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  1. I have noticed in looking at the rosters for all the active fleet associated with SB118, that if there are a new crop of Ensigns say even once a month or so (or MORE)... there just don't seem to be enough openings for new SIM characters on ships, in Embassies or Star bases. Do NPCs get replaced or established PNPC's with the new SIM Ensigns? Also, how ARE we freshly harvested cadets-now-ensigns assigned? Do the Commanding officers see our SIMS and character bios and fight over us (picturing the classic playground selection process *rolls eyes*). We are supposed to say what or majors/minors were and interests, but there are no STATs..no hard quantifiable rankings of skills. How do you decide between two Engineers, both human, aged early 20's? See what I mean? Is it all about the SIM?
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