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  1. JP: Fleet Captain Diego Herrera & Lt Kael Thomas - Time To Say goodbye((USS Vigilant, Deck 1: Captain’s Ready Room)) ::It took Kael a little while to work up the courage to ask the captain what he planned to do. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do it, he just didn’t want to have the discussion about doing it. T’Rella didn’t have anyone on board to look after her things, so Kael had hoped the Captain would allow him to do that for her.:: ::Diego looked up from his PADD as he heard the chime at the door. He hadn’t been short of visitors lately, which was to be expected after such a gruelli
  2. (( Kjenta II, Command Center )) :: Struggling against the elemental forces of the planet, the Away Team boldly struck a path. From the wreck of the USS Cook to the antenna, they had been attacked and harassed at every turn. Rogg had collected some specimens before hurrying to rejoin the rest. "Hurrying" was a relative term here. The second planet of the Kjenta system had gravity almost three times that of Earth. :: :: The Away Team made it to the control center. The answers, the secrets behind the mysterious ions flooding the atmosphere, a way to return to Discovery -- everything should have f
  3. ((The Runabout Bar, Deep Space 6)) ::He had nothing in his hands except some mismatched cards, but without hesitating for even so much as a second, Cade Whitman pushed all of his chips towards the center of the table and leaned back in his chair like a man who had already won the pot.:: Cade: ::smugly:: All in, gentlemen. ::There was a ripple of surprise around the table, but Cade was only looking at the Ferengi sitting across from him. The expression on his grotesque face, so confident a moment earlier, had morphed into one of worried panic. He looked back down at his cards, then a
  4. ((USS Avandar, Quarantine Quarters A)) :: She hadn’t moved in hours.:: :: As if locked in a coffin, T’Lea laid motionless on her cot with her hands folded across her stomach, and her eyes closed. A breath was taken every two or three minutes, which made her look dead between the rise and fall of her chest.:: :: Meditation was the only thing that quelled the burning rash plaguing her skin. Dark green discoloration had spread up her neck and the side of her face. The doctor had given her a cream to soothe the irritation, but all she could say about that was that it smelled weird – like
  5. ((Valley of Knives; Dorfmenland; Byzatium)) ::Arima, Belan and Varney dusted themselves off as the tall woman, who had rescued them from the Crazy and its tentacled master, pulled back her hood and glowered at the assembled trio.:: Cierva Calderan: I live in this Valley, and I know how foolish it is to wander here alone at night. I assume you’re resistance. ::Belan returned the woman’s steely gaze. He was determined to stand his ground. She may have saved them all, but that was no guarantee of friendship. For all he knew, she just wanted the prey for herself. However, he had to admit for an
  6. ((Communications Room, Deck 10, USS Tiger-A)) ::Standing outside the small communication control room, Alex paused and tapped his combadge. He did not have a chance to speak with Ensign Dirsye after the briefing so Alex decided to do so before starting his task.:: Blair: =/\= LtCmdr Blair to Ensign Dirsye. =/\= Dirsye: =/\=Tya here, how can I be of assistance Sir?=/\= Blair: =/\= I was hoping to catch you before you left the conference room. I know you volunteered to work on the Mauls, and I wanted to thank you. =/\= Dirsye: =/\=You’re welcome, you know it’s a bit of a self perseverance
  7. ((Hospital Complex)) MacLaren: Lt. Letant, we will begin setting up testing clinics on the outskirts of town. Eh noticed that most of the patients have been from nearer bye. We need to ken if those further out have avoided the plague or are simply unable to come here. Letant: You want to go out? But, that is so dangerous. Banks: Yeah... Well... ::He paused, not sure what to say.:: We'll have to be careful. MacLaren:: stifling a smile:: Weel, Eh think Dr. Banks has summarized it verra weel. Let's get started. ::MacLaren had decided everyone needed a break. So she'd decided to head out tow
  8. ((Embassy Grounds)) ::It was with an aloof, disdainful face that Tallis removed the members of the embassy’s marine corps that were guarding the power plant from existence. Evidently they had assumed that, because he’d spent time limited to an insectoid form, he didn’t understand the value of cover, or what setting 16 on a phaser could do to humanoid life-forms. Not so, and their underestimating him had cost them their lives. He stepped over the trio of corpses, phaser held ready his route to the engine room needed to be indirect; if the defence forces realised where he was going then they wou
  9. (Bridge - USS Solstice) ::Despite using all the ship's various sensors, the search felt like it was going no where. The only data they had to go on was the planet, and the readings that one of the science team thought was similar to the Bajoran wormhole. The most promising news was that they hadn't found any of the usual debris left by the destruction of a starship the size of the Discovery C. Even a warp core breach left surviving pieces of debris, bits of the various alloys used to construct a starship's hull and warp core.. Complete destruction was a remote possibility. oO Which means there
  10. ((Warehouse District)) ::Sakorra knew the precise moment something broke through her consciousness as being completely wrong that Solok wasn’t ok, and perhaps it had been seeping through before she realized this with sudden clarity. She had been such a bad wife that she had fallen back into a familiar pattern of sensing nothing or letting only a partial sense of him break through that it wasn’t until the group was deciding between the Countess and the Warehouse that a black foreboding settled in her bones, and it wasn’t until they were on their way to some address that she realized she hadn’t
  11. OT: A sim that was sent in several parts, so I put them together because I thought it was really awesome. I hope what I did was okay. ((Major Settlement, 83 Leonis)) ::He materialised in what was definitely an agricultural area, adjacent to a significant settlement, larger than the village overlooked by the Observation Post. Plants of different types were arrayed in geometrical patterns, spiney leaves of green-brown next to broad crimson ones, a brown grass with purple flower-heads nearby. Neat, tended and largely deserted.:: ::Largely but not entirely. The erupting volcano dominated the sk
  12. Previously on StarBase 118: Mercury... 2392: "Allah Yerhama"2404, Parts 1 and 2: "The Life After" And now the continuation... Dr. Del Vedova and LtCmdr Rahman: Definitive Diagnosis "Do not be afraid; our fate Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift." —Dante Alighieri, Inferno (( Sickbay, USS Mercury, 2390 )) :: Del was a pacer only in the most extreme of situations, and considering what he was about to do to his friend -- probably his best on the Mercury, given how little he saw Aron these days, and how (literally!) old he'd become -- he thought that this situation qualified. He almost wante
  13. ((Mercury: Holodeck Three)) ::The room was constructed of wood logs, each stacked uncut, with just the top end with branches removed. The moss was still on the tree, faintly breathing in the dark and breathing out a soft glow, filling the room with a shifting blue light. In the center was a small fire, casting red shades against the blue. Charles was wearing a robe, long and deep green. He had dyed it himself, dipping it in a paste that came from plants that had come from the replicators. It had streaked as it dried, dirt stains and grease that had spilled onto it when the last ceremony had
  14. Polling closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, September 22. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership will choose from the top sims of Rounds 13-18 to find the best sim that will proceed to the final round of the contest. Please read the sims below, which were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) to find the best sims from each round of Set 3: Diego Herrera, "Super Brother"David Whale & Oliver Weston, "Namesake"Tyr Waltas, "Lost Time"Javan Tark (Liam Frost), "Curtains Up"Greir Reinard & PNPC Chen, "Come Hell And High Water"Roshanara Rahman & Dre'lith Chaun, "Falling
  15. ((Dark Room - USS Apollo)) :: Liam still had trouble working his head around what might drive a man to do what the Colonel had done. On a very basic level, he understood. There was only so much a man could take before he reached his breaking point,and it was obvious that Tark had reached that point. But what caused him to cross the level of anger that he must have had was something Liam couldn't get his head around.:: :: And perhaps there was a reason. There was a passion in the Colonel's words. A conviction to his speech that betrayed the sense of loss the man felt, and the sense that what
  16. ((Tal Tel-ar's Quarters , USS Apollo)) :: So Tal was out of Sick Bay again. Sherana wanted to check on him, to see if getting him off that planet had been worth it or if he decided to make it all a waste. When she arrived, the Nurse had told her that he had been discharged. Well, that was good, so at least they didn't run around in the heat for nothing. The Orion hated how it had made her feel, when he disappeared. She had not only been angry, that he went out alone to such a place without any company in that condition... but also worried. She cared more than she wanted to admit, and that was
  17. ((OOC: This is a two part sim, which I combined into one for the competition. It is written by the USS Mercury's PC Lt.Cmdr Roshanara Rahaman... part two is her PNPC Lt. Dre'lith Chaun.)) ((Shuttlecraft Valentina Tereshkova, deep within the volcano on 83 Leonis II)) ::The shuttle buckled around Roshanara Rahman as she lay against the [...]pit window. The alarms now had turned into background murmurs, and her vision was cloudy. An unsightly cranial contusion had formed from the impact her head had made against the overturned shuttle's hull minutes earlier.:: ::Sharp static cackled over the com
  18. (( Counselor’s Office - USS Thunder-A )) :: Counselors. It was a word that not only made him irritated, but resigned to the fact that they were an integral part of Star Fleet. The human capacity to care for their people both mentally, physically, and emotionally was impressive; Nugra felt that it was sometimes too much. :: :: Now he stood in front of the counselor’s door for the dreaded annual appointment which he had to attend. The one back on Starbase 118 while applying to join Star Fleet a third time was as painful as a poisoned Vss’Kot blade. :: :: Ringing the bell on the side of the door,
  19. (( Holodeck, Duronis II Embassy )) :: Hannibal stood with his wedding party, standing in the mouth of a cave, which was lit with torches going deep into its interior The six humans, and one massive Klingon prepared to make a quasi- perilous journey together, one undertaken by countless Klingons and a few humans. The journey would test them all, as it was designed to do, and test their endurance. Ha'Rouque stood before them, with a knowing glance between Hannibal and him. The journey was about to begin... :: :: After receiving the invitation to this very Klingon ritual and considering what ha
  20. ((Folds' Quarters, Starbase 118 Habitat Ring)) ::He had only seen his new home on a map of the station's layout, and a generic picture of an empty, apartment-style quarters he had pulled up, quickly, in one of his few free moments between receiving his assignment and checking in. When the doors opened, they revealed a stark, empty, grey room -- not entirely unlike what any other small, one-person apartment might look like in between residents.:: ::Folds stepped inside and poked his head around. His duffel bag and trunk had already been delivered here, and sat next to a small table in the mid
  21. ((Woodland Outside of New Seattle, Walking Distance, Planet Izar)) :: The two of them had walked for what seemed to be a short while towards the woodland. After the events that had unfolded earlier in the day, there was a sort of time-dilation taking place in his mind. There was no shortage of adventure that had gone down, but throughout it all, there seemed to be this lingering train of thought on his mind, one that could possibly change the way he participated in Starfleet. it was one thing that was important to him on many levels, and he could think of no better person to go over this with
  22. OOC: The disagreement in this post is purely between the characters. The writers have full respect for each other. ~~~ (( Interrogation Room - USS Thunder-A )):: It was only a few hours ago since he had received the final pieces of his puzzle and it was time now to question the large, burly, human had been brought in by security and set down in the little white room with only the table and two chairs. Nugra was standing in a corner with his arms around his back running over everything in his head. There was evidence even though it was circumstantial and his conclusion took a lot of liberties w
  23. (( Holosuite - Deck 2 - USS Thunder-A )) :: The holosuite had taken on an old earth look with the white marble floors, and polished wood seats, witness stand and judge’s bench. Nugra had spent a few hours going through different planet’s law rooms and decided on the human 21st century version. The only change he made sure to program was that the judges bench could sit three, the senior officers who would be judging the Captain’s Mast. :: :: It would begin in a few minutes and by his order, it would be a closed hearing except for the ones that Mc Ghee had invited. Nugra might not be the Chief S
  24. ((Captain’s Ready Room)) ::Now that Greir had properly talked to Chen it had taken them barely a few minutes to work out how and who had played them both for fools. Greir was understandably very angry at himself for not spotting it and for being tricked; he was also very angry at Gwinnett for doing it. Having thought about it he wanted to know why she had done it. Chen said he’d had problems with her before and he was about to get to the root of it.:: Reinard: =/\= Captain Reinard to Sergeant Gwinnett. =/\= ::Gwinnett was just putting her equipment away at the end of her shift. She heard th
  25. ((USS Vigilant, Deck 5: Sickbay)) ::It was easy to lose track of time when all he could remember were fits and starts of consciousness. Lately when he had woken up, he’d felt the sensation of someone holding his hand, and he’d latched onto that, tightening his grip a little whenever he could gather his wits enough to do so. There were things he remembered, too, although he wasn’t sure how much of it had been real and how much had been a dream.:: ::This time, as Chen’s eyes drifted open a fraction, something felt different. He felt like he had a little more strength. The fog that had been clo
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