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  1. Guest

    Round 6 LtCmdr Solok - Active Duty

    ((Main Operations, USS Drake)) ::The first place Solok had had to go was the brig. Apparently, his feats of transporter excellence earlier had not been as wholly excellent as they had first seemed. From the reports, the brig visual recording, the internal sensor record, and the large stain on the wall, Solok was able fairly quickly to assess the nature of the damage done by the transporter accident.:: ::The greater difficulty had appeared in determining whether the accident was the result of null space physics, chance, something the Udukiin had done to interfere with the Drake's transporter --
  2. ((USS Mercury, Deck 25: Holodeck 3)) ::Shore leave had proved to be quite relaxing. Besides his after action report he hadn't done any work whatsoever but for Arden there was only one other indulgence that he craved before the Mercury's next adventure. Taking a trip down to Holodeck three and praying not to be interrupted this time Arden started another one of his rock climbing simulations.:: ::As the holodeck doors opened Arden found himself standing five meters from the rock wall he would be climbing. All around him was a lush tropical jungle, the sun was shining with a light breeze. All in
  3. To catch us up, voting is for Rounds 2 - 4. One sim from each vote is qualified to move forward to the next round of judging. Voting closes at Midnight on 1 April 2012. This round of voting only qualifies one sim to move on to the next round of judging. REMEMBER: This is NOT a popularity contest. Vote based on MERIT, not the fact that someone is your crewmate. Any crews found "stuffing the ballots" or ratings, will be disqualified PERMANENTLY. Yes, that means the whole crew! Good luck one and all, Roo
  4. ((Jefferies Tube - Somewhere Between Decks 502 and 503)) ::It was odd, Janick found. Almost every time he'd been assigned a boring, monotonous task such as this previously in his career, he'd considered it a punishment for some wrong-doing he couldn't remember perpetrating. It seemed to him that he'd paid what dues were owed to Starfleet many times over, and in this - the thirty-eighth year of his existence - he deserved better. After the chaos and pandemonium of the last few days, however, it was the menial tasks he craved. Especially the ones stuck down Jefferies tubes, away from supposedly
  5. (( Shuttlebay, USS Drake )) ::As the Drake sailed through the thalassic null space, mounting simultaneous rescue and demo operations, a shuttlecraft carrying the half-blind, barely conscious Didrik Stennes was tractored into the bay. Upon landing, a medical team boarded the craft and found the ensign strapped into the pilot's seat, head slumped onto his chest. Though his body was battered, bruised, and quite frankly, not getting any better, his mind was still functioning, and was grasping at ways to protect itself from the onslaught of stimuli his body was sending its way.:: (( Flashback/Dream
  6. ((Mountain Top – Signal Booster)) :: He entered the clearing and stopped looking around until his eyes settled on the all too familiar face. A look of contempt crossed his face.:: Mancuso: Umas. :: That voice. That irritating voice. Umas knew it well. Mancuso, the traitor. Mancuso, the spineless, wretched worm that had double-crossed him. This day would truly be filled with multiple victories. It was exciting.:: Umas: Hello, Jackie. Quite a trip. Still climbing mountains, I see. Still trying to earn the Captain’s trust. Mancuso: And you’re still stealing your best ideas from everyone else. ::
  7. (( Deck 8,Parkers' Office )) :: Even during shore leave, there were always things to do...it seems the paperwork never stops and you never catch up to it. After a two hour workout and a quick shower, Hannibal was now tackling the assortment of PADDS on his desk...Breen and Tholian intelligence reports, ships' supply status, fuel consumption reports...all awaiting his signature and approval. He decided to take care of ships' business first, then get to the intelligence reports. When his door chime rang, he was surprised...he had not seen Maya in two days, and he hoped it was her. With great ea
  8. ((Zell’s Quarters - Deck 6)) Zell: Just a moment! :: Another deep breath and a gaze out of the window later, he walked over and pushed the button to allow entry. The doors slid open… :: ::To reveal the only Brekkian Betazoid hybrid on the ship. She was wearing her gold tank-top and her black slacks and boots, her arms were crossed, and she was practically glaring at the Trill. But she smiled that angelic smile that told you “You’re in trouble”.:: Blake: Well Mister “I’m going to suddenly disappear off the face of the universe and then return without so much as saying “Hi” to his girlfriend”, y
  9. ((Menthar Anchorage, A Seedy No Name Bar)) Harrigan: And what brings you to the Menthar Anchorage, Tobias Walker? Walker: Oh, just taking in the sights... ::If 'the sights' meant the bottom of his glass then he was certainly speaking the truth. Karen was looking for some of those sights herself.:: Harrigan: Did you see Starfleet are aboard? I get the feeling they're here to ruin our day... Walker: Yeah, I saw them come aboard, not one much for worrying about them, though. ::It was out of the corner of her eye that Karen saw movement on the floor. With a suspicious expression, she tried to get
  10. ((Dense Jungle, 3 kilometres from the Laurel Celestia, Saksenna Impact +12 minutes, Unnamed Planet)) :: The thick coppery taste of blood filled his mouth again as Oliver dragged himself through the mud on his stomach. As quietly as possible he spit it out and dragged himself further along the game trail and away from the monstrously heavy and laboured breathing behind him. At this point the Laurel Celestia was a dream, and the only real focus he had left was the breathing in the jungle behind him, and his desire to get as far from it as possible. The deep rhythmic breathing that sounded
  11. A few people have made suggestions in the shoutbox. Please re-post them here. We can consider them together.
  12. FltAdml. Wolf

    Round 1 Round 1 Voting

    Voting closes Sunday, February 20, 2012 at 23:59 PM. Choose one winner in each group. The winners will proceed to the first run-off round. REMEMBER: This is NOT a popularity contest. Vote based on MERIT, not the fact that someone is your crewmate. Any crews found "stuffing the ballots" or ratings, will be disqualified PERMANENTLY - yes, that means the whole crew.
  13. ((DS17 - Engineering)) Wilde: We need to move. We've just broken lockdown, and I don't have a holographic Luna. We need to get to Mitchell's office and switch the programs before he or his aide realise. Walker: Ok, so if that's all, we should be back in plenty of time. Thankfully I don't think anyone's looking for me. Did you guys do something to prevent the sensors from detecting a transport? Reed: A transporter tracker code. It's designed to pull a transporter beam to a location without leaving a trace in the transporter logs or the pattern buffers. Wilde: Ingenious, isn't it. Walker: And
  14. ((Deck 4, USS Victory)) :: The walk from the turbolift to his quarters on the Victory was arguably the longest walk Liam had ever taken. There was so much that he wanted to tell her, and so much more that she deserved to know that he couldn't tell her. He wished that he could tell her everything, but he simply didn't know how.:: :: His mind wandered, filling with moments they had spent together. He remembered how they had walked together on the beach at Lake Armstrong with friends, most of whom had moved on to other places, their lives changed by forces much greater than themselves. He stood t
  15. ((Chief Medical Officer's Office - Deck 500)) ::Life, Eliaan Deron had learned the hard way, had a habit of going in a direction you could never have dreamt. When he thought back to his first day at Starfleet Academy, he had never imagined that this was what fate had in store for him. He would never have expected to fall in love with a Napean doctor on a mercy mission only to have him die; he would not have thought he'd end up serving under his friend Kali Nicholotti who he had trained with; he never expected to fall in love with Kaedyn Tann; never expected to leave Starfleet after the death o
  16. Submitter's note: Sim by Evanna Blackwood and Jen Malcolm. Additionally, :'( :'( :'( ((Part 2)) ((New Triage tent)) Peiy: Davies! ::It was a terrified shriek:: Do something! ::Her shriek jolted him out of his stunned paralysis. He lunged for a supply crate, reaching in and grabbing the first thing his fingers wrapped around, which happened to be a layrngoscope. It wouldn’t do much against the knife, but it was better than being empty handed:: ::The native’s eyes darted between the two mites. It was quickly apparent that the blue one wouldn’t cause him any trouble. The noise coming from it wa
  17. Submitter's note: The mites refer to the crew of the USS Avandar, stranded on the planet with some restless natives. Additionally, this sim was written by Evanna Blackwood. ((Near the Mites expanding swarming grounds)) ::Idue was now heavily pregnant. She had suspected it before and had been unsure about whether to return to her people or not. She had been disgusted with them for showing such kindness to these evil mites. After they had killed some of their own with the red light and somehow put the others to sleep. It was some strange sorcery. The beast that had carried them here lay dead sin
  18. (( Graveyard near the USS Avandar )) :: It was dusk now, the twilight spilling over the graveyard and bathing it in the sun's last vestigial yellow rays. The jungle warmth washed over the gathered crowd, which to Tan's mind was a good omen. On Byroni, where he was born, they say that to bury the dead during the cold would send them to the Trill equivalent of Hell. Instead, the honoured dead were to be buried during the heat of the day so that their bodies would be warm at night and they would find comfort and solace in the Earth's loving grip. :: Tan: We are gathered here today to pay tribute
  19. ((USS Tiger-A - Bridge)) ::As Tracey sat at her post at Ops, with the red alert lights flashing all around her, creating an eerie glow upon the armor she still wore, she thought of the situation and realized the necessity of some of the tests she was placed under in this universe's rendition of the Academy. Being holed up at StarFleet medical for almost a year, undergoing psychological analysis by Doctor Samuel Huff, Tracey spent most of her free time studying manuals and performing tests. Some were to assess her skills as a StarFleet officer, and some were to assess if she could actually be a
  20. Ensign Jack Mancuso Engineer USS Avandar (( Somewhere aboard the wreckage of the Avandar)) ::He sat in the darkness of the ruined bridge, alone and quiet, sitting very still in the Captains chair. His eyes didn't open, or move. His hands twitched slightly. The only sound the slow heaving of his breath. To any ho had observed the scene, they would probably believe he had sat down and fallen asleep.:: Jack: How long are you going to sit there and ignore me? Mancuso: As long as it takes. ::He opened his eyes and looked at...himself. The uniform still flawless. The bright shining Ensign.:: You are
  21. (( Jaxx & Tressa's Suite, Echivar Island Resort )) :: Warmth. There was so much warm and comfort. It was normal of course... but why? Tressa did not recognize the place she was... she was just there. I was strange how this fact did not incite fear. She was not afraid of the unknown location, or the unusual aura the area seemed to radiate. It was strangely comforting; like she was always in this place. There was a warm security that radiated from every... wall? :: :: Wall? No... there were no walls. It was like a blanket... loosely draped around her, but it was large... there was so m
  22. (( OOC2: For those of you who can't read sims in full colour (esp. T'Lea), or for those of you who can't read this sim due to heavy formatting or weird HTML errors, I've prepared an image version of the sim here: http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/1707/teattheblueones.png )) (( Jungle )) :: Tan and Vaala worked together, moving from bush to bush, gathering large buckets of the yellow berries. The crew couldn't live off them alone, of course, but everyone was doing their part and the berries would be a welcome variation from their usual fare. :: :: They had been working for almost an hour when Al
  23. ((Camp Avandar)) ::DeBarres really wanted to see Beornan after the attack of the natives and knew that he would probably be shipping out soon after the capture of Commander T’Lea. :: ::DeBarres walked out near to the perimeter and looked around. She knew that he should be back soon or at least that was the plan. The sun was starting to set, making the sky a funky blue. There was a pair of marines walking the tree line and she decided to hang back a bit from their position.:: :: DeBarres was wearing her best clothes, ones that were rescued from Avandar, and she’d spent some time making herself
  24. ((Campsite, Planet side)) ::Eerie moved through the dark camp, the moving had been done for the day, and he was going to get some sleep before the next shift started early in the morning. He moved away from the odd crew member, keeping his distance. He saw someone on an intercept course but he could not tell who it was in the dim light :: :: Blackwood left the meeting once they started passing round the booze. She wasn’t interested in it, she wasn’t really interested in anyone’s company but she did see someone she needed to talk to. She had a message to pass on, once she’d done that she’d find
  25. ((OOC: A little music to set the scene - ))((This sim takes place two nights prior to the campfire scene)) ((Hidden clearing overlooking Camp Avandar)) ::There were only two places on this world that S’Acul could find refuge. The first was his shack. The second was this clearing that he had found one night while exploring the jungle.:: ::True, he wasn’t supposed to be out at night, away from the camp, without someone with him - but he was beginning to find that the rules they had established in their short time here were easily bendable when they needed to be.:: ::There was only one person h
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