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  1. THE BORDERLANDS — An outbreak of food poisoning resulted in over 300 hospitalizations on Deep Space 224 last week, prompting station officials to order the temporary closure of all restaurants in the station’s commercial sector. Security and medical personnel investigating the incident identified Subway Sam’s, a popular soup-and-sandwich establishment on the upper promenade, as the source. The outbreak began just after midday last Monday, when multiple patients arrived at sickbay in close succession, complaining of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. “We quickly realized we were dealing with a
  2. ASHALLA, BAJOR — Iba Sizo, owner of the popular Bajoran-Terran restaurant chain The Orb of Taste, stands accused of collaborating with the Cardassian occupational government. Late last year, the Bajoran Central Archives unsealed an enormous cache of Cardassian records, which made known the fates of hundreds of Bajorans who disappeared during the last months of the Occupation. Historians have spent months analysing the records, comprising kiloquads of data, before the Archive makes them publicly accessible next year. One record concerns Iba Sizo, then a refugee from Ilvia and a member of the
  3. DEEP SPACE 224 — Expanding enterprises across the galaxy, Burger Nagus launches yet another franchise; it’s first in the Borderlands, aboard the space station. Burger Nagus is a Ferengi-run franchise that offers unhealthy, disreputable food at dirt cheap prices. Previously only on the species’ homeworld, Ferenginar, and on Iana Station, the company has branched out, with a new outpost on Deep Space 224. It joins such estimable companies as Twilight’s Edge, and Molly Malone’s Irish Pub, both of which are on different levels of the Promenade. “Despite the instant nature of replicated food thes
  4. ALPHA QUADRANT — A missing transfer scow carrying highly valuable Trellium-D has thrown local sector markets and larger trading into flux. The independent haulier, The Fair Winds, was due in port nearly a week ago. Trellium-D, a key component in the insulation of starships, is a challenging mineral to process and rare to find in the raw ore state. As word of the missing Trellium reached miners, ship-builders, unions, mineral dealers, and various other markets playing tradesfolk throughout the Quadrant, Galactic Markets reacted in kind. Prices for still available Trellium-D, and the market pr
  5. SKRAL RIVER, QO’NOS — Celebrated for their bloodwine and chech’tluth, a new beverage is taking the Klingon market by storm and filtering into Federation bars. Blended and single malt whiskeys derived at the craft distillery in Skral River are highly sought already. Consumers are cautioned, however, that like most Klingon brewed beverages, qul bIQ, as it has been dubbed by the distillers, is much stronger that whiskey distilled on Earth and elsewhere because of the more hardy Klingon grains and hops that grow in the Skral River Valley on the Klingon homeworld, which gives it a deeper hue than
  6. ZENBRE, ATREA IV — Blessings of Zenbre, Atrea IV. Stocks continued the long rally today on reports from the shipbuilding industry. The ZSAQ on Atrea IV closed 1250 points higher, or 4.5%, at 27,778. Novan Standard Ratings closed 450 points higher, or 5.5%, at 8182. This rally started with the quarterly report by Eskellion Shipyards, one of the leading commercial shipyard producers, and continued with more reports from the shipbuilding sector of the economy, and continued with several merchant-guilds releasing guidance intimating they expected higher profits in Q3. With the recent increase in
  7. DIALRAN SYSTEM, AAVARO WILDS — Sources inside Lightside Station Security say the recent discovery of a pair of Nivean Rings, and the debris field that surrounds their space, have led to a brand new black market to emerge. Mere weeks after the contact of Federation starship USS Eagle (NCC-74659) and the Nivean Rings, a rapidly booming junk and antiquities racket has sprouted in the aftermath. Using a seemingly vast network of independently contracted trawlers and salvage operations, supported by a large word-of-mouth marketing system, dealers have started to flood into the Lightside Station ma
  8. FERENGINAR — Under the rain-soaked atmosphere of the Ferengi homeworld, a notorious animal trafficker has succumbed to a fatal poisoning after receiving mortal injuries from Vulcan Le-matya beasts smuggled to Ferenginar. Over sixty Le-matya beasts were discovered yesterday on an agricultural property in the region of Gonahl alongside poisoned Ferengi business owner Girrot, who was known within the local area as an entrepreneur and more widely as a trafficking smuggler. The casualty was transported to the medical facility in the capital city of Fereng, where it is reported he died shortly afte
  9. BOLARUS IX — A Federation mining team has unearthed a massive thallium deposit on the Bolian homeworld. Multiple inquiries, over a period of two years, were made to investigate possible mining prospects into the relatively empty east continent on Bolarus IX. The inhabitants of Bolarus IX, mostly Bolians, made apparent their problems with natural resources on their world some time ago. They had therefore begun an investigation into the metallic mountains on their continents. The depletion of multiple copper mines near the capital in the last year have led to increasing dependence upon Federati
  10. PAR’THA EXPANSE — The high demand for durasteel has led to black market sales and other struggles for the industry. A highly prized metal compound, used for building everything from homes to starships, ultralightweight and long-lasting, durasteel is the hot new commodity in high demand across the Federation, outside of the Par’tha Expanse. But getting it to buyers can be a dangerous game as Expanse entities try to circumnavigate stringent tariffs and regulations set by the Freeworlds Region. Commissioner Farl Ma’larth of Jenatris Heads Count, a political and social justice campaign g
  11. FERENGINAR – Executives of the Slug-o-Cola company announced this morning a surprise merger agreement with upstart competitor Lappa IV Beverages. The long-standing conglomerate Slug-o-Cola has fought a bitter war over the production of soft drinks in recent decades with both Eelwasser as a primary competitor and the newly formed Lappa IV Beverages in the last few years. While some prefer the slimy texture and sweet flavour of the Slug-o-Cola signature brand, the soured grittiness of the Lappa IV Lap-It-Up, made from the Zan Periculi flower native to the planet, has appealed to a select gr
  12. MUGAR MUGA, FERENGINAR — A new report published by the Divine Treasury warns that the status of global economic inequality is far more dire than predicted, with most Ferengi failing to exploit the citizens of galactic neighbors to the extent possible since the introduction of warp travel to Ferengi society. The report, titled Does Anyone Remember the Rules of Acquisition? estimates that just eight Ferengi share the same level of personal wealth as half of the population of 24.8 billion Ferengi who make up the “temporarily embarrassed non-wealthy” class. Read the rest of the article "
  13. OASIS STATION, MAR ALPHERIS — Thanks to the introduction of quantum slipstream-capable freighters, the outer colonies of the Federation are receiving regular supplies, but not all colonies are accessible with the new technology. As more shipping companies introduce quantum slipstream freighters into their fleets, many worlds that were weeks away from the Federation core are now less than two hours away, meaning that these members and colonies can receive proper and regular supplies. “Like many colonists, I am relieved that the Federation has taken our concerns seriously and has deeme
  14. TRINITY SECTOR — Following the successful clean-up operation of a derelict area of StarBase 118, the Federation have entered an unusual external regeneration contract for the popular frontier station with the Lurtz Corporation. Until recently, an area of StarBase 118 known as “The Below” had been little more than a rumour, with tales of shady deals and a darkened past with all access officially sealed off and classified. However, recent criminal activity pushed the area back into the light of day following a brief and extremely successful raid by a combination of the 292nd Marine Regiment
  15. PARIS, EARTH — Following a diplomatic failure to secure mining rights from the Sarshayet, the strained dilithium market has begun taking its toll on trade and starship production across the Federation. The reclusive Sarshayet in Nebula KR27-B were open to becoming members of the Federation as well as offering rights to mine their nebula for much needed dilithium, but negotiations fell apart after Federation representatives missed the summit due to malfunctions aboard the USS Apollo-A, which suffered issues with her quantum slipstream drive. View the full article This article was
  16. NAGIL IV — The Federation’s strained dilithium market was hit hard by the loss of yet another key source of the precious mineral, following a core meltdown at a processing center. As the mining strike continues on Verona III, confirmed reports show overproduction at a mid-sized production facility on Nagil IV led to a core meltdown from equipment which had, over several decades, developed tiny microscopic fissures. These fissures caused the plant’s generator core to fail, leaving a crater where the plant’s power core once stood. View the full article
  17. TILANNA V – After battling against corruption and terrorism, investors are now turning their eyes once more to the former mining planet. The popular planet, which rests just beyond the outer edge of Federation space, has long been a regular stop for merchants dealing in goods from across the quadrant. However, in recent years it has been dogged by accusations of corruption at the highest levels of society. View the full article
  18. SAPPORA VII — Hoping to stave off a deepening economic depression, the New Sydney Parliamentary Assembly passed a resolution this week approving the planet’s application for Federation membership. Chief Minister Jola Nuziar is expected to submit the application next week. “We must look beyond ourselves to find solutions,” said the Chief Minister in a press conference yesterday. “And by partnering with the Federation, we can get New Sydney back to work.” View the full article
  19. CORIDAN The Galactic Exchange has been left reeling at the shortage of dilthium prompted by industrial action on Verona III. Already, the sudden loss of a key dilithium supplier has caused the trade value of the scarce resource to increase dramatically across the Federation as major shipyards seek to secure their dwindling stockpiles. The Merchant Marines have voiced concern at the strict controls on civilian distribution of the mineral, which is critical to sustaining conventional warp drive. "How are we supposed to make a living?" asked one freighter owner, Captain Threll. "If [the Federati
  20. VERONA III - The small border mining colony world of Verona III has officially halted its mining operations after workers went on strike. “We will no longer tolerate being exposed to toxic elements due to broken and malfunctioning equipment the Veronans hand us,” declared Verona Mining Union (VMU) President Jerdax Aeunu. “We will no longer tolerate their imperialism and totalitarian clamp, as the Veronans dictate where, when, and who benefits from our hard labor on the production of dilithium, making cuts to our standard of living!” View the full article
  21. PARIS, EARTH - The Federation News Service has named veteran journalist Li Xinmin as its new editor-in-chief. A graduate of the Pennington School, Li began his career as a journalist for the Shanghai Free Press before joining the staff of the Eastern Morning Post, where he was eventually named editor for foreign affairs after his reporting from the front lines during the Dominion War was recognized by the Federation Journalists Association. He was later named the Eastern Morning Post‘s editor-in-chief in 2380 and served as a debate moderator for the 2384 Federation presidential election. Vie
  22. STARBASE 118 — The annual Tribble Fanciers Association convention is in turmoil following the onstage collapse of their keynote speaker. What was meant to be an enjoyable family event has rapidly become the talk of one of the Federation’s most populous starbases. During the opening gala of the convention, the keynote speaker, Ms. Anseidora Dorfmann, collapsed dramatically onstage, requiring emergency medical attention. Continue reading the rest of the article at http://fns.news This article was written by the writer for Tatash. Submit your own story to the FNS! FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS
  23. Demand exceeds supply of 'finest' bloodwine vintage in 83 years By Nash Blaxland Stardate 239208.23 'ej HumtaH 'ej DechtaH 'Iw. Sales of the 2392 vintage have exceeded expectations. QO’NOS — The bloodwine vintage coming from the Klingon homeworld this year may be remembered as the vintage of a lifetime. Favorable environmental conditions and an abundance of high-quality blood contributed to the 2392 haul being hailed as the Empire’s finest since the acclaimed vintage of 2309. As a result, the price of 2392 Qo’noS bloodwine has soared in currency-based economies, as demand far outpaces supp
  24. President Bacco announces deal to end Transport Union strike By Reza Kardgar Stardate 239208.15 Federation President Nan Bacco's deal with the Federation Transport Union calls for increased security for transport convoys, with private contractors supplementing Starfleet's anti-piracy efforts. PARIS, EARTH — As she promised at her State of the Federation address, President Bacco and the Federation Transport Union have come to an agreement, bringing an end to the strike that began nearly eight months ago. "This is a day of celebration across the Federation and beyond," said Bacco from her o
  25. HAVE YOUR SAY: Bacco's Deal to End the Transport Union Strike The Issue The Federation Transport Union, citing continued Nausicaan pirate attacks and Klingon raids that have killed dozens of transport crews, has been on strike for nearly eight months, with all shipping and transit runs suspended, including those of 812 major shipping carriers. The strike has been an economic crisis throughout the Federation and beyond, devastating the economies of numerous member and allied worlds. The agreement announced by President Bacco calls for existing Starfleet anti-piracy operations—stretched thin
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