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  1. ((Sickbay)) ::Jen sank heavily into the chair behind her desk. She cracked then flexed her knuckles to ease the stiffness out of them from holding the delicate instruments that she had been using to repair some of the damage done to Davies eyes.:: ::She sighed, and using her arms as a pillow, rested her head atop her desk:: ::As Zonhar finally made his way to sickbay, carrying the small box of goodies he had brought specifically to help cheer up the good doctor, he couldn’t help but be more than a little worried about her and how she was holding up. Though he had only made her acquaintance th
  2. ((Malcolm farm, Iowa, Earth)) ::Nighttime settled on the farm. Children were tucked into bed; dinner guests returned to their homes, dishes were washed and put away. The house was quiet, but instead of the satisfied quiet of a calm evening, the air was tense with an unspoken unease that had settled on the house during dinner and had yet to dissipate:: ::Justin Malcolm stood at the kitchen sink, rinsing apples and plunking them down on a towel to dry. As the screen door closed, his shoulders, broad and muscular from years of outdoor labor, tensed, but he did not turn to see who had entered.
  3. Hello Everyone! Round 20 was the LAST SUBMISSION PERIOD of the year! Here's some information about how the end of year stuff is going to work. Run Off Round 1 Voting Thurs 11-10 Through Wed 11-30 Run Off Round 2 Voting Thurs 11-10 Through Wed 11-30 Run Off Round 3 Voting Thurs 11-10 Through Wed 11-30 FINAL ROUND Voting Thurs 12-1 Through Sat 12-31 What about submissions through the end of the year? Submissions may be submitted through the end of the year, but they will not be voted on until the first two weeks of next year. The sims will remain in the Tops Sims Forum until January 1. We'll cul
  4. (( Outside the Ventral Battlebridge, USS Independence-A )) m-Velana: I've already killed you once; it didn't take. Mapak: oO Well, better luck next time! Oo :: Alleran shrugged the stunned Trill off his shoulder. The stunned woman landed in a heap at Velana's feet. :: Mapak: I don't care, as long as I get THAT Trill. You can kill the other me if you want... and I'm just saying, let's rush through there. Murder everyone. m-Velana: That is perhaps the most illogical plan your parasitic brain has ever... :: She stopped, seeing something. Mapak was on such a high he didn't care.:: Mapak: If you ki
  5. ((Vulcan ship Vahklas, 2376)) ::It wasn't unusual for Velana to be called to the medical bay. In the past few years, she had become her father's primary assistant as he tried to teach her everything she would need to know to follow in his footsteps as the ship's physician.:: ::But it had been her mother, T'Lan, who had made the request and that peaked Velana's curiosity.:: oO Is Mother ill? If so, why wouldn't she want Father to know? Oo ::As she made her way through the worn corridors, she was careful to avoid engineering where Sotek was most likely to be in the middle of the work day.:: ::In
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