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  1. (( Embassy Grounds )) :: Tal E'leck was used to watching, but that did not mean he liked it. He was a soldier, and his duty was to protect what was left of the Romulan Star Empire. Part of that duty was to perform surveillance covertly of the Federation and Starfleet forces currently rebuilding their shattered embassy and restoring their grounds. He hated them..their abundance, their seeming joy and resoluteness at restoring what the bastard hated Klingons and their lapdogs from the Orion Syndicate and the religious zealots from the Scarlet Brotherhood had done to their homes and grounds. Him
  2. ((Celes II, Ruin of Abandoned Machinery Storage Warehouse)) ::The building was huge. None of its original equipment functioned any longer, and it had a large gash near one side of it that would have left the building open to the atmosphere had not the Clashing organisers sealed it with ferrofoam. The place had all the hallmarks of a temporary shelter - portable furniture and partitions brought in, generators laying about powering lights and replicators and local atmospheric conditioners.:: ::Only ten years previous, this place had been full and busy, an integral part of a nearby dilith
  3. ((Bridge, USS Mercury, moments after Alexanders meeting with Professor Cowens.)) ::Alexander exited the turbolift with ease. He had become used to wheeling himself around, although he missed being able to walk dearly. His reason for being here today was not to 'work' but rather to familiarize himself with the helm controls once again. Although he was the chief of science, it never hurt to keep skills learned fresh. After all, he had unexpectedly found himself at the helm again during the last mission to JB-437.:: ::He rolled down to the helm console and nodded to the rather surprised helmsman
  4. ~Mo~

    Round 11 Ensign Carlton Worick, Memories

    (( USS Drake - Science Lab )) ILWARY: I think we can say with 99% confidence that they are us. ::She gasped and panted few times watching his expression attentively.:: oOHe hates me now.Oo ~I'll go and report to Captain, you can go and report to Commander Brice. Explain her also about the radioactive substance they found out about and tell her I'm going to talk to Captain and ask if we can do the active scan of the planet ourselves to check their findings.~ WORICK: ~...okay~ :: He was already pulling back from contact, afraid not of her but of his own feelings...although Ireya might n
  5. ((USS Thunder-A - Somers Homestead - Earth)) ::After their little adventure in the Sol system the Thunder had returned to earth, the ship was docked at Earth Station McKinley undergoing repairs, so the crew had time off. While Paul went to visit his Mother and Fathers Family and reacquaint himself with them, Alex spent sometime with her parents.:: Samuel Somers: ::giving his daughter a big hug and holding her at arms length as he looked at her:: Well back so soon, not that I am complaining of course, nasty business out at Hegemone, but that is business, how long are you home for and where
  6. ((After the Awards – USS Thunder-A – Sharpe/Somers quarters)) ::Paul returned to the bridge and Alex saying she was still feeling under the weather retired to their quarters, she stripped down to her regulation undergarments and laid on the bed and was asleep immediately.:: ((Dreamscape)) ((Somers family Estate – One Month after the Betazed incident 2421)) ::Once again Alex found herself as an observer watching a funeral, she suddenly realized it was hers, most of her family was there as was Paul and her children, she watched as the funeral being an old fashioned affair, saw the coffin de
  7. ((Holodeck, Starbase 118)) ::Captain Nicholotti commanded the attention of her staff in much the same way she always managed to do it. The magnetism she projected and the respect she commanded captivated the beach-goers.:: Nicholotti: Hello everyone. ::She smiled.:: I do hope that you will all enjoy the good food and good company we've managed to pull together for this little gathering. ::As she spoke, the intricate, “political” situation seemed to unravel itself before Ben’s very eyes. An explanation was provided regarding Lt. Commander Matthews’ presence, and the Captain managed to frame it
  8. (( Laudean Military Command, Lokesh City )) :: Blood. Fire. Pain. Blood soaked ground. Fire burning from disruptor blasts. Pain as the shrapnel tore into his body. In many ways, Bomani was one of the lucky ones. He survived the onslaught at Bondi...however, most of his men did not. His unit was decimated, caught between a Klingon and Orion platoons in a murderous pincer movement which cut them off from the rest of their counterparts. The Battle Of Bondi was more than just a battle to repel invaders...it was a slaughterhouse, and Bomani had never seen such ferocious fighting. As the battle ra
  9. ((Matthew's Bedroom - London, England, Earth )) ::Sat in the dark and gloom of his bedroom, a small boy crossed his legs and pulled the covers over his head. Night Light zipped through the covers, phasing through it effortlessly. It was like firefly; a hologram hovering in mid-air and liked to follow him around the room. Night Light knew the purpose of the deed, such was his intelligence.:: :: Matthew's father had sent him the latest in novel history, the pinnacle of the realms of the imagined and the forefront of the Starfleet mission - the new Federation Man comic!:: ::Carefully, he tu
  10. ((Backstage, King Levin III Grand Opera House, Va'ku)) ::Baale dipped a slender finger into a small ceramic pot containing a reddish paste. The paste was made from the crushed shells of a type of ocean arachnid. She brought her finger up and smudged a little paste on the prominences of her cheeks, rubbing it until it blended beautifully into her blue skin. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, turning her head from side to side, guiding a wayward lock of hair into its rightful place. Her long glossy black hair was fashioned into a towering sculpture, rivulets of which cascaded down onto
  11. ((Ensigns Faranster's Quarters)) :: Greg stood by the door. He was still a little nervous. He hadn't been on the ship an enormous length of time and Sun had been here even less time. Still, he felt he had to say his part. He'd been ordered to rest but hated sitting around. He'd tried to catch up on the latest from the Corps of Engineers but reading was still making his head throb. He'd gone down to the main engineering section only to be chased out by the staff who were under orders not to let him resume duties. In truth, save for Ethan, he didn't have much in the way of good friends. He got
  12. ((OOC: This is Very long, so please read through it as I will want feedback on this one as it is the first time I have done somehting like this. also this is from Somers viewpoint and the Dreamscape is just that. to my knowledge only one other Starfleet Captain knew how or when he was going to die, it is in this context that the Dreamscape death is placed.)) :IC: ((USS Thunder-A – Somers Homestead – Earth)) ::After their little adventure in the Sol system the Thunder had returned to earth, the ship was docked at Earth Station McKinley undergoing repairs, so the crew had time off. While Paul
  13. ((Corridor, USS Apollo)) :: Tal stood tall and straight, his back against the wall as he waited calmly for Sherana. Part of the conversation he had, had with his best friend Lt. Cmdr. Jason Stone replayed in his mind. :: ((Flashback a couple hours, Tal's office)) :: Tal sat at his desk, the image of Jason Stone looking back at him on the monitor. :: Stone: I'm glad to hear it. I was afraid you would just retreat into your work. Tel-ar: Sherana is merely some-one who shares my interests in unusual weapons. Stone: She's female and Orion to boot. Tel-ar: I fail to see why that should make
  14. ((A Short Time Later - On the way to the Lounge)) :: Hands set behind his back, Ashley walked with Tallis down the corridor. :: Yael: It has been some time, hasn't it. ::musing:: What have you been doing this past year? Tallis: Euuuugh.... ::He tried to think of some kind of a cover story and drew a firm and resounding blank.:: Let's just say a lot of upheaval, but I'm glad to be back with Toni and all of you now, where I belong. :: Perhaps there was some sense that Tallis didn't want to talk about it... and seeing as how Ashley had his own secrets to keep, he wasn't going to push the subj
  15. ((Intelligence Office, Deck 5, USS Drake)) :: Oliver flomped into his chair and twirled around once before cracking his knuckles and calling up the three blue screens at his desk. They each came on with a quiet chime and after a moment to get a fresh mug of tea, Oliver started calling up different data feeds to monitor while he tried tapping into their doppelgangers communications network. The first screen monitored their Drakes subspace communications and the range and impact of their active sensor sweeps. The second watched the same outputs from the Alternate Drake, and the third screen
  16. ((Corridor, USS Apollo)) ::Ensign Vincent Pierce had just recently returned to the ship from rescuing a shuttle that was abandoned on the surface of the planet of which the Apollo remained in orbit. He had had a rather busy day, the only time he had to relax was right after he reported for duty and he hadn't realized how tired he was until now.:: ::Once he finally had a moment to think, he realized what the date was, March 30th. A date that will forever remain in his memory and not for positive reasons. It was on this date that Rygel VII, the colony on which he grew up, was attacked by Orio
  17. ((Maintenance shaft 43-A, USS Apollo)) :: Por'kus grunted as he forced his stocky frame to slide another 5 inches deeper into the bowels of the ship. He should have just used the transporter, it would have been quicker and he would not have had to wriggle along like some kind of bug. :: :: He paused, sweat running into his face messing with his vision. Unfortunately he was so cramped that he could not do anything about it. When had these maintenance shafts gotten so small? He could remember how easy it had been to squirm through them when he was back on the USS Tokyo. :: :: Sure that was ov
  18. ((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Captain's Ready Room)) ::Deep Space 6 stared at Diego through the window of the captain's ready room. By now, members of the crew would already be filtering onto the promenade to take advantage of the many shops, bars and restaurants that it had to offer. For now, however, he was busy taking advantage of the stack of PADDs that his desk had to offer. Reports had filtered in from various departments relating the actions of the most senior members of his crew, chronicling their achievements and logging their successes. Having spent a good deal of time in sickbay dealing w
  19. ((Blueheart's Quarters, USS Discovery-C)) ::He emptied the fifth glass of whiskey, relishing the bittersweet afterburn at the back of his throat and the stinging vapors snaking up his nostrils, drawing tears from his eyes. His head expanded and contracted with each gulp of the honey-colored liquid. He stood surprisingly steady, staring silently out the view screen, the vivid magenta nebula large and close and painting the bedroom a matte violet. It was akin to watching a sunrise on Earth, the deep purple hues fading into lighter bluer tones, as the starship drew closer to the stellar
  20. ((Kevin Breeman's Bedroom, Breeman Residence - Earth - Several Weeks After our Current Time on SB118)) ::Patri hugged her knees as she sat on the bed. Seated in the chair near Kevin's desk Jan watched her quietly as they discussed what had happened on what turned out to be Odyssey Station, located far outside of the Milky Way Galaxy.:: Patri: I don't know. I... Just didn't want to have to deal with them anymore. ::Jan nodded thoughtfully and smiled.:: Jan Breeman: That's understandable. I think you've had a very unique experience with computers. Computers aren't monsters. I'm sure you'
  21. ((Main Engineering)) ::Ben scanned over the text that now appeared on the screen. His stomach tightened as he read the words.:: --- Mr. John Livingston, Esq., I am pleased to inform you that after careful review, Starfleet Command and the Starfleet Academy Commandant have decided to accept your application to Starfleet Academy, San Francisco campus, to study in our Law program. If you choose to accept this offer, please reply within two weeks. You will report for duty at the San Francisco campus on Stardate 239004.01. You will find logistics attached to this letter, as well as required re
  22. ((Ship’s Counsellor’s Office, USS Tiger-A, night after the Pirate Adventure)) ::Jorey sat across from the counsellor and looked around the room. He was so embarassed from what had happened in the Tiger’s Den. He had never lost his mind before and had no idea what any of it meant. He felt fine now. He felt like himself and that nothing was wrong with him.:: Jorey: Counsellor, I must first apologize for my bizarre behaviour in the Tiger’s Den. I should have sought you out as soon as I knew that something was wrong. ::Jorey looked up at Zinna and smirked.:: A man’s pride can be both his biggest
  23. (( Port Escape Pods, Lower Decks )) HOSHINO: Everyone, get to the pods... :: Ryoma didn't move forward to safety, but instead moved back to Devon. Squatting beside he, his hands on her shoulders, he knew that she would fight him. :: HOSHINO: Devon, you get on this one, I'll try and get in a pod on the forward section... ROMJIN: What? Ryoma, no! There isn't time... ::pulling at his arms:: ...you have to come with us. HOSHINO: There are too many people, Devon. They are injured, the counsellor has kids, and you, :: he swallowed hard :: I want you to be safe. ROMJIN: I can't just leave
  24. ((Engineering Lab Two, USS Vigilant)) Matthews: =/\= TaJoot, I heard engineers were like smart and stuff, right? Listen from what we know so far the toxin is transmitted through that gelatinous substance. So how do you normally clean up the gel from one of those packs if they break? Moreover, could you implement that operation on a grander scale? And I really wish we could tell you that this was some freak accident. But I have pieces of a dead Romulan here that screams otherwise. Who knows what other types of sabotage could have implemented aboard that station. So you guys be careful poking a
  25. (( USS Saratoga )) ::Raw ingenuity, inspired brilliance and sheer dumb luck had all come together to keep the Saratoga alive as it languished in the atmosphere of JB-437-2. Tubes and wires criss-crossed engineering, conduits were laid bare in the corridors, decking was pulled up in crew quarters and science labs alike, visual reminders of the dirty tricks used to keep the starship powered for decades longer than it should have been. ::But time takes its toll. Even with the abundance of hydrogen available, the patched Bussard Collectors were failing to gather the fuel they needed to power the s
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