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  1. (( Apollo Camp, Medical tent, Planet Eridea )) :: Standing next to Sundassa she looked down on her friend. Something did not make sense to her. She felt a little strange, so light and as if something was missing, but she could not say what. Sun was hovering over a patient, running scans with her tricorder as the communicator beeped. :: Jaxx: =/\= Jaxx to Commander Faranster. =/\= Faranster: =/\= Glad to hear your voice, it got quiet here. Jalana's out... =/\= Laxyn: WHAT?? .oO What is she talking about? Oo. I am right here? Will we need to make an eye exam?? :: But the lilac haired woman
  2. ((San Francisco, 239005.21)) ::The bar hadn't changed in six years...and neither had the woman sitting by herself, nursing what he knew would be a Calaman sherry.:: oO Velana. My Velana. Oo ::It might have been the four non-synthetic whiskies running through Cade's system, but suddenly it didn't feel as if all that time had passed. If he squinted his eyes just a little bit, he could almost convince himself that it was May of 2384 instead, and he was there to meet his girlfriend for a much-needed, post-finals drink.:: Cade: ::to the bartender:: Another whiskey. ::He paused.:: And
  3. ((Temporary Quarters, DS-285)) ::His possessions had been beamed over to the temporary quarters that Captain Samuelson had assigned to him, and for the first time in a long time, the Ba'ku was alone.:: ::And it was killing him.:: ::All of the items remained packed, with the Captain knowing that he was headed for another starship soon. There was no point, and the quarters served as little more than a storage space and a bed for the night. All packed, except for one thing: His prized guitar. An ancient acoustic guitar made of the Bhavir wood with a mahogany neck that he had had specially shipped
  4. Polling closes at 11:59pm Eastern on Sunday, December 1st. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership will choose from the top sims of Rounds 19-24 to find the best sim that will proceed to the final round of the contest. Please read the sims below, which were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) to find the best sims from each round of Set 4: Tal Tel-ar & PNPC Sherana, "I will remember you"Saveron, "The Quick And The Dead"Cade Whitman (PNPC), "Don't Mess with Texas"Rogg, "Finis"Sorel, "Addiction"Tracey Townson, "For The Love Of A Child"If any crew is found "stuffin
  5. ((Sickbay - Deep Space 6)) ::Eliaan Deron could hear the commotion from half way down the hall but even then, he was still surprised when he entered the main sickbay and saw several members of his staff standing around with equipment littering the floor. As he approached his aide Suvan, a tricorder flew out of a storage cupboard and landed at his feet.:: Deron: What is going on in here? ::The Vulcan gave the closest approximation of a sigh that Eliaan had ever seen from him.:: Suvan: Doctor, we're having some technical trouble with the EMH... Deron: What sort of trouble? ::More equipment was
  6. ((First Officers Office)) ::Eerie buzzed the office and walked into the first officer’s office. He had completed his written narrative of the events that transpired on the bridge and was quite interested in hearing what the Commander had to say. Eerie had always wanted to see what he could do in command of a starship. He walked in and stood at attention, as usual, in front of the Commander..:: Eerie: Lt. Commander Eerie reporting as ordered, sir. ::In his usual formal tone.:: :: Eerie had done a lot of thinking about his actions on the bridge. For the most part he was pleased with his action
  7. ((Vulcan, 239007.03)) ::Perhaps, being a doctor, she was simply more in tune with her body than the average being, but Velana knew she was pregnant before she even performed the necessary diganostic tests. When the results came back and the truth lay before her, the reality wasn't so much of a shock.:: ::The consequences of her actions were now growing inside her. It was time to face a very different future.:: ::Her sister-in-law stood in the doorway of the guest room which Velana had been occupying since her arrival on the planet. It hadn't been in her plan to confide in T'Sar about t
  8. ((Counselors office)) ::Gwinnett had an appointment with the new counselor. She was hoping that she might ‘bluff’ her way out of this after a few sessions. The run in with the Zalkonians had put on hold then her meetings with the Captain. She wasn’t particularly thrilled that she had been scheduled with a new meeting with another counselor or any counselor. She buzzed the office and entered. She was dressed in her normal fatigue uniform and boots. She had left her equipment in the marine lockers.:: Gwinnett:Sergeant Brooks Gwinnett, reporting as ordered, Ensign.::Standing at a sheepish att
  9. ((DS 285)) ::In her white dress uniform and the hover-stroller in tow, Tracey exited the airlock and found herself on the station with her adoptive child. With the station bustling with activity, Tracey stopped for a moment to get her bearings, for she had never been to this station in all her career. It was at that moment she overheard a couple of people talking about the upcoming memorial. Tracey made her way towards them and politely interrupted their conversation.:: TOWNSON: Pardon me, but would you happen to know where the "atrium" is? ::As one of the two pointed out the directions for
  10. ((Senior Officer's Quarters, USS Columbia)) ::After spending a few hours with her nephew, Hsina took a quick trip over to the USS Columbia. There were a few workers from the star base on board, but for the most part it was just a minimal security contingent keeping the public off while the powers that be decided what to do with the relic. Hsina had not yet visited the ancient ship since the initial away mission prior to her trip to Kjenta II, and as an archaeologist and historian she simply couldn¹t resist taking another look around. Her first stop were the senior officers¹ quarters. Dr.
  11. ((Backsim)) ((USS Discovery-C, Security Office)) ::The young security officer sat in front of the console. With a soft movement of her hand, she banned a rebellious curl of her obsidian-coloured hair behind her left ear. Now that the Discovery was about to dock, she had managed to set up a plan to ensure security. Even in the case of shoreleave, a minimum contingent of security officers was required to remain on duty, while most of the crew could enjoy the pleasures of some time off duty. Now as the temporary executive of the new Chief of Security, she had thought she would organize that in ad
  12. (( Courtroom, Deep Space 10 )) ::And here it came. Harry looked across at Telaan, mentally bracing himself. For all Damos had known he didn't want to be here and didn't want to cooperate with her prosecution, she had still provided him with a few sage words of wisdom. ::"Keep your answers short. Don't elaborate. Don't lose your temper," she had said. Advice to live by, perhaps.:: ::Gaareth took a deep, relaxing breath before standing. He needed to keep his temper under control. He needed to fight this fight like a Vulcan, not a Tellarite. His friend's career depended on it. Starfleet regul
  13. Lt. Cmdr Saveron & Lt. JG Alora DeVeau: Universal Language ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((Ensign DeVeau's Quarters, USS Mercury)) ::Dressed in his Vulcan robes and carrying a very fat Vulcan harp case on a strap over one shoulder, Saveron stopped outside the door that the computer identified as Ensign DeVeau's quarters and signaled the door chime.:: ::She couldn't be heard from outside the room, but when Alora heard the chime, she immediately ordered that the visitor be allowed to enter. ::As the doors slid open Saveron stepped in
  14. (( Sickbay - USS Excalibur-A )) Romjin: Alrighty guys and gal...I will just take this and see what I can get off it. I will send you what I find. ::Sal watched Shedet’s smile, thinking the weak imitation of the usually friendly gesture exactly mirrored his own feelings towards the intelligence officer at the moment. He looked towards Romjin as well, offered a wan smile, his dark eyes clouded.:: oOYou’ll send us what you find. Right. And when you do we’ll go sunbathing on Andor.oO ::He stayed silent and turned back to his work, waiting until Romjin had left before he got lost in his own th
  15. ((USS Discovery-C - Quarters - Once All Settled on the Bridge)) ::Tracey sat in her dimly lit quarters gently rocking the Romulan infant child in her arms as the stars streaked by outside her window. Tracey looked down at the child and he up at her with his dark eyes which was in sharp contrast to her own. When thier eyes met, Tracey smiled and pulled the child a little closer to her chest. The child did not push away, but neither did smile, but continued to stare almost in curiosity at the new expression on Tracey's face. He then gently reached up and lightly touched Tracey's lips with his
  16. ((Isolation Unit – Sickbay)) ::Folds left Skyfire with the new data from Cuthbert's biobed and went to the nearest open workstation. As rapidly as he could, he called up the computer's database of toxins. Then he narrowed it by those known for use in murders or assassinations. Then -- in the midst of narrowing for known or suspected use by Romulan or associated agents, he remembered that it would be far faster to simply allow the computer to sort by similarity to the toxin he had just discovered in Cuthbert's bloodstream. He was far, far too tired. And now, with Cuthbert deteriorating nearby,
  17. (( Parkers’ Quarters, Marine Barracks )) :: After the night of dealing with Doctor Adan, they were fortunate to get back just before the twin suns rose that morning. It was too early to go to bed..they still had some work to do, and their quarters was the best place to do it at the moment. Others were enjoying their shore leave, but they were knee deep in finding out more about this secret organization the doomed doctor referred to. After a leisurely breakfast, which did more to make them both feel more tired, they decided to call it a day...or was it night...and get a little sleep...they had
  18. ((Sickbay)) ::So this Red-Collar with four pips came tumbling out of the Isolation Unit, looking like he was ready to be free of that hazard garb when he noticed the short blond feller and they took to gabbing.:: ::Now, Nady Briskow never minded much people gabbing in his Sickbay; you never knew what you’d overhear, what kinda tips you’d get just by payin’ attention to what others would blab in earshot of just about anyone. But today was another thing altogether. Closing off more and more of Sickbay as more and more beamed up from the surface; first the new doc and his muscle, who’d stumbled
  19. ((Luxury Suite, Menthar Anchorage)) ::Sorel watched as B’horn and MacNickols pulled the minibar replicator in the rear of the apartment apart. The main one in the lounge might have been easier, but the last thing she wanted was Tol walking in and finding Anil hooked up to the thing’s computer system.:: ::She’d managed to keep him out of the Ferengi’s sight so far, and wanted it to stay that way. The nanotech implants in Anil Tain’s brain were illegal in multiple jurisdictions, and thus exceptionally rare anywhere near space controlled by most of the major powers. She didn’t like to think what
  20. (( Marine CO’s Office, Duronis Embassy )) :: Hannah was nervous. After leaving the Somers sisters on board the Thunder, she wondered exactly how she was going to tell Hannibal she had been recruited by Lt. Commander Nugra to join his new strike team. It was a wonderful opportunity, but it was fraught with problems. Hannibal had been nothing but good to her since she joined him, saving her career. Would he view this as betrayal after all he did for her? Was she being used as a pawn by the Gorn commander to needle Hannibal in their simmering feud? The Gorn, after all, had been trying to nail Han
  21. ((USS Tiger-A, Deck 2, Jorey Personal Quarters)) ::Asher sat down in his favourite chair. It was a rich, warm mahogany wing chair upholstered in a soft patchwork of velvet in blues and greens. The chair was set beside a small viewport. He liked to look out into the vastness of space as he sipped his sweet uttaberry tea. It made him feel insignificant. It was a humbling experience and Asher believed it was important for Betazoids to nurture their humility. Betazoids are not known for humility.:: Alena: ~Enjoy your tea, Bryant.~ She said draping a beautifully crafted sheer scarf over her sho
  22. ((Sickbay, USS Discovery-C)) ::He spotted the flustered Raskorian instantly upon entering the infirmary and dashed directly towards the plumed physician, battling nausea and a pounding head along the way. He stopped abruptly. A wall of glass stood in his way, between himself and the doctor, whom he saw buzzing about the surgical suite like a hummingbird on speed. As he pressed himself against the thick glass panel, he caught glimpses of the patient in between flitting silhouettes of dancing medics and pirouetting automated scanners. Blood. Everywhere. The prophecy was coming true. Each of us w
  23. (( Command Center: Kjenta II )) ESKYYS: You want to do this? :: Reaching up to his collar he removed the pips and held them in his hand for a moment. Looking at Tyr he dropped them to the floor. :: You do it without me. I quit. ::Tyr looked down where the pips had fallen, mixing in with the gore and blood from the battle. Esk quietly stared at the top of his head and said nothing more. He returned his eyes, dull and unsympathetic, to the Hallian.:: WALTAS::Flatly:: Fine. Then get out of the way. You’re relieved of duty. ESKYYS: oO Again Oo :: Esk walked away quietly as Tyr ordered the transpo
  24. ((The Eagle’s Roost, USS Discovery-C)) ::Fearing the worst for the away team, and specifically, the first officer, Emerson had sought the solace of spirits and a sympathetic (pointy) ear.:: CRUELLA: Your day will get worse. You have already guaranteed yourself that much. I think in a minute you may be glad to have avoided physical violence. RAVENSCROFT: Nah, ::waving his hand arrogantly:: I doubt it. I need the violence right about now. ::He stared longingly into the empty glass as if it were an eye of a lover.:: I need the distraction. ::Someone howled on the other side of the bar. Emerson lo
  25. ((Captain’s Ready Room)) ::Gwinnett was dressed in her standard uniform, but she didn’t have any of her equipment, that she would normally have worn on duty. She wasn’t actually quite sure what one did wear for a counseling meeting with the Captain, who was now a Fleet Captain. She was sure that he had done his homework on her and, not to be completely in the dark, she had looked up as much as she rated on her clearances on his service record. She had learned that he had been a counselor at one time in his career, which didn’t lighten her mood.:: ::She buzzed the office and then entered. She
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