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Found 24 results

  1. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Earlier today, Starfleet Security issued a retraction of their previous alert, bringing the Sol system’s defence status officially back to ‘green.’ (Editor’s note Green = ~ 560–520 nm ~ 540–580 THz). Apologizing for the public disruption caused by the false alarm, Commodore Raoul Oterboro was quick to spin the situation positively. “Our alert was sent after we received credible holo footage of numerous individuals on the Starfleet Academy campus seemingly changing shape, size and appearance at will. By the time we realized the Academy’s Halloween Gala had been reschedu
  2. ANDORIA — A large avalanche in the northern reaches of the Andorian Highlands has trapped a team of four scientists, all now missing in the snowdrift. Search and Rescue party launches. The team, led by Dr. Talak of the Andoria Imperial Academy, a renown geophysicist, was surprised by an immense avalanche that at its peak brought forth winds of little over 110 km/h. The four men, of which two Andorians, a Tellarite, and a Human remain buried beneath the sizeable amount of snow that came from the avalanche. Investigation is ongoing, with the aid of a Starfleet search team. The captain of the
  3. DAVLOS — Members of the Orion Syndicate attacked Starfleet Science vessel USS Zeeman, an Intrepid-class explorer, in one of a series of attacks throughout Federation space. Bearing toward a research mission into the Orion Nebula, they ambushed the ship on approach near Davlos. According to eyewitnesses from the Zeeman, a squadron of four attack ships coordinated a flanked assault and opened fire upon contact. Consistent with other accounts, Chief Engineer Agarton explained that the warp nacelles had suffered extensive damage from the encounter with the Orions. Under siege from boarders, who
  4. DEEP SPACE — The experimental prototype Starfleet starship USS Juneau was crippled by an internal attack carried out by what reports are saying may have been an Orion Syndicate agent during a recent test run of its signature Warp XV engine. It is unclear at this time just how this lone agent found their way aboard the ship, or whether they survived their infiltration, and Starfleet top brass remains tight-lipped over the details. Initial reports state the saboteur managed to alter the plasma flow in order to throw the classified warp XV drive into an overdrive tailspin which continuall
  5. VERSAILLES, EARTH — A couture maven was killed and several others injured in an apparent terrorist bombing shortly after a fashion show outside of Paris. Choupette Marchionne, the head of the eponymous French fashion house Marchionne, was killed by an explosion just minutes after debuting her autumn/winter collection on the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles. Details are scarce at this point, but sources close to the investigation say that the bombing may have been a product of the Maquis Reborn, a terrorist group led by Nikael Kalre, a notorious Betazoid beset on dismantling the Federatio
  6. TELLAR — The Tellarite homeworld was disrupted yesterday by a second quake within the span of a week, with reported casualties exceeding fifty, and fears of a tsunami escalated sharply overnight. Originating from the continent of Niba between the two vast oceans of Covila and Voshev, the earthquake caused confusion and destruction in the collection of small cities spread over the coastline. The recorded aftershock at a magnitude of 6.4 has worried Tellarite engineering experts of potential harm to their terraforming control technology. “We are experiencing geological seismic activity at a ra
  7. JUPITER STATION — During a hostage situation in the central port transport station, a bomb detonated, killing three people and injuring five. Starfleet Security rushed the station where an Orion male held several hostages under threat of explosion. One Trill female suffered severe head injuries, however, it is unclear if the injuries were sustained by the suspect or during the altercation with the authorities. The suspected bomber carried a homemade explosive device smuggled through the docking port customs gate and into the main plaza of the central transport station. Reportedly, the device
  8. MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Starfleet forces have engaged a massive Tholian fleet headed for the space station Astrofori One. After the withdrawal of Romulan and Breen forces from Astrofori One, Starfleet and the Kubarey have been left to keep the project operational, with Starfleet providing much of the remaining defensive support for the station. During their patrol, the USS Minerva and USS Stalwart reported that they were engaged in fierce combat with 322 Tholian vessels on an intercept course for Astrofori One. The crew of the Minerva forwarded a message from the Tholians: “Federatio
  9. RATOR III — The Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire declared it was withdrawing all Romulan support immediately from the joint operations of the interstellar station Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor. As tensions continue to rise between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire in the fallout of the Romulans’ failed invasion of Duronis II, the Romulans retaliated against sanctions imposed by the Federation Council last week by announcing their sudden withdrawal from Astrofori One. “The Romulan people are very demanding of where our resources are spent,” said Senator Mavo
  10. PARIS, EARTH — The Federation Council voted today to impose sanctions against the Romulan Star Empire for its invasion attempt of Duronis II earlier this year. “The Federation Council condemns the Romulan Star Empire’s blatant violation of Laudean sovereignty,” said Councillor Mara Kell, Senior Councilor from Betazed. “Such Romulan aggression that threatens the stability of the quadrant will not be tolerated.” Though not a Federation member, the Laudean homeworld has enjoyed cordial relations with the Federation in recent years due in much part to the presence of the Federation embas
  11. THE SHOALS — After weeks of no contact, Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim has been declared missing in action as search parties find no trace of the Starfleet ranger or his runabout. The Starfleet Rangers are the individual supporters of colonies – Starfleet’s answer to calls for more presence in the areas of up and coming settlements when resources are scarce. Those with the best qualities Starfleet has to offer leave the collective safety of a crewed starship or deep space installation and venture out solo to assist civilians in their quest to explore strange new worlds and call them home.
  12. BAJOR – The Red Star, the flagship quantum slipstream starliner of Red Carrier, has disappeared during a routine transport to Risa. Mounting fears greeted friends and family of travelers on board the Red Star this morning as the vessel was declared officially missing. A search and rescue mission has now been implemented to cover the distance traveled by the vessel from its point of origin on Bajor to its last known location heading in the direction of Risa. The operation, set in motion from the Mars headquarters of Red Carrier by chairman Seeshu Rebal, will traverse the distance via conve
  13. EARTH — Bajorans and other Federation citizens staged a protest today in Paris, rallying against a Federation ruling to try a Cardassian war criminal off Bajoran soil. The protest, which began early in the morning, was designed to bring attention to what many see as a blatant act of injustice committed by the Federation Attorney General. When the war criminal Breloc Tejar was captured last year, Bajor immediately sought to hold the trial. Tejar had been identified as a particularly heinous overseer during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, alleged to have committed multiple war crimes. B
  14. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH – Starfleet officials declared a major blow dealt against Sicarius with the arrest of government officials and Starfleet officers alleged to have been working for the terrorist organization. In a stunning announcement, Starfleet Intelligence, working with Starfleet Command and Security in a sanctioned fleet-wide operation, has concluded an eleven month long sting operation that stretched from Starfleet and Federation Headquarters on Earth to stations, ships, and planets across Federation space. Starfleet Intelligence operatives had apparently penetrated the lower
  15. GAMMA CYGNUS V - The governor’s office today confirmed reports that a body found mutilated inside a cargo container is that of a Bajoran customs official. View the full article
  16. Starfleet officer killed during prison breakout Stardate 239211.23 ELBA II, SECTOR 98 — A Starfleet security officer was killed by a dangerous prisoner who escaped confinement from a maximum security facility. Lieutenant Joseph Rostenkowski, 24, was stabbed seven times in the heart by Chennel, a Bolian woman arrested earlier this year by the crew of the USS Columbia in the Skalur Expanse on piracy and kidnapping charges. He was pronounced dead at the scene by medical officers. “Joseph Rostenkowski was an outstanding young man who had a very promising career ahead of him”, said Governor Ma
  17. War criminal General Krax resurfaces near Klingon-Federation space By Alexis Crothers Stardate 239207.13 GARRIDON SYSTEM – Defunct Klingon General Krax has appeared just inside Federation space while the USS Gemini was completing a rescue mission The USS Gemini on a rescue mission on the border solar system of Garridon V just before Klingon space was contacted by an unidentified Vor'Cha Class Battlecruiser baring a different ID signature, warning them Klingon Warbirds were inside the system. Before they could confirm the identity of the contact, the Vor'Cha Battlecruiser, pinged as the Demon
  18. Revolutionaries capture fourth largest Inoxan city By Reza Kardgar Stardate 239205.09 INOX SYSTEM — Mashana, the fourth largest city on Inox, has fallen to anti-government forces, and Inoxan Chancellor Koaw Tassin has declared a state of emergency. After weeks of demonstrations and unrest following the acquittal of a high-ranking government official accused of corruption, protesters have begun a violent—and effective—campaign for revolution against the Inoxan government. READ PREVIOUS STORY: "Unrest continues on Inox as citizens demand reform" - SD 239203.03 Having captured large swaths
  19. Shake-up in FNS leadership as editor-in-chief steps down By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239204.05 Following weeks of protest and backlash from the publication of Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre's open letter, FNS editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar has stepped down. PARIS, EARTH — After weeks of protests, letter campaigns, and vilification in the media, Reza Kardgar, the editor-in-chief of the Federation News Service, announced today that he is stepping down. The change in leadership follows Kardgar's controversial decision to publish a letter by Maquis Reborn leader and terrorist Nikael Kalre
  20. Protests continue outside FNS offices By Tellaria D'Sol Stardate 239203.12 The Federation News Service and its editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar have received strong backlash for the publication of an open letter by Maquis Reborn leader Nikael Kalre on the anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera, Betazed. PARIS, EARTH — Protests outside the Paris offices of the Federation News Service continued today, as protestors continue to demand the resignation of editor-in-chief Reza Kardgar and a formal apology from the news organization following their publication of Nikael Kalre’s open letter to the Fe
  21. Outbreak of Anchilles fever spreads as vaccine supplies run outStardate 239202.12 SELOS SYSTEM — The death toll from an outbreak of the highly contagious Anchilles fever on Selos III has reached 800,000 with health officials warning that the figure could top one million within a matter of weeks. Anchilles fever is an often fatal illness that attacks both the respiratory and nervous system. There is no specific cure, and treatment is mainly supportive. It affects all age ranges but is particularly deadly among children and the elderly. Though a vaccine has been developed against the infect
  22. Ion storm cripples StarBase 118 Stardate 239201.23 TRINITY SECTOR — An ion storm has wreaked havoc withStarBase 118’s systems and sent a civilian freighter crashing into the starbase’s strategic ops tower. Disaster struck less than a day after Cmdr. Leo Handley-Page took command of StarBase 118 Ops with his brand new crew of intrepid officers. An ion storm hit the starbase, crippling sensors and transporters throughout Ops. The issue would have been routine, but the ion storm caused a cascade failure in the SS Cerberas, an approaching civilian freighter. The Cerberas lost control, crashing
  23. Starfleet mobilizes response to "the greatest threat to the quadrant since the Dominion War"Stardate 239201.22 PIKTAR SYSTEM — Following the discovery of massive rifts in subspace, Starfleet is mobilizing an immediate and large-scale response as countless Federation citizens’ lives are in danger. Ships from across the fleet will be joining in the response to find a way to stop the rifts and protect those in the path of destruction. In a press conference from Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco, Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf described the situation as the “greatest threat to the quadrant sin
  24. Terrorists attack Deep Space 10 Stardate 239111.03 MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Terrorists calling themselves the Maquis Reborn have launched an attack on Deep Space 10, demanding the release of all remaining Maquis prisoners from Federation penitentiaries. In a chilling message to the station's residents and the Federation, Maquis leader Nikael Kalre announced the apparent revival of the terrorist organization, although what formal connection to the original Maquis of the 2370s—if any—is unknown at this time. With a sinister smile, Kalre seemed to be enjoying his taunting of the joint Starfleet an
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