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  1. ((Tro'Arn Farm, Arnmere, Trill)) ::It was spring in Arnmere, and Norva Rennyn had a lot on her mind.:: ::Her oldest son, Norvil, was the proud father of his third child, a bouncing baby boy of such typically large Rennyn size that he had put out his father's back, leaving them all short a hand for the season. She remembered very well that famous Rennyn baby mass. She'd had nine of them herself, only three of them under ten pounds at birth, and two of those were the twins. Then there were the nine grandkids, now ranging from twelve years d
  2. (( Starbase 11 - Banquet Hall )) :: It was a cloudy night. The light from the gas giant they orbited caused the clouds to glow, offering an almost supernatural illumination to the Starbase streets and thoroughfares. Essen stashed her duffel bag in a handy flower bed before approaching the banquet hall. The big double doors were open, bright light and noise cutting through the otherwise alien evening. She distractedly ran a grey hand through her black hair before stepping through the doors into the room beyond. Crew members from across the Conny were mixed with an eclectic assor
  3. ((Ballroom, Duronis Embassy)) ::Tyr had destroyed his first plate of food and was well into the second one, realizing he hadn’t eaten anything since the bachelor party and unable to remember what (other than booze) that he had consumed then. He looked up to notice a line had formed near their table, politely wiped his mouth and pushed his plate aside, drawing a little closer to Toni. He was thrilled that so many had made it to the wedding, and were now paying their respects to him and his wife.:: o O Wife. That sounds so foreign. Going to have to get used to that. O o ::The firs
  4. ((Sky Blake’s Quarters, USS Veritas)) ::Getting into contact with Veritas had been easy when the news spread like wildfire. Rosa Carrero had been killed in an altercation involving an unknown group in the governor’s “luxury” apartment. Not only had this happened when the Veritas was away - meaning Carrero probably would have found it pointless to even try to call for help - but the assailants had completely disappeared from colonial security.:: ::So understandably, the First Officer of the Veritas had been less than happy about the entire thing. The crew’s morale had dropped consider
  5. (( The Shadows. Seheik Settlement Starport. )) :: A hot wind from the west blew over the plains on the outskirts of the settlement, causing the tall, brown grass to wave over the horizon. A century ago, a Vulcan poet had dubbed the eastern grasslands the Amber Sea. And, standing from a third-story landing platform, Evan found himself making the same comparison while he collected his thoughts. The vista was a valuable reminder of how beautiful this place could be. :: :: With that thought in mind, he turned back towards the bodies and debris. The stench of burned electron
  6. ((Undisclosed Location)) :: Rune felt the bile rise and she swallowed hard. Denari had told her to wrap her head around who Kieran and Tra'Li Ramni’s murderer was. But she couldn’t. Jendar Tellinn was her Haemachuo sibling, her sister. They had grown up together. They had been closer than any blood relative Rune had. At least they were until they were separated following Rune’s “Attitude Readjustment” and forbidden to have contact with one another. But… :: :: The evidence was irrefutable. There were security logs, video feeds and photographs clearly showing Jendar follo
  7. ((Earth, LlamaSong Farms)) Moonsong: Most of these horses are ours, but we stable a few for neighbors. ::She glanced at Rune.:: Did you want to ride or just walk around? :: Rune looked around and drew in a deep breath. While she couldn’t really smell the air, it felt cool and refreshing. After the last couple weeks, it was exactly what she needed. :: Jolara: They are beautiful creatures. Peaceful… ::smiling:: They don’t mind us riding them? Moonsong: Not at all. It is what they were trained for. And these are used to telepathic touch. Their minds
  8. ((USS Conny - Akoni’s quarters)) ::After leaving Commander Sinda to her own devices (she’d have to check up on that later if she was still alive), she decided that some peace and quiet would be a nice way to end the evening before the early day tomorrow. She entered her quarters and tossed her PADD to the side to stroll over to her closet. Uniform, uniform, uniform, uniform… Uniform pajamas…. She realized sadly that she truly was lacking in any variety at all. There wasn’t much point in having civilian clothes when everyday was a work day. Even on R&R she would wander around the
  9. ((USS Conny - Gard Quarters)) ::To say the last few days have been easy, would be the equivalent of saying the Titanic wasn’t such a big deal. Family visits were reasonable under the best of circumstances. But there was never best times. Jack had managed before though, and continued to do so with all the grace and stride he could muster…. It wasn’t easy. Heng, his father in-law, from his first marriage would always find that one thing to say to sour the mood. Whether it was at breakfast or dinner. The old man’s only saving grace was that he was mindful enough to say it to Jack o
  10. ::From her perch on top of the world, Iris could see everything. Her entire Queendom sat below, and it was good. Everything belonged to her, from the cold ground to the raised soft-floors. Mother was down there, playing with her prey. The small creature squeaked as it pelt rapidly flashed and changed colour. Mother didn’t seem to be eating it though, just playing. She liked to do that, it was odd really, but Iris didn’t question it. Mother must have lost her appetite when she’d lost her wings. It was sad really, but it was okay. Iris was here now, she could rule these lands and look after moth
  11. ((Sickbay - USS Za)) ::After what seemed like an eternity after being awakened, the three survivors from the Morning Star finally had a moment alone together. From the time they had been reanimated from the stasis pods, to the evacuation to the Za, to the pokes and prods and scans and ministrations of the medical staff, the three had been under the supervision of someone or another constantly. Now, finally, they had a chance to speak in private.:: ::Miazra Peeex looked around to ensure that they were well and truly alone, before the scared and confused look that had graced her face s
  12. Polling closes at 11:59pm Pacific on Sunday, November 27th. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership (that's you!) chooses which sim, from Set 4 of 2016 (Rounds 21-26), should proceed to the final round of the contest for a chance to be selected as the Top Sim of 2016! These sims below were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) from the sims submitted in Rounds 21-26 of the contest. TO START, please read these sims: Round 21: Councillor Dempok, "Ashes and Bone" Round 22: LtCmdrs T'Lea & Rune Jolara, "Defying a Direct Order" Round 23: L
  13. ((Hololab, Deck 10, USS Darwin-A)) ::For quite some time he had been there, isolated at the fortress of solitude, speechless, incommunicable, forced by himself to deal with the consequences of his actions. He deliberately avoided all senior officers for quite some time and accepted all the assignments that could keep him busy all day long without having to interact with them. He needed time to mentally and emotionally purge his sins.:: ::The official excuse for his enraged behavior during the last mission was some kind of radiation within the Nebula that tampered with his e
  14. (( Oddas's Quarters, Embassy, Duronis II )) ((Dream - 3.5-years-ago, Control Center, Planet Kjenta II)) PAVLOVA: Its true then? It really has been over two centuries. TRENG: So again I give you the choice. Drop your weapons, sit down and we can talk things out like grown-ups, or you will never leave this high-gravity paradise of a planet. STAVINS: Don't be so sure... ::Irina just looked back and further between Captain Waltas and Dr. Treng. The long-haired captain really was from the future, or rather she and her shipmates were from the very distant past. What had t
  15. ((StarBase 11 - Promenade)) ::The chaos in the promenade was common and yet not. As new faces looked around in awe and excitement and old ones just tried to get through. So many couples, individuals, and varying sized groups stood haphazardly in the way of normal flow as the Galaxy Class ship docked with the Starbase. And right in the middle of the masses was pure chaos yet utter control. Were kids on leashes, but only mentally as they burst at the seams. An older man with a long, straggling mostly white beard had his arm wrapped around a thin faced and sagging skinned, coconut
  16. (( Starbase 11 )) ::Walking onto the dock of Starbase 11 was somewhat surreal. It was only a few weeks past that the last time she came off ship, it was due to being involved in the finding of the Yarhala and the controversy storm that followed. She had tried to avoid people as much as possible as while her involvement was minor at best, she had a feeling reporters eager for a new side of the story would try any lede possible. This time however, among all the families visiting, she felt she could easily blend in, and be invisible for the time being. It was a feeling she wanted to reveal in,
  17. ((SS Yze))oO Who names a ship "ship"? Oo::"Yze", in Brekkian Seritonan, quite literally meant "ship". So when she'd boarded the vessel on it's way to the fifth colony, she was a bit skeptical of it's captain's competence.::"It's time for you to take a leave of absence," her own captain had said. "Go home and see your family", she'd said. It'd taken a quiet argument with Zhou and co. literally pushing her aboard to get her on a transport to the Delos system.::It would be a quick trip, much more so than she was used to. Two days, if that. And then she would be in Seritona.::::Sky Blake had plans
  18. (( Flashback. Stardate 239212.31. New Year’s Eve. )) (( The Lighthouse Lounge. Starbase 74. )) :: The Lighthouse Lounge had a reputation as being difficult to get into. That was doubly true tonight. This close the the Sol system, New Year’s Eve was a popular holiday, and many of the Starbase’s 200,000 inhabitants were hoping to spend it here. With only a hundred tables, Evan had been forced to call in a lot of favors to make it happen. :: :: And though this was Evan’s first time in the Lighthouse, it quickly became obvious why it was so popular. The lower tier of t
  19. ((Starbase 118, commercial sector)) ::She was finally on an adventure, her second day in Starfleet and already an adventure. Just like she’d always imagined it would be. Nothing could stop her now, nothing but a certain pink hued targ. As she made her way through the ordered streets of Starbase 118, she idly considered if she’d get a medal for her efforts. At the very least a commendation. As images of a giant awards ceremony flashed through her mind, the excitable nurse rounded a corner slightly too quickly and she upended herself. The tricorder flew out of her hand and Hattie fou
  20. ((Arboretum, Deck 9, USS Za)) :: With his belly filled by all the oriental snacks Alex lied down like a well fed Roman of the ancient times. As he laid on his side he looked at Femi again. She seemed happy. Alex assumed she was probably looking for new friends out here too. He wanted to know more about her and thought of several ways to bring up “home” but he didn't want to get to young woman homesick. Even though she signed up for this assignment leaving home, and earth on top of that, it was a big step for someone her age:: ::Femi sighed happily. She was glad that they choose to me
  21. ((Duronis II, Embassy Beach)) Vetri: C’mon, give her here. :: T’Lea did so, but Della, totally on purpose, fumbled the catch completely and T’Sara ended up dropping butt-first into the water.:: Vetri: Oops. :: The Romu-vulc erupted in a short laugh, and T’Sara continued to giggle.:: T’Lea: That right there just won you the evil award tonight. Vetri: No comment. ::turning to Garth with a moderately evil grin:: Of course, there’s *this* giggling little critter as well... :: T’Lea, apparently, was going to take this one, and
  22. ((OOC- Slight backsim – after Rue gets off duty from the bridge after the mission, but before doing girls things and seeing Wyn/Hael)) ::Rue got back to her quarters, grateful for the relief arriving when they did. She had an early morning apparently. She still inwardly was debating about the “girls night” but Snezhana seemed nice and exubriant and Akoni seemed like good company. She knew she also needed to build partnerships with her crew mates..and socialization was one way of doing that. She stripped of her jumpsuit and threw it in a hamper for cleaning, and switched out for a t
  23. ((OOC: The location of this one was intentionally withheld to keep the mystery for the crew)) Dalor: oO My father served in the great Telaxian war. He was a soldier, one of the few survivors of the battle of Stinnett IV. He was not like me. Me? No, I am not a brave man, not like he was, not by any stretch of the imagination. When he passed several years ago rather than joining the military I came to the mines to find work. There wasn't much else for someone like me. But in the dark times like these, when things were really bad, I can still remember something my father used to tell me.
  24. (( Government Offices, Yarista, Palanon, Tyrellian System )) :: The monitor flashed in the darkened office, illuminating the immaculate and bare desk space around it. The silhouetted figure stood beside the window turned imperceptibly, enough to see the message, read the contents with disaffection, and turn back to the casement. Between dark eyes and glacial white hair a deep frown carved into her features. :: Worry had long since disappeared from her body, leaving behind an anger that was almost tangible. Her fist clenched on the arm that crossed her chest, her teeth removing sliver
  25. Welcome to Top Sims Contest of 2016! All announcements for the entire 2016 contest will be posted in this thread. The Top Sims contest allows members of our fleet to be recognized by their peers for superior writing ability. Unlike the Writing Challenges, this contest allows only sims that have been used in a current plot to be considered. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES You can submit ANY sim -- from your ship, or another ship. You can submit your own sims if you wish. All sims are welcome, including staff (Captain, First Officer, etc.) sims. The sim must be written with g
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