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  1. CICIGAR, MARAVEL — After his reign of 54 years ended two weeks ago, Emperor Yongkiyaha’s death has inspired an outpouring of grief and tributes for the late departed Emperor on Maravel itself and across the Federation as people remember a man famous for his conspicuous dedication to public service and his inscrutable personality. Standing on her street corner, Seta Tsuru, who just celebrated her 97th birthday, making her the same age as the Emperor, held a straight-backed, but reverent pose as she waited for the funeral procession to pass, holding her black umbrella aloft only to spare her great-grandchildren the rain. “The Emperor saw us through everything and never complained, it was his duty and he shouldered it alone, the least we can do is come out in the rain to wish him farewell.” Mrs. Tsuru’s sentiments were echoed by the over two million mourners that lined the rainy route of the funeral cortege. The funeral cortege started in the Imperial Palace and proceeded through the streets of Cicigar to the Celestial Terrace. Here the elaborate funeral liturgy of the Maravel Emperors was performed before over 15,000 guests including President Narala, the First Minister of Bajor, the Speaker of the Klingon High Council and members of various royal families from across the Federation in addition to the full Legislative and State Affairs Councils of Maravel. The quasi-religious ceremony included blessings and benedictions from eight of Maravel’s religious communities, including those that historically represent the “Five Faiths” of the “Five Peoples” of Maravel: Traditional Manchu Shamanism, Shintoism, Vajrayana Bhuddism, Confucianism and Russian Orthodoxy. The Eight Commanders of the Eight Banners served as pal-bearers for the Emperor’s cypress palanquin, placing it in the Pagoda of Heavenly Fortune at the center of the Celestial Terrace, where all previous Emperors of Maravel had their funerals. Gathered in black and sheltered by white tents, the massive crowd surrounding the Pagoda looked on as the Emperor was eulogized by his childhood friend Telbuge Banyi while they brought traditional offerings forth to the altar. In a series of shorter addresses, the Prime Minister of Maravel An Seong-Gi, the President of the Grand Council Aloan Asaji and the Emperor’s son and heir Crown Prince Hiowan all gave remarks on Emperor Yongkiyaha’s life and reign that saw Maravel through times of war, political tumult, fiscal mismanagement and reconstruction and triumph after all of it. “He was strength, dignity and virtue,” said Grand Councilor Asaji. “His was a largeness of spirit that he would be the first to say we should all hope to see again in our time, but one I know will always come with the memory of the man who so defined the word ‘duty’.” “We often assume it that my father only had one expression, that of the granite regality that he believed came with his office. But he would be the first to say that he didn’t have just one expression… he had two. They just looked alike.” Crown Prince Hiowan said of his father’s legendarily controlled and stately bearing that many looked to as a patriarchal, immovable symbol of calm in the more turbulent years of his reign. Despite his detached exterior, Emperor Yongkiyaha commitment to his people and desire to be at one with them was also remembered, his courtly and dispassionate demeanor said to be not an elevation of self but his elevation of the position of sovereign of Maravel, traditionally said to be a Son of Heaven. Taking place midway through the month-long period of mourning, the funeral will be the last major state event of the Yongkiyaha Era before Crown Prince Hiowan takes the throne and ushers in a new era that many are expecting will differ greatly from his father’s. A personally charismatic and magnetic man, Hiowan is more like his vivacious mother, the Empress Anna than his father and many on Maravel still remember the pomp and fanfare that surrounded the Crown Prince’s marriage to Aurilda St-Cyr seven years ago, in contrast to the elaborate but solemn affair that was his parents wedding. Following the funeral, the procession continued outside Cicigar for the private burial of the Emperor at the Imperial Mausoleum, where only family and selected guests were in attendance. These private ceremonies and rituals continued for several hours late into the evening before the Imperial Family returned to the Palace, finally laying the Emperor who thought it was his sole duty to shoulder the burdens of his people, to finally rest with his ancestors. The post “He was strength, dignity and virtue.” Tributes Paid to Emperor Yongkiyaha at State Funeral appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  2. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Recommissioned Resolution Sets Course for the Borderlands BORDERLANDS REGION — As reports of strange signals in the Celendi nebula, potential pirates using the lone shipping lane through the mostly unexplored sector, and Klingon border issues, the Nova-class starship USS Resolution (NCC-78145) launches to investigate and heads out for the Borderlands. Saboteur Aiming for Warp XV Engine Captured Aboard the USS Juneau LIGHTSIDE STATION – A saboteur was captured while the USS Juneau (NX-99801) was on shore leave at Lightside Station, attempting to damage the galaxy’s first Warp XV engine. BetaGen Inc. Experience “Dinosauria” Undergoes Starfleet Scientific Assessment ASTEROID TRUENO, BRATAX SYSTEM — Scientific innovation company BetaGen Incorporated has invited a Starfleet team to provide a safety assessment of their newly opened experience asteroid “Dinosauria”. USS Thor Gravely Damaged, Partially Evacuated Due To Mysterious Collision INSIDE SLIPSTREAM – The USS Thor (NCC 82607), temporarily under the command of First Officer Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller, collided with an object of unknown origin, suffering critical damage. Two Crews Unite As Jalana Rajel Promoted to Commodore ENDAASI – The crews of Starbase 118 Ops and the USS Constitution-B unite for rest, relaxation, and awards on the Marchlands’ vacation hotspot. USS Veritas Hosts Its First On-ship Wedding USS VERITAS — Lieutenant Commanders Jansen Orrey and Raissa Moonsong become the first couple married aboard the Starfleet ship. Atlantis Enjoys Shore Leave Following A Series Of Attacks At Freeworlds Trade Conference ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE — After ending their involvement in the investigation, the crew of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) began a period of rest and recuperation. USS Arrow Enjoys Unprecedented, Yet Heated Contact With Sheliak Corporate ALPHA ISLES, ALPHA QUADRANT – Recommissioned and re-tasked USS Arrow (NCC-69829) recently came into contact with representatives of the reclusive Sheliak Corporate. After A Dire Exit, The Crew Of Starbase 118 Take Time Off To Relax And Reconnect STARBASE 118 OPS – After a devastating escape from the grasp of the Cult of Molor, the crew returns to Starbase 118 Ops for some much-needed time off, and a chance to meet and greet so many new officers. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239708 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  3. CICIGAR, MARAVEL — The Imperial Household announced early this morning that Emperor Yongkiyaha-Shenxu of Maravel has died following a long battle with an illness now identified as Fry’s Disease. After a reign of over fifty years, Maravel’s Emperor Yongkiyaha, also known by his personal name that he carried as Crown Prince: Shenxu, passed away earlier today at 97. The Prime Minister of Maravel, An Seong-Gi broke the news at a special address early this morning, eulogizing the beloved Emperor for his commitment to both his people and the entire Federation displayed in a lifetime of public service. “The name of our dear departed Emperor will live forever in the annals of history as a name synonymous with humility in the face of duty, service before the self and moral rigor in a world sometimes ambivalent to it. The Era that bares his name will forever be known as a time of great trials but also carry the memory of many great triumphs despite them.” Emperor Yongkiyaha’s 54-year reign encompassed some of the most tumultuous events of the past century including Wars with Cardassia, the Tzenkethi, and the Dominion, the Destruction of Romulus along with several domestic crises on Maravel itself like the collapse of the Akitori Government, the I-Shen Insurrection, the Bajoran Refugee Crisis and personal tragedies like the death of his youngest son Prince Fiyanggū. Through all of it Emperor Yongkiyaha maintained his famous stoicism, his way of preserving Imperial Dignity as a symbol of stability through trying times. This stern, fatherly exterior is what most on Maravel and in the wider Federation will remember about Emperor Yongkiyaha, something many admired him for. “Maravelians, young and old, have lived through very turbulent times over the Emperor’s reign. The Emperor, the late Emperor, was like a big father to us,” said Taketa Ryutaro, the President of the Federation Chamber of Commerce. Born the eldest son of Emperor Badarangga, Emperor Yongkiyaha, then known as Prince Shenxu, lived the entirety of his early life cloistered in the Imperial Palace in Cicigar before undertaking his first public duties at 13. For the next five years he made military inspections, opened hospitals, visited the sick and attended charity functions before he followed in his Grandfather’s and Great-Grandfather’s footsteps to attend Starfleet Academy and become a Starfleet Officer. Even then, the Prince’s reserved demeanor and rigid composure were noted by everyone who met him, as was his commitment to his own personal excellence and sense of duty. He would serve in Starfleet for twenty years before resigning his commission to take up the office of Crown Prince to his father. It was during these years after his career in Starfleet and his own accession to the throne that Prince Shenxu met his wife and future Empress Anna Rzhevskaya, known affectionately as “Anya”. Markedly different in temperament from her husband, “Princess Anya” presented herself as warm and approachable, even boisterous but with elegance and bearing befitting of a future consort. His choice of wife was not without controversy however, and it was long rumored that the late Empress Meisho almost disowned her son after Princess Anya did handsprings at a state dinner. Regardless of their differences, the marriage was a happy one that produced five children. When Emperor Badarangga abdicated considering his declining health, Crown Prince Shenxu succeeded him, taking the name “Yongkiyaha” at his coronation. His reign would see Maravel through some of the most trying periods in its history, but through it all Emperor Yongkyaha never let down his dispassionate exterior, serving as a beacon of stability to his people and the entire Federation. Today, on Maravel, the planet prepares to enter a month long state of mourning before the accession of Crown Prince Hiowan. Ostentatious decorations are being removed from storefronts, though they remain open, and many industries are slowing production as a means of tribute to the late Emperor. In contrast to the man’s trademark exterior, many citizens of Maravel are teary eyed at the departure of their late beloved leader. While subdued, crowds of mourners have gathered outside the Imperial Palace to pay their respects, with masses of Noble Orchids, the symbol on the Imperial Seal of Maravel, beginning to pile up outside. Some sees the outpouring of emotion as the signal of a new era, one that will officially begin at the end of the month after the elders of the Aisin Gioro clan, the ruling family of Maravel, confirm the Crown Prince’s accession. While some have called for the abolition of the monarchy like they did at the end of Emperor Badarangga’s reign, these remain a small if vocal segment of Maravel society which by-and-large is not ready to see the end of its ancient monarchy which traces its heritage back to the Qing and Jin Dynasties of China on Earth. The funeral of Emperor Yongkiyaha is supposed to be an elaborate affair in that tradition and will take place early next week on the only official day of state mourning, after which they will put the late Emperor to rest in the Imperial Mausoleum outside Cicigar. With elections scheduled for early next year, the accession of a new Emperor truly marks the beginning of a new era for Maravel and not just in name. It remains to be seen what tenor Crown Prince Hiowan will bring to his father’s office and how Maravel politics, for so long moored by an unshakable rock of indomitable calm, will react to the loss of Emperor Yongkiyaha but for now, the planet mourns its fallen Emperor that saw them through so much and whom many looked to as a father. The post Emperor of Maravel Dies At Age 97 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  4. ANDOR — A Horta citizen of the United Federation of Planets is suing the Andorian government after being refused clearance to make planetfall on the Andorian surface. Hurrurrn, the plaintiff in question, contends that on Stardate 239602.01, while undertaking a tour of the Federation as part of a vacation, he attempted to transport to Andor for a guided tour. The tour itself, and all relevant permissions, received authorisation well in advance, but during final clearance, Andorian Municipal Transporter Control ordered the transport halted, preventing Hurrurrn from beaming down to the moon. “Not was concerned I,” reported Hurrurrn. “Public systems slow”. However, according to the lawsuit, after nearly half a standard hour of delay, AMTC hailed Hurrurrn’s vessel, the Flaming Obsidian, and informed the crew that the transport would be impossible. When pressed for an explanation, the chief of the AMTC insisted that, because of a heat wave that had affected Andor during the previous two weeks, allowing an entity of such enormous heat to alight upon the already compromised ice of Andor would be both dangerous and irresponsible. “Nonsense is,” continued Hurrurrn. “Can be hot I. Not need to be”. Despite repeated attempts to explain the situation, and to assure AMTC that he posed no threat and reach his destination, Hurrurrn was blocked at every turn. Eventually, to keep to its pre-defined schedule, they forced the Flaming Obsidian to move onto its next destination, Sol III. Hurrurrn is demanding reparations for the slight against him and other Hortas, and the aggravation and inconvenience of the incident. “Is Federation,” Hurrurrn stated. “Is good. This bad”. Details about Horta biology are limited, primarily because of the extraordinary nature of their physiology. It has been established that the “heat” described in the report stems from a chemical reaction, and can be expelled or withheld at will. To say that Hortakind are “hot” creatures in the manner described by the defendant in this case is a gross mischaracterization. “Though Andor has been experiencing a variety of climate-related heatwaves, the presence of Mr. Hurrurrn would not have been detrimental, inconvenient or dangerous,” presented Vishlin th’Shrinta, chief of Andor’s Weather and Climatology Department. “This incident should not have occurred.” The post Horta Sues Andorian Government Over Discrimination appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  5. KESPRYTT III — Following an inability to reach a cohesive stance regarding planetary unity, the mutually hostile nation-states on Kesprytt III have been denied entrance into the Federation for the second time. A month of tough negotiation yielded little progress, and a breakdown in talks accompanied by threats of military action from the Kes, the larger nation-state, towards the Prytt. “If civil war is our future, then we will fight the Prytt until none of them remains. We have control of seventy-five per cent of the planet,” Lauric, a Kes government official said when questioned about this most recent rejection. In 2370, the Kes had applied for associate membership to the Federation — an unusual request, but one that reflected Kesprytt III’s non-aligned status. However, due to their long-standing rivalry with the Prytt, a nation-state controlling a quarter of the planet, entrance is denied even in this modified form. Records show the shared xenophobia between the two governing entities was highly influential in this decision. This most recent attempt brought forward approximately two months ago, is the second rejection the Kes have suffered and may have more long-lasting consequences as a result. “We know what the Kes are planning — our telepathic technology can remove any pretence of deceit.” Vorien, a member of the Prytt security council exclaimed. “I heard them trying to start some kind of violent behaviour towards us! Will anyone come to help us?” The growing political and sociological divides between these two nations, fueled by a warlike paranoia and a discriminatory attitude, have been festering for over a century. When asked about the possibility of assistance from Starfleet, representatives declined to comment. The post Kesprytt III Denied Federation Membership for Second Time appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  6. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Constitution Crew Returns to Normalcy as Court Martial Begins STARBASE 104 — The court-martial of Fleet Captain Jalana Rajel begins as life returns to normal for the Constitution crew. Riots Quelled, City of Val’Bhaonn Renews Museum for Eitreih’hveinn Festival VÆRON — Following the explosive actions of rioters in the capital of Val’Bhaonn, and the destruction of the museum used as a cultural centre, Governor S’Ehraellu has begun rebuilding efforts while the crew of the Gorkon take some necessary shore leave. String Of Raids and Attacks By “Vanishing Pirates” Leaves Starfleet Empty-Handed SHOALS — The USS Veritas (NCC-95035) hunts for a faction of “vanishing pirates” that have terrorized shipping lanes and threaten the security of the entire region. Starbase 118 Ops Begins To Take Measures Against The Elitist Cult Of Molor On A Daring Rescue Mission AZURE NEBULA, VANKOTH II – The USS Narendra (NCC-26595) set out for the crew’s first offensive move against the Cult of Molor while also attempting a daring rescue mission. USS Juneau Fully Commissioned, Investigates Unusual Comet AAVARO WILDS – With the transfer to the newly commissioned USS Juneau (NX-99801) completed, Captain Oddas Aria and her crew investigate an unusual comet in the Uiliv System. Atlantis Crew Attends First Freeworlds Conference ILLARA PRIME, PAR’THA EXPANSE – After a successful shipwide drill, Commander Jarred Thoran and crew received an invitation to participate in the first Freeworlds Conference. USS Thor Makes Startling Discoveries, Fate Of Away Team And Colonists Hangs In The Balance VEL MEIJAN, YSYDEN NEBULA – The USS Thor (NCC 82607), hanging in orbit above the long lost colony world known as Vel Meijan, is in a desperate race to save nearly 200 surviving colonists from vanishing into time and stranding an away team along with it. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239706 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  7. USS SWEDEN, ANGELUS BLOCK — Admiral Johannes Ekker, commanding officer of the Fleet Training & Joint Operation Task Force, has launched a training exercise involving over fifty-five vessels and nearly nine thousand crew-members. Ekker declared that a major exercise, of a size not seen since the end of the Dominion War almost thirty years ago, will be held near and in the Angelus Block. The Block, made up of a group of systems in a naturally hazardous area of space, contains nebulae, hostile planetoids and frequently beset by severe ionic storms and solar flares. They specifically chose the area to introduce unfamiliar fleet officers to a new zone of Federation influence. The Angelus Block is a recent addition to the outer frontier of Federation controlled space and represents fresh challenges for security, logistics and Fleet operations. To justify these extreme preparations, Ekker has invited press observers aboard his flagship, the USS Sweden, to see what he describes as “vital readiness exercises” first hand. “While I agree with many that a simulation can teach vital skills, nothing beats real-life experience,” Ekker commented to the assembled observers. “There are certain intangible aspects of a feeling, idea or action that you can not simulate in an artificial environment. It is amid the chaos of proper action that we truly learn lifesaving lessons.” This exercise, code-named Transcendent Grasp, will focus on anti-piracy interdiction, deep space search and rescue procedure, ship to ship combat and fleet manoeuvres. Commercial traffic is temporarily suspended in and around the operational area within the Angelus Block unless a valid Certificate 5 B is provided. Local trade unions have already filed a protest with Starfleet Operations for what they call a ‘gross disruption to commerce with dubious practical aims. The trade union representative could not be reached for comment by press time. The Federation Commercial Institute, however, commented on the ease of obtaining a Certificate 5 B. “A certificate 5 B can be received in less than two days. It is only a little paperwork as long as the cargo is off sufficient desirability and requirement. We are talking, water, food, medicine and supplies of similar importance to the local populations.” The post Starfleet Announces Exercise in Angelus Block appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  8. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Crew of USS Atlantis Fighting Off Intruders During Battle Exercise PALDOR SYSTEM – While conducting training exercises in the asteroid belt around the Paldor System, USS Atlantis has been boarded by several intruders. Eagle Crew Transitions To New Starship In Wake Of Unusual Rescue Mission RINGWORLD, AAVARO WILDS – After a difficult and somewhat unorthodox mission to repair the structure known as Ringworld, the starship Eagle has been decommissioned. Under New Command, USS Thor Investigates Ysdyen Nebula YSDYEN NEBULA — The USS Thor (NCC-82607), now under the command of Fleet Captain Aron Kells, races across the quadrant to investigate a two-hundred-year-old mystery in a momentous change for the officers and enlisted personnel who long called Duronis II their home. Warp-Capable Rogue Planet Diverted Away From Sol System HECATE — The USS Veritas has prevented a mysterious rogue planet from heading to the Sol system, its ultimate purpose still unknown. Fleet Captain Arrested While Disembarking USS Constitution-B STARBASE 104 – As she disembarks the Constitution for leave on the Starbase, FltCpt. Jalana Rajel is arrested leaving the crew scrambling for answers. Beacons and Species of Unknown Origin Discovered on Væron, Gorkon In Attendance VÆRON — Routine operations of the USS Gorkon to the Romulan Republic colony of Væron uncovered active beacons within the core of the planet and on the surface and the presence of an unknown species. Joyous Shore Leave Takes Over Starbase 118 STARBASE 118 – The crew takes a breather and time for themselves before the grand plunder against a relentless foe, during this time they welcome many new officers eager to join the fight. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239705 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  9. SAN FRANCISCO FLEET YARDS, EARTH – Thirty-one different starships making up the bulk of the Twelfth Fleet were recalled to back to the Sol sector this past week following the discovery of contaminated vertarium cortenide. “We’re just glad we caught it in time,” stated Starfleet spokesperson Commander A.J. Ciaravolo from fleet headquarters in San Francisco, shortly after the Starfleet Corps of Engineers issued the recall. The vertarium cortenide was sealed in standard Starfleet pressure housings. Though not a volatile compound, maintaining purity is paramount for it to be useful in the operation of Starfleet warp systems. Investigators quickly found that the sealant around several of the housings had degraded, allowing foreign contaminants to enter the mixture. The starships in question had recently undergone routine repairs or refitting of critical engine components and had been certified space worthy by the Yardmaster General. For many of these vessels, the warp coils, a critical component within the warp nacelle that allow the ship to enter and sustain faster than light velocities, needed particular attention as over interminable periods, these coils can lose their effectiveness. According to the report released by Starfleet Operations, part of the routine maintenance procedure involved re-coating the coils in a fresh layer of vertarium cortenide. “When we left drydock, everything should have been running smooth as silk,” declared Lieutenant Ourn, chief engineer of the USS Advance. “Let’s just say they weren’t.” Within twelve hours of the fleet’s departure for maneuvers in the Beta Stromgren system, ships were plagued with a multitude of issues, most of which stemmed from imbalances within the warp nacelles and power surges along their EPS grids. They quickly discovered each vessel affected had recently undergone a re-tuning of their coil assemblies. When communicated back to Starfleet Operations, it halted all work at the San Francisco Fleet Yards until they could conduct a thorough review. “We are not treating this incident as the result of hostile activity,” reported Lieutenant Commander Rohl Anderson, the Starfleet Security head of the investigation. “We will continue to seek the answer how this could occur.” There is no word as yet regarding how the absence of the Twelfth Fleet will affect the fleets patrol efforts along the edges of the Alpha Quadrant. The post Twelfth Fleet recalled following warp coil repair issues appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  10. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Starfleet Captive Successfully Rescued In Daring Raid, Romulan Plot Stymied By Unknown Intelligence LOKESH CITY, DURONIS II — Utilizing a cunning deception and the cover of darkness, Starfleet Marine and Security personnel were successful in recovering Doctor Addison MacKenzie from her captors. Starbase 118 Gains New Allies In Fight Against the Cult of Molor STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew of Starbase 118 is working to gain allies in its fight to bring the Cult of Molor to justice for its sinister acts. USS Eagle Investigates Nivian Ring, Assaulted By Alien Species AAVARO WILDS — In the pursuit of knowledge with which to repair the critically damaged stellar structure known colloquially as a Nivian Ring, the Federation starship Eagle sustained an attack. Constitution Crew Assists in Rescue and Repairs of Mining Colony XATRAC CITY — After disaster strikes the mining colony of Xatrac City, the crew of the USS Constitution-B step in to help with rescue and repair efforts. Amidst Various Shore Leave Activities, Atlantis Holds A Memorial Service And Celebrates A New Life PAR’THA EXPANSE — Having aided the planet of Tibro, the crew of the USS Atlantis enjoy shore leave activities as they make their way back to their homeport. Chaos Strikes Museum On Væron; Explosions, and Riots Reported VÆRON — A colony Administrator of the Romulan Republic of Væron appealed for peace and restraint in the city after a street riot and fires broke out in the Val’Bhaonn Markets following an explosion at the renowned historical museum. Rogue Planet Alert: All Merchants Ordered To Keep Ongoing Long-range Sensor Scans FEDERATION SPACE — Starfleet has ordered all cargo transport vessels to keep long-range sensors active as USS Veritas chases a rogue planet. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239704 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  11. BETAZED – The trial of the veterinarian and lecturer Tillul Sim came to a dramatic conclusion today as he was convicted of murder his wife, Fumiko and the subsequent telepathic violation of his son and several witnesses. Betazoid law, which strives to avoid strict punitive measures, was strictly applied to the former veterinarian. Doctor Sim was convicted on one count of premeditated murder in the first degree, and four counts of mental assault with the intent to distort truth. The cumulative sentences for these crimes, along with the further condition that there is no possibility for parole, suggest that Sim will live out the remainder of his life within prison walls. “The violent nature of the crime and the attempts to conceal it convinced this court that the full weight of Betazoid law was both necessary and prudent,” explained Head Justice Susem Oho. When asked about the enormous public outcry the case had generated, Justice Oho added that she had not allowed public pressure to affect her judgment. “Betazoid law holds the sanctity of life, and that of the mind, to be absolute. The judgement of this court is consistent with upholding that most sacred charge.” According to court records, the strained marriage of Doctor Sim and his first wife, Fumiko, escalated to violence when it was discovered that she was pregnant with his second child in the summer of 2369. After an argument and brief struggle, Doctor Sim propelled his wife down several flights of stairs, leading to her death and the loss of their unborn child. Fearful for his career and lifestyle, he then psychically assailed any neighbors who voiced concern or suspicion, leaving them with the firm belief that Fumikos death had been an accident. Sim continued this charade by forcibly suppressing his own sons telepathic ability, fearful that a young Betazed, who had little to no control over their powers, might discover the crime. In his closing statement, Doctor Sim admitted that, although he murdered his first wife, he did not regret the time he spent with Laxe Sim, his second wife. He also voiced pride for his son, a Starfleet officer and Doctor serving aboard the USS Gorkon. Both relatives declined to comment on the case. Following the trial, Sim was transferred to Thalzed High Security Prison, where he will receive comprehensive psychological evaluation and treatment in a secure environment while serving five consecutive life sentences. The post Lecturer Sentenced To Life For Historic Murder appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  12. AAVARO WILDS – Following her arrest after a violent attempted coup, former Minister of Health Yara Fennet has escaped custody, mere days before her trial was to begin. The once reclusive Aavaro Wilds planet known as The World is facing yet another crisis. Yara Fennet, the disgraced former Minister of Health for the society known as “The People” has reportedly escaped the World’s Justice Complex and fled into the Wilds. “It happened so quickly,” said bystander Thoth Amudul, who had enjoyed breakfast in the Complex square when the escape occurred. “All I could hear was disruptor fire, after my ears stopped ringing from the explosion, of course…” Witnesses reported that at approximately mid-morning, a group of armed figures beamed into the Complex lobby and stormed the building, killing three Justice Regents and injuring at least a dozen with explosive devices. Security footage provided by the newly installed Free Press Co-Op of the World shows the figures, wearing facial recognition descramblers, shooting their way into Fennet’s holding cell and aiding her egress via shuttlecraft. Said shuttlecraft subsequently evaded Regent pursuit. The World recently endured an attempt to overthrow the government, an effort spearheaded by the ex-health technician, thwarted with the assistance of the Federation Starship Eagle. A source close to the investigation suggests that authorities are looking into a possible “purist insurgence” that has cropped up in the wake of Fennet’s fall and urges travelers and ships to consider Fennet armed and dangerous. Authorities have requested that all information regarding the whereabouts of Fennet be reported either to their now open comm channels, on any available and/or functional Aavaro Wilds subspace relays, or to the nearest Federation Starbase. The post Disgraced Minister of Health Yara Fennet Escapes Custody Before Trial appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  13. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Romulan Warbird Discovered During A Rescue Attempt LOKESH CITY, DURONIS II — Reeling from a sneak attack by Tal Shiar agents, the crew of the Embassy are in a desperate race to stop a Romulan Warbird from seizing vast amounts of dangerous protomatter. Starbase 118 Ops Crew Begins Offensive Against The Cult Of Molor STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops leaps into action to push the Klingon Cult followers back, undermining and countering their control and weapons manufacturing. Eagle Crew Investigates Nivean Ring After Festivities DIALRAN SYSTEM — Following a mostly restful and enjoyable shore leave, the crew of the starship Eagle began an investigation into a remarkable stellar structure; a Nivean Ring. Disaster Strikes Xatrac City As Starfleet Investigate Mining Operation XATRAC CITY — The crew of the USS Constitution-B spring to aid citizens after an unexpected attack during an inspection of Xatrac City. Quarantine Protocols In Effect After A Mysterious Sickness Falls Over Tibro TIBRO — With a deadly outbreak ravaging the capital of Keibrom, the crew of the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) begin the desperate search for a cure and their missing Captain. Gorkon Crew Recalled From Giáng Sinh To Aid Væron, Romulan Republic Colony VÆRON — Enroute back to their home sector for the task force, the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) detours to assist the Romulan Republic Colony of Væron, a former Romulan Star Empire world. Assembly Debate Delayed By Incident Outside Ketar V Capitol KETAR V — While politicians debate the future of the Romulan population inside, a dissident has openly fired into a group of pro-Romulan protestors, injuring three people. Investigations continue. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239703 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  14. Amid a large crowd of dignitaries and onlookers, the United Federation of Planet’s most advanced presidential transport craft launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards earlier today. Designated Starfleet 1, the craft made a brief round-trip voyage, starting at Mars in the Sol System, swinging by Vulcan in the 40 Eridani A System, and returning to Sol III to formally embark the president and her staff. “This vessel carries with it the peaceful purpose and powerful solidarity with which the Federation works toward the bright future that we have proven is not only possible but all around us,” said the president during the opening ceremony. The transport, a heavily modified Sovereign-class starship, underwent retrofitting specifically with the safety and security of the president, her staff and any foreign dignitaries in mind. The limited release of schematics make determinations of exact specifications difficult, but the precedent shows Starfleet 1 is nothing short of a space-going fortress. Its predecessor, designated as the USS Federation before being rechristened for use as the president’s personal transport, was itself a well-armed, well-defended starship, an accommodation expected of all presidential vehicles since the attempted assassination of President Ra-ghoratreii in 2293. The president, since the founding of the Federation, has traditionally travelled on Starfleet vessels pulled from regular service, with the vessel being checked and then retrofitted with any technologies needed to ensure the president’s safety. These retrofits include the removal of science experiments to make room for the installation of quaternary backup modules for essential systems, increased security installation in the presidential guest room for secure communication, and deck reconfiguration to make room for the president’s staff. When asked for a comment, Palais de Chaillot press secretary Dejir responded, “USS Federation is the culmination of years of time, effort, and labor of skilled Federation citizens. We hope the newest iteration of Starfleet 1 will serve as an example of our hospitality, strength, and diplomacy.” The launch of this new craft is not without controversy. The Sovereign-class, a relatively new model of starship created in the final days of the Dominion War, is a veritable powerhouse of offensive capabilities. This has caused some consternation among the diplomats of the federal government, with many arguing that the vessel charged with ferrying the Federation’s most senior diplomat should not possess such firepower. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea to have the leader of the Federation putter about in an engine of war that could pound the representatives of other powers into oblivion,” Senator Gav quoted. Palais de Chaillot released an official response, “The new executive liner is only for interstellar transport. The vast majority of the cultures we maintain diplomatic contact with have planetary defenses and accustomed to military vessels in orbit. In situations where the offensive capability of Starfleet 1 may appear as an aggressive overture, the executive runabouts will be utilized instead.” President Narala is expected to travel to Betazed in two days’ time to attend a commemoration of the lives lost during the occupation of Betazed, which fell to Jem’Hadar forces during the Dominion War. The post Advanced Federation Presidential Transport Vessel Launches appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  15. MEMORY ALPHA — Staff at the major Federation library on Memory Alpha are performing damage control operations after a virus of unknown origins infected and corrupted the data of four major data banks containing government records. The first signs of trouble were reported by the night shift officer shortly before the beginning of the morning shift. When any request for information is made from Memory Alpha, any failure to retrieve information produces an error in the control room. The damage done by the virus produced more than fourteen errors within the span of two minutes, causing the officer on duty to institute security protocols. Once the data banks were isolated, the crew began their investigation to determine the cause of the corrupted data. All four of the data banks affected were used for storing official Federation records and documents. Files lost include archived law enforcement reports, communication logs, and long-range sensor data. Data recovery experts from Starfleet are attempting to restore as much corrupted data as possible to a readable state. So far, corrupted data has only been discovered on the four affected data banks. Diagnostic tests revealed no major problems with any other sections of the library. “Starfleet will investigate this matter as thoroughly as possible and seek to bring those responsible to justice,” stated Lieutenant Commander Taisir of Starfleet Security. Officials are searching for any indications of who developed the virus and how it was delivered to Memory Alpha. It is possible that the virus was deployed through an information request to Memory Alpha or was physically brought onto the planet. Starfleet investigators do not currently have enough information to determine the vector for the virus at this time. The post Unknown virus corrupts Memory Alpha data banks appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  16. CRESCENT VIEW, MERIDIAN — Weeks after a bio-attack on the world of Meridian was stopped by the USS Montreal, unrest continues to grow as some locals blame Starfleet for the attack in the first place. As rebuilding of the Crescent View Medical Research Facility continues, local rallies have begun to erupt at what they see as Starfleet bringing Federation-wide problems to the Shoals. “No terrorist attacks like this happened before Starfleet began to pay so much attention to the Shoals,” said Mariela Smith, a local activist. “If this is the cost of their ‘protection,’ then maybe we should strike out and give the [Colonial Coalition] marshals this power — at least they’re accountable!” Meanwhile, the colony administrators are still going through all of the colonial enclaves and tightening security with the aid of the Klingon embassy, both shaken after this attack. In a briefing this afternoon, Starfleet announced that a support ship had been dispatched to the colony to assist. “We are committed to protecting all citizens of the Federation,” said Commander A.J. Ciaravolo of Starfleet Public Affairs. “We deeply regret that these attacks have made people feel uncomfortable, but we will always exert our utmost to protect fellow citizens.” The post Anger against Starfleet from colonists on Meridian grows after terrorist bio-attack appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  17. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Crew of the USS Apollo-A Welcomed to StarBase 118 in Momentous Merger STARBASE 118 — StarBase 118 has welcomed on board the senior staff of the Odyssey-class USS Apollo (NCC-71669-A) upon its return from deep space exploration operations within Delta Quadrant. The Apollo completed the tour of duty with prestige, and the existing crew transferred to the station to continue their work in the hopes to better service the Trinity Sector. Eagle Officers and Refugees Rescued From Alien Imprisonment AAVARO WILDS — Following an unusual and hostile first contact, the USS Eagle managed to secure members of her crew from captivity, inciting diplomatic unrest in the process. Manhunt Begins For Fugitive Starfleet Officers from USS Gorkon TYRELLIAN SECTOR — A Federation wide manhunt for escaped prisoners Valesha Sienelis and accomplice Orson Marshall ordered to ensure their timely capture, reportedly fleeing on a stolen prototype shuttlecraft. USS Veritas Defeats Ancient Defense System, Sentinel, in Menthar Corridor GAMMA CAMELOPARDALIS SYSTEM — The crews of the USS Veritas and USS Solaris have successfully neutralized an ancient Menthar defense system that became active at the former site of Astrofori One. USS Montreal First Officer Captured by Vulcan Extremist KARRAKA, SHOALS — Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek of the USS Montreal has been captured by a Vulcan Extremist known as Lenik. USS Atlantis Scrambles to Investigate Disappearance of Deep Space 26 PAR’THA EXPANSE — Deep Space 26, the only Federation stronghold within the confines of the Par’Tha Expanse, has vanished. Embassy crew attempts to secure escaped android, leading to its own demise TALISON FOREST — The intense pursuit of a renegade android by the crew of the Embassy of Duronis II ends in android’s self-destruction. USS Constitution crew evacuates remote outpost in the face of immediate danger GAMMA ORIONIS — The crew of the USS Constitution evacuated a significant research outpost before an approaching life-threatening storm could endanger the away teams. Historic officer exchange underway between USS Columbia and Imperial Losarian Commonwealth LOSARIA — As part of cultural exchange between Starfleet and the Royal Court of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth, three senior staff and several enlisted crewmen from the USS Columbia (NCC-85279) have been invited aboard the Imperial Losarian Cruiser Illrith. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239605 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  18. RONARA — Reports of extreme weather have baffled engineers and meteorologists attempting to implement a weather-control system on the planet of Ronara. Snowstorms, floods, avalanches and fires are among the reported incidents, and fears now indicate a “bomb cyclone” is due to descend. As the planet was about to be thrown into an ice age, scientists all around the Alpha Quadrant had been trying to figure out how to curb such an event by creating a weather-control system by building four satellites around Ronara. Built weather stations on the surface would allow a duality of a combination of controlled ground and air substances. During the first three years, the Ronaran citizens enjoyed the weather, with each season the same, and if enough people requested for a certain weather pattern, meteorologists would enter a few commands and astrophysicists would slightly turn the satellites in such a way to grant freedom for the weather system to react to what was asked. The planet’s high volume of natural resources seemed to grow exponentially and gave the government an influx of economic wealth. “We were living in prosperity and comforted security,” said Belkin Ospl, a local tradesman. “It wasn’t until a year ago when some pretty abnormal events started to rise. We thought nothing of it at first.” With the seasonal changes the controlled weather system brought, it also started to interfere with the planet’s core. Becoming hot to the extent that galvanized wires that held up bridges started to wither away until it became a peril to structural integrity, including building collapses. At first, the engineers were at a loss to the cause. Droughts started which turned crops and farms into dust in a matter of weeks. “I lost my family’s business,” said N’Val, a generational farmer. “In just a month, everything was gone which my ancestors started millennia ago.” Unexpected and unpredictable earthquakes occurred that baffled Geologists and Seismologists. The epicenters were hard to search for with the incorrect amounts of pointless data which caused major continental shifting allowing for avalanches and volcanoes erupting. Thankfully, through the aid of Starfleet, mass evacuation from the planet was organized, though few were unlucky as they succumbed to the disasters. All around the world, electromagnetic storms and tornadoes started to damage the weather stations. Scientists scrambled as the threat of a bomb cyclone is beginning to loom over their radars. Now, the government and scientists are asking for help with the coming of an apocalyptic event of epic proportions. “This is a message to all known life in every corner of space,” pleaded Grahm Nortus, the Ronaran President. “We need help and will do anything to restore our natural way of life. Our planet is on the brink of extinction. Our ignorance is leading to our demise.” The post Threat of “bomb cyclone” hampers installation of weather-control system appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  19. FURON III — A Klingon starship stumbled onto a class-M planet after receiving transmissions requesting assistance before being caught in a hostage situation and eliminating a great number of residents of the planet. When the Wovmohwi’ siq traveled through the Furon system in the Beta Quadrant and received a distress call from the third planet in the system, Captain J’anako Bochang answered the plea with the aim to provide whatever help his ship was able to and returned the call to the transceiver on the planet. Furon III is a planet currently in the E category according to the Richter Scale of Cultures, which defines planetary development. Planets in the E category are defined as having reached the atomic age. As soon as the Klingon captain arrived on the surface to question the aliens who had contacted him, his landing party and the captain himself were taken hostages by one of three factions apparently involved in an atomic war on Furon III. The reason for this capture is assumed to have been to exchange weapons and power for the hostages taken. Klingon tradition dictated that the Wovmohwi’ siq‘s crew had to avenge the honor of their captain, thus they struck the planet in full force, utilizing what armament they possessed. In the process, they eliminated both most of the members in the warring faction and the hostages held. Fulfilling their honor code, Commander Jetova Ogh fell into place as the next captain for the Wovmohwi’ siq, which returned to the course set before their incursion with the inhabitants of Furon III. “It was an unusual mission, but Bochang was an unusual captain,” revealed Ogh. “We presume they had sufficient technology to attempt a hopeless mission to gain alien attention and hold that as an advantage against other factions. We were the… unfortunate ones… passing by, but Captain Bochang will always be remembered as a brave and honorable warrior.” Whether the decision made by Captain Bochang was resented by the crew of the Klingon warship or not seemingly had little impact on the crew. “It was our duty to ensure dignity and honor to our Captain,” clarified Ogh, when asked about the retaliation. “We are not afraid to fight for those values, and those we killed, we killed in his name. We have nothing to regret about that.” Many who have heard the news have wondered if the Wovmohwi’ siq‘s crew should suffer consequences for introducing alien culture to a world currently being in the E classification of development. However, while Starfleet is bound by General Order 1, also known as the Prime Directive, the Klingons are not. Nevertheless, this is a troubling event, and it is sure to be greatly influential in Furon III’s development for the future. The post Mercy mission turns deadly after natives attack Klingon warship appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  20. MARS — A passenger transport vessel was forced to make an emergency landing today on the nearby moon Deimos after a substantial coolant leak was detected during mid-flight checks. The passenger transport Seven Stars, operated by Red Carrier, was bound for Risa when an unexpected coolant leak was detected soon after departure by the engineering crew during routine maintenance checks which forced the ship’s captain, Domenic Alegre, to divert to Deimos, safely evacuating the ship at the base on the moon. It was later discovered that an error in the injectors to the propulsion system had caused the engines to overheat, forcing the Seven Stars to cut its trip short and inducing massive delays in transportation from Mars due to a high volume of flight cancellations. “It was a routine trip until the alarms sounded when we got past Deimos. We quickly turned around and landed safely,” Captain Alegre remarked. “I am grateful that my engineering staff was able to keep the propulsion from severely overheating. It could have gotten much worse had we continued on our course.” “There were alarms and screams throughout the ship,” said Mitchell MacDonough, a passenger who was interviewed on Deimos after the landing. “If this is how Red Carrier keeps up their ships, I might just have to look at another starline.” No one was injured in the incident and engineers from Utopia Planitia were dispatched to Deimos to ascertain what caused the error. Speculation swirled that this might be another of a series of maintenance shortcuts that Red Carrier has been accused of in the past. The Seven Stars remains on Deimos until it is deemed capable of traveling back to Mars for further evaluation. The passengers were afforded alternate transportation to Risa by Starfleet in an effort to ease the delays on Mars. Officials at Red Carrier issued a statement to assure the public. “We’re thankful no one was injured during this isolated incident,” read the starline’s statement. “We at Red Carrier are committed to providing safe transportation to all our passengers.” Further requests for comment have gone unanswered. The post Major delays for travelers after Red Carrier passenger transport makes emergency landing appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  21. DELOS SYSTEM — Fifty-two government officials representing 32 regions on Delos IV were held hostage for eight hours this week when a group of “unsatisfied Brekkian citizens” isolated the politicians in their own government building and demanded that they sign a partial unification accord. The Federation’s relationship with the Brekkian people has been strenuous at best following Starfleet meddling nearly three decades ago between the Brekkian and Ornaran cultures, effectively freeing the Ornaran people from wrongful servitude to the Brekkian people. Federation vessels of any kind struggle to enter the Delos system without a flare-up of diplomatic conflict with Brekkian representation, in spite of the efforts made by the quickly redeveloping Ornarans. Historically a society not united under one government, this week marked the first time leaders of approximately 32 Brekkian territories came together to discuss trade and possible unification – talks of which experts suspected would result in very little. But tense discussions were quickly done away with when a group of just six citizens managed to take control of the building, refusing officials exit until such time that all 52 people unanimously agreed to a large document, dictating exactly how a unified government would operate and the penalties that would be incurred if the leaders failed to follow through. The six offenders were described as “possibly Brekkian” in appearance, wearing white clothing and appearing non-hostile. Witnesses indicated that no weapons were used during the building’s takeover, and no injuries were reported. The leader of the group, an aging Brekkian man with brown hair and eyes, wearing a white beanie, called himself “Jhalen Novu”, and spent much of the eight hours seated with access to a rebreather (possibly suffering a medical condition). He was described as “calm” and “extremely understanding” – strange descriptors to give someone responsible for a hostile takeover. Diplomatic conflicts with the small and easily forgotten world of Delos IV have been far and few between, the last involving an argument over the allowed immigration of a Betazoid child born on Brekkian soil back to the Betazed homeworld. Though Federation President Narala expressed concern over the hostage incident, no offer of assistance has been extended to the Brekkian people. “The Brekkians are not allies – the Federation can barely claim to even be an acquaintance,” said Narala’s office in response to FNS query. “The Federation cannot help disputes had on worlds that are outside of our space, have had no interest in even opening channels for civil discussion with the President, and are intentionally passive aggressive towards Federation vessels passing through the Delos region. As such, we will not be sending help to resolve conflicts on Brekkian soil that do not concern Federation citizens.” According to Brekkian news sources, all government officials were released after signing the partial unification accord, and the six offenders escaped the building shortly after. All Federation citizens have been advised to avoid Delos IV, though no travel restrictions have been placed. The post Brekkian governments held hostage, forced to sign partial unification accord appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  22. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Disturbing reports have been received that many Starfleet personnel are joining the Nyberrite Alliance once they have completed their tour of duties. The main group reported as enlisting are usually crewmen up to the rank of petty officer. Naturally, this is a very worrying finding, and investigations are in motion to discover the root of this disturbing trend. Initial reports are that crew unsatisfied with promotion prospects are joining for opportunities to advance in rank and gain honour as what is classed as an equivalent to an old Earth military called the Foreign Legion. The French Foreign Legion was active in the 19th, 20th, and 21st century. It served across Earth in many conflicts. The Nyberrite Alliance has a similar reputation. So far, unconfirmed reports believe the Nyberrites are preparing for combat with an as-yet-unknown opponent. It is rumoured they may well be planning an offensive against the Orion Syndicate. FNS has yet to find a Nyberrite to confirm these reports; however, the loss of many exceptional Starfleet personnel will surely be a blow for starship operations across the Federation. In a meeting with the press, Admiral Jenkins at Starfleet Command unveiled plans to aid retention. “Crew who take this offer can elect to do a reduced semester of officer training or receive enhanced training to help them achieve higher rank/responsibility if they choose to accept it,” said Jenkins. Another high ranking Starfleet official who did not wish to be named stated that Starfleet is looking into additional plans to tempt crew to remain with the service rather than leave. The post Nyberrite Alliance increases recruiting of ex-Starfleet personnel appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  23. BETAZED — Noted lecturer of veterinary science Tillul Sim has been arrested for the murder of his first wife Fumiko Sim in 2369. Betazoid Peace Keepers arrested the 60-year-old at his homestead today without incident. Sim is currently in custody at the Delaria Peace Keeper Department. According to Terran law enforcement reports from the time, Fumiko Sim died in 2368 after falling down the stairs outside her New York apartment. “At the time, it appeared that this tragedy was an accident,” said Harriet Howe, Secretary of Justice, earlier today. “However, new evidence suggests that it may, in fact, have been a homicide.” When pressed for details on the evidence, Howe declined to comment or even speculate. Sources in the Betazed Peace Keepers suggest that evidence was discovered through telepathic means. The use of telepathy in law enforcement is not allowed in Terran law but is allowed on Betazed, which is likely due to the near-universal prevalence of telepathy on the planet. How, precisely, Doctor Sim managed to keep the secret on a planet of telepaths is unknown. A trial is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks. The murder has gone unknown and uninvestigated for twenty-seven years, and the investigation conducted on the cold case will be fully reported. Tillul Sim worked as a veterinary surgeon for nearly forty years until his retirement four years ago but continues to lecture students at the nearby university and also on some Starfleet Academy courses in Delaria. He was married to Fumiko Sim for a year in 2367. They lived in New York together, where the suspect ran a veterinary surgery. After his first wife’s death, Tillul Sim married Laxe Sim (nee Adea) in 2368, and they had a son, Genkos Sim, in 2369. Genkos Sim currently works as a doctor aboard the USS Gorkon. Both Laxe Sim and Genkos Sim have been contacted for comment, but both declined. The post Noted Betazoid Lecturer arrested for murder appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  24. MARS — Protesters gathered at the Utopia Planitia shipyards to voice displeasure at the relaunching of two starships, citing unnecessary expansion. A group calling themselves Citizens Against Expansion gathered at the gates of the Utopia Planitia shipyards on the eve of the launchings to protest the militarization of the Federation and their expansion into areas not aligned with the Federation. A spokesman for the group decried the launches as a power grab. “These ships are proof that the Federation is not interested in exploration, but expansion,” the spokesman, who wished to remain anonymous, remarked. “Why else would they be assigning warships instead of research vessels? This blatant grab for territory can only incite needless violence.” Starfleet Public Affairs Officer Commander A.J. Claravolo pushed back against the group’s claims. “Starfleet and the Federation have always committed themselves to the peaceful exploration of space,” said Claravolo. “Any ships that launch, including these two, will continue that commitment.” The two ships will launch in a few days to begin their assignments. The post Starfleet relaunches two ships amid protests appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  25. CARDASSIA IV — Thousands of Bajoran construction workers, employed by companies assisting with the rebuilding of the Cardassian Union, have officially begun to strike, protesting the Federation’s decision to not try suspected war criminal Breloc Tejar on Bajor. “They think that we’ll complain once or twice and get over it,” said Bajoran Union representative Saun Neprem. “This isn’t a minor inconvenience. It’s a disgrace, and we won’t stand for it.” The Bajorans currently assisting Cardassia are part of an exploratory exchange program, designed to continue the healing process between the two peoples that got its tumultuous start approximately ten years after the Occupation came to its bloody close. The Federation’s assistance, along with intensive participation and support from Bajor, has been a deciding factor in Cardassia’s rapid rebuilding process. However, in the face of this incident, one that many Bajorans are taking as a personal affront, this progress may be endangered. Tejar was arrested last year, entering Federation space without license or destination. His trial continues on Andoria, where he is charged with various criminal acts from his time as an Overseer in the Cardassian military, many of them egregious and widespread crimes against sentience. As the leader of the Dakhur Province Labor Camp, his influence was instrumental in maintaining the catastrophic conditions during the Occupation. Bountiful testimony points to his significant involvement in several hundred thousand Bajoran casualties. Despite the insistence of the Bajoran people that, as the aggrieved party and as members in good standing of the United Federation of Planets, the solemn duty of hosting the proceedings should be theirs, the Federation Council disagreed, citing concerns for the accused’s safety. Instead, they elected to call upon Andoria’s services and drafted a multi-species jury to render judgement. Planetary polls show overall Bajoran satisfaction with Federation leadership is at a three-year low, and many who responded cited the Tejar situation as a notable factor. Molor Oyat, the Chief Administrator of the Foreign Exchange Reconstruction Effort, insisted that the strides made between the two peoples in recent years must not be wasted or dissuaded in an impassioned speech this Tuesday. “What we have done cannot be undone, unless we permit it,” said Oyat to a mostly Cardassian audience. “Unless we allow our bonds of friendship, forged in strife and truth and hard-won victories, to fall away.” Still, Saun Neprem is insistent. “Beautiful words contorted to favor the wretched,” she stated, when asked to describe her feelings on Oyat’s speech. It is unclear how the work program will be affected in the long term. The post Bajoran workers down tools in protest over Tejar case appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article This article was written by Lt. Cmdr. Randal Shayne of the USS Eagle. Write your own story and submit it to the FNS or join the team!
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