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  1. ((Somewhere in the Habitat District, Starbase 118)) ::The driving need to touch, and feel, everything around her pushed her onwards and further from the beaten path. From the smooth metallic feel of the handrails that guided others here or there, to the moist, almost grainy feel of the dirt that was now running through her fingers, everything offered her something new and completely amazing. Lost to the compulsion to see, feel, smell, and touch, the Captain's lookalike had left the path behind and now found herself ensconced in trees.:: ::Far overhead, though not as far as one might have tho
  2. (Biodome 5, Connecting Tunnels)) ::Volhv Oskendu, Eerie, Chen and Greir were among the last to leave. They had reached the junction where Eerie, Bram and the Chairman needed to split from the group to go to the larger sub. The Absolution of Vangr was already rising up through the sea as it could no longer afford to remain and risk permanent damage. They had managed to evacuate a lot of the population and they were still transporting out those they could reach. :: :: Eerie was considered the best person to guard the Chairman and ensure he made it to his sub safely, which was going to leave Gr
  3. ((USS Avandar, Holodeck 1)) Vetri: Whilst I'm only handing out one in person, that's because I don't want to hold up the party any more than I have to. Every member of this crew that participated in the Avandar's recent exploits is now entitled to add the Explorer's Ribbon to their collection of things to stick to your dress uniforms. You earned it folks, well done. :: She reached over and snagged her empty mug off of the branch again, then gave a little shooing wave to everyone, as well as a definite grin.:: Vetri *Now* I'm done. MacRae: Well, I think I'll have that Laphroaig you mentioned e
  4. IC: ::Quiet.:: ::That didn't do it. Solok -- or what was left of Solok -- needed quiet to sort things out. But this was not a quiet place.:: Solok: oO Need quiet. Oo Rogers:: oO Yes. Need quiet. Oo ::It wasn't telepathy, exactly, since there really was no "tele-" when you inhabited the same mind as the person with whom you were trying to communicate. But it wasn't just like thinking, either. It required more concentration, more effort. And, of course, there was someone else there.::Solok: oO Captain Rogers -- Will. We need to find a quiet place. Oo Rogers:: The presence of Solok’s ghost spread
  5. ((Security Office, USS Discovery)) ::He had spent the time from releasing the monks into Westerbridge's custody until now organizing Security details and reforming the patrols to protect the critical areas of the ship. Still humiliated at his failure and his complicity earlier, the Gorn was silent and morose throughout the process, despite Daisha's attempts to cheer him up or to comfort him. He snapped orders out of his massive maw and his tone left no room for debate. For the Gorn, friendship was everything. His friendship with Tyr and the subsequent loyalty that friendship provided had been
  6. (( USS Tiger-A: Transport Docking Bay )) Harley: BAWROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :: Harley the Basset hound was not happy. He had been contained in a Starfleet-issue kennel for small- to medium-sized mammals and was waiting for someone--anyone--to come back and play or feed him or SOMETHING. Despite his notoriety as an Olympic-class sleeper, he was not in the least bit tired. He hadn't seen Master in what seemed like an eternity (but had really just been the better part of a couple of days, since dogs can't tell time). :: Harley: ROOOOOOOOOOO ROO ROO ROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! oO If I make lots of nois
  7. ((Promenade, Starbase 118)) ::He lay there, dying.:: (( --> Flashback, Stardate 231706.04 -- )) ((Ocean Beach, San Francisco, Earth)) :: He lay there, dying.:: ::Edwin Purdy, a Terran boy with whom Solok had become familiar through his attendance at advanced science lectures in the Vulcan community there, called out at the top of his lungs.:: Purdy: Medic! ((Promenade, SB118, The Present)) Rogers: Medic ! ((Ocean Beach, S.F., Earth, The Past)) Purdy: Anyone, please! A doctor -- call a doctor! ::He leaned down over the Vulcan boy.:: I don't think he's breathing! Help! ::Purdy and Solok had b
  8. ((USS Avandar, Holodeck One)) :: The afternoon had come quickly. A little too quickly for T’Lea’s liking. She could have used an entire twenty-four hours more to do what she needed to get done, which was basically procrastinate. But the time had come, and ready or not the gathering in the holodeck had begun.:: :: With Gina and T’Sara in tow, T’Lea entered the staging area of what was to be… what the hell….?:: :: She stopped cold as the doors opened to reveal the surface of Romulus.:: :: The silken dark blue dress smoothed against her body as the tepid Romulan wind swept across the de
  9. ((Cargo Bay 1, USS Discovery-C)) ::The cargo bay door was brought down in a fiery show of phaser beams and smoke. Brother Ishtahr turned around swiftly, his eyes filled with venomous rage. Security officers moved silently inside, securing the cargo bay, making the monks restless. All except Ishtahr, who maintained a posture and expression carved from stone.:: WALTAS: ::walking up to the monk:: Brother Ishtahr, so good to see you again. ISHTAHR: ::voice cold as ice:: Salutations, Captain Waltas. ::He did not bow this time.:: ::Rather, he closed his eyes and raised his arms and head heavenw
  10. "The responsibility for destiny rests squarely on our own shoulders." —Ra-ghoratreii, President of the United Federation of Planets, 2293 (( USS Pollux, 2404 )) :: Aron Kells was a fleet captain, in general command of Starfleet Science's 17th fleet of research vessels heading coreward from the frontier of explored space in the Beta Quadrant, expanding upon his work with the Mercury in years previous -- and as a fleet captain, he was not used to traveling in vessels as small as the Pollux, even though it was an advanced argonaut, successor to the earlier runabouts. He cruised at full impulse to
  11. ((USS Vigilant, An Unspecified Location)) ::Chen had only just barely been able to concentrate on his shift. He’d spent almost the whole of the previous evening making preparations, checking replicator patterns, making reservations and setting up what he hoped would be a super-enjoyable evening for Greir. He knew that they had both been on alpha shift, which had finished just over an hour ago. It was now 1702 hours and time to set things into motion. Having been monitoring internal sensors in a specific section of the corridor on deck 2, Chen had visual confirmation that everything was clear t
  12. ((Vittian Hotel - Izar)) :: She said what she normally did when she was waiting for orders, as a waitress, to indicate everything was all ready and she was waiting for the signal, she thought it was pretty smooth of her to make that her final signal, since she had been the last one on the move. :: Qad: I don't want to rush you, let me know when you're ready. Tark: Shouldn't need more than about two minutes. :: Now she took one last glance around the room like she was looking for anyone who needed anything, and proceeded to the break room, again no one was in it, which was good, because thi
  13. ((Vittian Hotel - Izar)) :: It was always the same before an operation began. The feeling that welled up inside as he approached the point of action. The threshold that loomed, unseen, but ever-present and unmistakable. Javan found himself standing on that very line. On the edge of a moment that he had planned for for so long, about to cross a line that could never be uncrossed. He had two choices, turn back, or step forward. And turning back was no longer an option.:: Qad: I don't want to rush you, let me know when you're ready. Tark: Shouldn't need more than about two minutes. :: With th
  14. ((Brig, USS Discovery)) ::His eyes had never left them once they were forced from the bridge. His boys had been infants when they left the ship, now they were teenagers. Tye looked like a darker-haired copy of his father, with blue eyes and a strong, athletic build. Sanuye was more slim, slight, almost scholarly in appearance. His green eyes reminded him of Eden, and his quiet demeanor spoke volumes of his personality.:: o O Twins, yet not alike in many ways.. So many questions. O o ::When the guards had searched and re-searched them, stripping them of their comm badges and weapons, they fi
  15. ((Night Before Shuttles Depart - Handley-Page's Quarters; USS Vigilant)) ::Leo sat on his bed looking out of the porthole. It had been a busy day, and tomorrow was going to be even busier it would seem. He'd been given command of the one of the shuttles – the Lapuente – and was to go down to the planet and meet up with the locals. This was going to be a *First Contact* situation. It wasn't Leo's first experience of meeting a hitherto undiscovered yet warp-capable species before, but was certainly his first as a member of Star Fleet. He relished the opportunity, but couldn't help thinking that
  16. ((The Tea Room, Deck 1046, Starbase 118)) :: Roxy cupped her hands to her mouth, stifling the drawn out 'Awwww' along with the other three young women in the room and Oliver couldn't help but laugh a little. :: ROXY: He actually named her after you! That's wonderful. WESTON: :: Leaning forwards in the plush oversized armchair. :: I know. It really is an honour. And she's such a beautiful little thing. :: Another chorus of swooning followed the description as Roxy, Val, Teria and Xan listened intently to the stories Oliver had been telling of their recent journeys. It was only a grumpy
  17. ((Dense Forest, Ba'ku Homeworld)) ::The footsteps were drawing closer. There was no hiding, now. Their only chance was a quick dash to the nearby runabout and an escape to the briar patch, which held its own obstacles. Wiping the sweat from her brow and brushing a few strands of raven-black hair from her eyes, she took several deep breaths in an attempt to slow her heart rate. Looking to her companions, she could see they were equally if not more exhausted, sweat pouring from their faces and hair plastered to the foreheads and pointed ears. Each looked back at her intently, eyes pleading for i
  18. This poll will close at Midnight (EST) on Wednesday, Just 19th. This is a run-off poll, where our members will choose from the top sims of the second set of six rounds of the contest to find the best sim that will proceed to the final round of the contest. Please read the six sims below, which were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) to find the best sims from each round of Set 2: Captain Reynolds: The Sole SurvivorLt JG Ben Livingston - Brotherly Love PNPC Sherana & Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar - Sparring Match PNPC Matthew Brice - Federation Man, Galaxy Defender PNPC Unky - Umm.
  19. ((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Captain's Ready Room)) ::The first traces of caffeine had hit Diego's system and he was sat behind the desk in his ready room, ready to call his parents. He had tried on the previous day, near the end of his shift and shortly after his meeting with Ensign Falcon, but for a second time he had not been able to get through. It was starting to become more than a small worry. The first time they had missed him, he had thought of several feasible reasons that might explain why they hadn't picked up. When it had happened again, he had become a lot more concerned. This time, he
  20. ((Starbase 118, Ops Office)) :: Her rather short communication with her intended target had produced at least the beginnings of the desired results, and after having tracked him down Pandora walked through the door with her padd in hand.:: Raiden: oO Come in then!! Oo How can I help you :: He looked at her neck. :: Lt? Pandora: I was under the impression that you would be of use. Was I mistaken? Raiden: Depending what you what and why you need it? :: He looked at her from behind the desk. :: :: Ah yes, the inevitable request for an explanation as to why she was there and why the Drake ne
  21. ((USS Vigilant, Deck 2: Greir Reinard’s Quarters)) :: Greir paced and prowled around his quarters like an agitated, caged animal. He clenched and unclenched his fists as he replayed the conversation in his mind. Gjord had started on the attack immediately. Greir had known he would and had tried for an embarrassingly short time to remain patient. He hadn’t wanted to let Gjord get to him so quickly. :: :: He thought perhaps the shock of the news was the thing that had tipped it. He had been worried and reeling from the news. The way it had been used to attack him when all he wanted to do was fin
  22. (( USS Vigilant - Observation Lounge )) Oo Vigliant. oO ::Dr Kydy pondered the term, the name, the definition of the ship she served on. She was very proud of her shipmates. The entire ordeal had been... confusing. She had expected her tour of duty on the Vigilant to be signifigant periods of routine work, interrupted by occasional moments of great intensity with history-making discoveries. Her maiden voyage had turned out to be anything but routine, and if she understood the Captain correctly, they had actually preserved history in this cruise.:: Oo Vigilant. oO ::Kydy absent mindedly rub
  23. ((Celes II, Ruin of Abandoned Machinery Storage Warehouse)) ::Consciousness came slowly, and with some reluctance. She swam in and out of it without being sure she was doing so. The sensation of the biobed, the odd tingling in her extremities, snatches of speech--these were all she caught of the waking world before drifting under again. Small wonder, perhaps, that she felt no urgency to surface.:: ::Eventually, though, her mind moored itself more firmly to the docks of consciousness. She took in the sensations, and after a few blurry moments of reaching for the memory trail to connect them
  24. ((Celes II, Ruin of Abandoned Machinery Storage Warehouse)) ::The final bout of The Clashing was about to start; the bout in which, unlike in previous fights, all four finalists were placed in together to fight it out:: ::The fight was to take place in a large chamber, around fifty metres to a side. Unlike the rest of the warehouse, this area had not been cleared of machinery. Instead, equipment and junk from other areas had been moved in to further clutter it up. There were therefore various terrains created; piles of wreckage, clear aisles between large machines, random obstacle courses o
  25. Prof. Cowens & Lt (JG) Alexander Richards - Initial observations ((Corridor, USS Mercury)) COWENS: Young man, are you falling behind? I'd have expected a fresh graduate would still be in shape. ::Ensign Cardosa quickly tried to catch up to the older professor, who walked briskly through the corridors of the Oracle class vessel. It seemed his cane was more for show than anything else. Or at the very least, a tool for him to smack the floor with emphasis when he wanted to.:: CARDOSA: Sorry, sir. ::He adjusted his grip on the professor's luggage before everything was about to fall apart.::
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