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Found 17 results

  1. FNS reporter Dresdon P. Mitchell revisits his experience at the New Horizons Holo-Conference last year, and how this year, many of the questions and ideas posed will once again be explored. What started as a murmur across the nebula became true as scientists around the fleet materialized from separate ships to discuss their plans for the scientific community. People came from far and wide, pitching their ideas and hypothetical energizing conversations, intending to immerse in shared knowledge and provide intellectually sound, like-minded individuals to help further efforts for the future
  2. As the Argelius system suffers from devastating infernos, a local resident argues Federation President Narala’s response and leadership is severely lacking. The Argelius system is burning. All six planets of the Argelius system are experiencing rampant solar flares from our deteriorating star. As a result, each planet appears to be experiencing a dry and intermittent climate change. A single fire sparking can mean thousands of hectares up in a blaze. A collective 10.2 billion hectares have already been lost since September 2396. Argelius I has been evacuated entirely. The system has declar
  3. In his latest column, Lixa Dansha examines whether the Federation is ready for conflict in light of new tensions from the Tholians and other threats. The recent drumbeats of war emanating from the Shoals along with the resurgent Klingon Empire and chaos of the Romulan Empire has convinced this journalist to return from sabbatical so that I might ask the question, as many of you must be, “Is the Federation able to withstand this tempest?” The cornerstone of the Federation is the idealism at the core of its charter: through peaceful coexistence, the whole will become greater than the sum of it
  4. J’mai Osen questions the aversion to genetic engineering in the Federation scientific community. Last week, I met an intelligent young Teplan scientist, recently emigrated from the Gamma Quadrant and on her way to the New Horizons Conference on Deluvia IV. As a child, she had been profoundly inspired by a Starfleet doctor who created a vaccine which eradicated a bio-weapon afflicting her planet. Her passion for furthering medical research and zeal to help others was matched only by her disbelief in the long-held, human-driven view of genetic engineering which dominates Federation science. Wh
  5. J’mai Osen pushes back against the notion that the spirit of the Federation has anything in common with the Borg hive mind. It has recently been suggested that the Federation and the Borg Collective are, at their most basic, far more alike then they would appear on the surface. One columnist has gone so far as to argue that Starfleet’s mission of exploration is comparable to the Borg act of physical and psychological sequestration known as “assimilation.” These claims are deeply odious, inflammatory and wildly offbase, so much so that this columnist feels the original article should be moun
  6. When people think of the Borg, they imagine the worst possible way someone can be thrown into a system against their will. Acting in a manner as if it’s the only way for others to join them. The Collective’s techniques are questionable at best and the way people are turned into mindless drones is unnerving, but doesn’t Starfleet act in a similar manner? One would typically argue that the United Federation of Planets has better morals and ethics than the Borg. Yet do we really not know what we’re getting ourselves into as our starships approach undocumented planets? Instead of documenting what
  7. Are you an aspiring reporter? The Federation News Service (FNS) is always looking for journalists and contributors to help keep the public informed about the latest developments across the quadrants! About the Federation News Sevice The Federation News Service is an independent news agency dedicating to providing citizens of the United Federation of Planets the latest news and stories from across the galaxy. With a rich history that dates back to the founding of the Federation, FNS reporters have covered every major development over the centuries, from the era of the first colonies to the awar
  8. FNS foreign affairs reporter Flynn Dupond concludes his two-part editorial series about the Klingon Empire, bringing attention now to its social and civil problems. Last time, I touched upon the Klingon Empire’s thirst for violence and the threat it poses, even to those who were once its allies. Today, we’ll see that the Klingon Empire also suffers from injustice within its own borders and ranks. Civil War It is clear that while the Empire consistently fights against outsiders and seems to seek enemies where none exist, civil war is an almost constant fact of life within its ruli
  9. In this two-part editorial series, FNS foreign affairs reporter Flynn Dupond questions the Federation’s alliance with an empire built on conquest, subjugation, and conflict. I recently found myself wandering the main promenade of Starbase 118 along with my daughter. It is usually a bustling hive of ordered chaos, but with the (then) upcoming Khitomer Accords anniversary approaching, everyone was moving about—buying gifts, hanging decorations, etc. My daughter, a precocious youngster of five, was aware that something special was impending, and asked me what was going on. I attempted t
  10. With the new year around the corner, here are the top stories that dominated the headlines this past year. 1. Federation Transport Union goes on strike Just hours before the crystal ball dropped at the International Market Square in Minneapolis, ringing in the start of 2392, the Federation Transport Union voted to go on strike, a culmination of failed negotiations and frustrations with the Federation and Starfleets inability to protect transport crews from increasing piracy, especially along the Borderlands near the Klingon Empire and from Nausicaan raids. All shipping and transit runs were
  11. Pirates: A Persistent Threat Editorial by Lixa Dansha Stardate 239205.13 I hope I've caught your attention with that title. While piracy has been a small trend throughout the Federation, recently it's become a plague, especially on the outlying colonies. (You've probably heard of the Federation Transport Union strike and the letter written by the Colonial Coalition). Its time to examine this more closely, and see what might really be going on. A (Brief) History of Piracy from the Launch of the NX-01 The history of pirates is a long one, with Nausicaan pirates being the first known threat, unt
  12. The Pen and The Sword: Maronida Shiir on Nikael Kalre Editorial by Maronida Shiir Stardate 239202.22 It would seem, that in the battle for free speech, my editors have found it prudent (against my strong objections) to publish an open letter by a known terrorist who has assassinated both foreign nationals and good Starfleet officers. In recognition of their sacrifices, the Federation News Service published an article by the madman who claimed their lives, giving him an open forum and aiding and abetting his crimes by trying to rationalize them. Since this is all about ‘free speech’ I found it
  13. To My Beloved: Heart Of Ohmallera By Nikael Kalre Stardate 239202.22 The Federation News Service received the following letter from Nikael Kalre, leader of the Maquis Reborn, who asked that it be published on the anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera (stardate 238802.22). After much debate among our staff, the FNS has decided to publish the letter in its entirety. Imzadi, Four years have passed since you were taken from me. Four years since I last saw our children smile or heard their laughter mingling with yours. Although those years have passed, I remember you all as clearly as if I had
  14. A retrospective on the Maquis By Lixa Dansha Stardate 239202.08 With the recent events occupying the news, I recently was thinking of the past. With the 20th anniversary of the Dominion War rapidly approaching, I feel that now would be a good time to revisit the original Maquis. A Brief History The roots of the Maquis began with the treaty negotiations in 2366. From the start, the Federation chose a policy of appeasement. For interesting reading, I advise you to find and read Ka'zhchi Afrnia's The Phoenix Incident: Roots of Appeasement and Betrayal, published in 2381 that reveals that even as
  15. Who are your heroes? Editorial by Lyndsey Fisher Stardate 239202.03 When we were children, the concept of heroes and role models flowed quickly into our minds. On Earth, 400 years ago, little children looked into the sky, saw the stars and the brave men and women who rode dangerous, prototype, chemically propelled rockets into space—and we called them heroes. These brave few individuals made literal careers out of exploration, and challenged life's big questions, venturing into the great unknown. Now, onboard the USS Apollo-A, I will be giving an ongoing expose piece on the brave men a
  16. J'accuse! Maronida Shiir takes on the Colonial Coalition and the Federation Transport Union Editorial by Maronida Shiir Stardate 239201.16 You know it's all anyone's been talking about these past few weeks. Transport Union this, Colonial Coalition that. Honestly it's enough to make this hardened reporter consider cancelling her weekly dinner parties. But why should we be talking not only about those malcontents on the frontier, but giving these lazy Transport Union workers the attention they crave? Well the short answer is, we shouldn't. If you ask me, we, good Federation citizens, should en
  17. Join the Conversation In addition to our news streams which can be found both on the 118 Wiki and through your personal data feed, the Federation News Service encourages healthy discussion among its readers. We welcome your comments on stories and events happening around the Federation and the galaxy. Feel free to comment on any news story you wish. Conversation GuidelinesAll views, respectfully presented, are welcome at the Federation News Service. By joining the conversation you agree to all the relevant conditions in the Terms of Service for the Federation News Service and as Terms of Servi
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