperel Massachusetts was one such town. Many of the inhabitants rarely went farther outside their front door than the coast; and if they really felt the need for a cultural exchange they could take a weekend trip to New York and get all curiosities satisfied. Most of them wished no ill on any
  17. ((San Francisco, 239005.21)) ::The bar hadn't changed in six years...and neither had the woman sitting by herself, nursing what he knew would be a Calaman sherry.:: oO Velana. My Velana. Oo ::It might have been the four non-synthetic whiskies running through Cade's system, but suddenly it didn't feel as if all that time had passed. If he squinted his eyes just a little bit, he could almost convince himself that it was May of 2384 instead, and he was there to meet his girlfriend for a much-needed, post-finals drink.:: Cade: ::to the bartender:: Another whiskey. ::He paused.:: And
  18. ((Temporary Quarters, DS-285)) ::His possessions had been beamed over to the temporary quarters that Captain Samuelson had assigned to him, and for the first time in a long time, the Ba'ku was alone.:: ::And it was killing him.:: ::All of the items remained packed, with the Captain knowing that he was headed for another starship soon. There was no point, and the quarters served as little more than a storage space and a bed for the night. All packed, except for one thing: His prized guitar. An ancient acoustic guitar made of the Bhavir wood with a mahogany neck that he had had specially shipped
  19. ((Sickbay - Deep Space 6)) ::Eliaan Deron could hear the commotion from half way down the hall but even then, he was still surprised when he entered the main sickbay and saw several members of his staff standing around with equipment littering the floor. As he approached his aide Suvan, a tricorder flew out of a storage cupboard and landed at his feet.:: Deron: What is going on in here? ::The Vulcan gave the closest approximation of a sigh that Eliaan had ever seen from him.:: Suvan: Doctor, we're having some technical trouble with the EMH... Deron: What sort of trouble? ::More equipment was
  20. ((First Officers Office)) ::Eerie buzzed the office and walked into the first officer’s office. He had completed his written narrative of the events that transpired on the bridge and was quite interested in hearing what the Commander had to say. Eerie had always wanted to see what he could do in command of a starship. He walked in and stood at attention, as usual, in front of the Commander..:: Eerie: Lt. Commander Eerie reporting as ordered, sir. ::In his usual formal tone.:: :: Eerie had done a lot of thinking about his actions on the bridge. For the most part he was pleased with his action
  21. ((Vulcan, 239007.03)) ::Perhaps, being a doctor, she was simply more in tune with her body than the average being, but Velana knew she was pregnant before she even performed the necessary diganostic tests. When the results came back and the truth lay before her, the reality wasn't so much of a shock.:: ::The consequences of her actions were now growing inside her. It was time to face a very different future.:: ::Her sister-in-law stood in the doorway of the guest room which Velana had been occupying since her arrival on the planet. It hadn't been in her plan to confide in T'Sar about t
  22. ((Counselors office)) ::Gwinnett had an appointment with the new counselor. She was hoping that she might ‘bluff’ her way out of this after a few sessions. The run in with the Zalkonians had put on hold then her meetings with the Captain. She wasn’t particularly thrilled that she had been scheduled with a new meeting with another counselor or any counselor. She buzzed the office and entered. She was dressed in her normal fatigue uniform and boots. She had left her equipment in the marine lockers.:: Gwinnett:Sergeant Brooks Gwinnett, reporting as ordered, Ensign.::Standing at a sheepish att
  23. ((DS 285)) ::In her white dress uniform and the hover-stroller in tow, Tracey exited the airlock and found herself on the station with her adoptive child. With the station bustling with activity, Tracey stopped for a moment to get her bearings, for she had never been to this station in all her career. It was at that moment she overheard a couple of people talking about the upcoming memorial. Tracey made her way towards them and politely interrupted their conversation.:: TOWNSON: Pardon me, but would you happen to know where the "atrium" is? ::As one of the two pointed out the directions for
  24. ((Senior Officer's Quarters, USS Columbia)) ::After spending a few hours with her nephew, Hsina took a quick trip over to the USS Columbia. There were a few workers from the star base on board, but for the most part it was just a minimal security contingent keeping the public off while the powers that be decided what to do with the relic. Hsina had not yet visited the ancient ship since the initial away mission prior to her trip to Kjenta II, and as an archaeologist and historian she simply couldn¹t resist taking another look around. Her first stop were the senior officers¹ quarters. Dr.
  25. ((Backsim)) ((USS Discovery-C, Security Office)) ::The young security officer sat in front of the console. With a soft movement of her hand, she banned a rebellious curl of her obsidian-coloured hair behind her left ear. Now that the Discovery was about to dock, she had managed to set up a plan to ensure security. Even in the case of shoreleave, a minimum contingent of security officers was required to remain on duty, while most of the crew could enjoy the pleasures of some time off duty. Now as the temporary executive of the new Chief of Security, she had thought she would organize that in ad
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