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  1. ((U.S.S. Odyssey, bridge)) :: So, it was over. Slowly systems were getting online again, power returning. Flying was no longer needed, for the Odyssey had come to a complete stop. Now crew were standing down from battle stations and returning to their emergency duties. An evacuation would take place in stages, if it took place, ensuring the amount of available crew per ship was maximized. :: DICKENS: Ok people, you heard it. Ensign Price, I'll need you to coordinate the three ships, the rest of you try to assemble your people for transport and see if there's anyone in an area potentially
  2. ((USS Excalibur-A, Main Engineering)) :: Murphy was not her friend. Neither was irony. Apparently, this was manifesting as a lot of things going wrong, all of which was definitely forcing engineering to work like mad. It made it worse that she had to keep in the corner of her mind whether one of the engineers was causing any of the problems. The only blessing so far was she'd not found anyone responsible. Oh, and that the ship was still semi-functioning and in one piece.. there was that too. While she waited for a response from the bridge, hoping that Livingston or someone up there sti
  3. ((USS Darwin, Deck 6: VIP Quarters)) Hheinia: The sun beams like a warm oven, but we love it. We're a simple people Lieutenant and Talvath is a simple planet. We engage in our own business and the concerns of the empire or those around us are of no interest. Eickleberger: It seems like a lovely place that... ::Nessa continued to pace the VIP quarters, noting her plush and comfortable surroundings for the first time. It just added fuel to her animosity pyre, which was in no danger of extinguishing as it was. She couldn't be less interested in the weather on Talvath at this current moment. To
  4. ((Monitor Launching Berth, USS Odyssey)) ::He walked with the practiced ease of someone who had been in combat many times. His feet barely made a sound, even in the boots of the Federation uniform he was wearing. He was conscious, barely, of the four pips on his collar-what they represented, and what he was undertaking. He knew, as a Captain, that he should be on the bridge taking care of his ship in a time of crisis such as this. He also knew that Nekkar, as a Captain himself, would expect this. He trusted his Security personnel completely, but Nekkar was a scheming coward, and he refused to
  5. ((Arboretum; USS Garuda)) ::The Garuda was much larger than the Avandar had been and even though Rune had already memorized the ship's layout, it took her longer than she expected to reach the Arboretum. She actually had a dual purpose in seeking out the ship's garden park. One was personal, the other business though she wasn't going to push the business end too hard just yet.:: ::As soon as she entered, she was greeted by a breeze of fresh air and the sound of water trickling somewhere from deeper within. She stepped forward, allowing the doors to close behind her. Taking a deep breath of t
  6. (( Sickbay, USS Garuda )) :: Del could get used to the Galaxy-class, but he did wish he didn’t feel so [...] guilty admitting that to himself. After all, it wasn’t as though Aron was dead -- in fact, it wasn’t as though Aron and he had even really been good friends any longer. But after cleaning out his quarters with Alora DeVeau, Del found that he just didn’t have the heart to accept the latter as true, and so he was stuck feeling terrible, even as he stretched out in the large office off of the main sickbay. It was cushy, truly: He had an office, Saveron had an office, Kotir had an office, H
  7. (( Corridors, USS Apollo )) :: Shel left with Sun after dinner and the tour, he didn't want her to realize he was planning on going back to have a talk with Jaxx by himself. Some things are just better left unsaid, and if she knew he wanted to have a private word, what was to stop her from chaperoning to prevent anything he had to say, from being said. He followed her down the corridor a moment, before she went for the turbolift, excusing himself for a brisk walk. After he was sure she was out of sight, he doubled back and headed back towards the quarters they dropped Jaxx off at. He buzzed t
  8. ((Deck 500, Medical Bay)) ::Sakorra pushed with her mind. She tried to break through the hard encasement. But her mind wasn’t working like that anymore. She held no power. She felt concern. She felt an approaching sense of love, but she couldn’t open her eyes to see the one she knew was nearby. She’d been able to open her eyes for a short time before, but she’d still been operating with the psionic abilities that were now lost to her. And now that loss kept her trapped in her own mind.:: Sinda: Reed? Can you hear me? ::Sinda! I thought Cinder killed her.:: Rogers: Cmdr Reed is injur
  9. ((Starbase 118, Deck 1321)) :: Subspace storms, manifestations of elemental power, ages-old conflicts, and people being possessed were all well and good, but now that the immediate threat of the station being torn apart was over Pandora could turn her attention to what she considered more important things - like making sure the damage the starbase had sustained was made good.:: :: From the reports flooding into her, that was going to be a job that would take concerted, coordinated effort... and a lot of it. So much so, in fact, that she'd simply given up trying to handle it all by more tra
  10. (( Secluded beach, Risa )) :: Kamela had picked a beach house, with its back to the mountains and its front door to the ocean, providing them both with a measure of protection and seclusion. The house was small, with only a small den, kitchen, and bedroom..not that they needed much room. Just off the shores of the crystal blue water, out about one hundred yards, a small island jutted out from the surf, dotted with trees. Lying in bed with the asleep Hannibal, she tried in vain to find the scars made when T'Anas' bullets slammed into him...his dark skin and his healing abilities made the task
  11. ((Sickbay, USS Vigilant)) ::Everyone always said that doctors made the worst patients. Velana knew it to be true of other physicians, but she had always assumed that she was the exception, perhaps because of her innate sense of logic. It would have illogical to do any of the things that doctors usually did when they were on the other side of the tricorder such as self-diagnosing, downplaying symptoms to either get back to work or to appear tougher, or questioning their attending physician’s ability to do their job.:: ::But apparently logic went out the proverbial window when it came to her
  12. ((Lt Richards’ Quarters; Starbase118 Ops)) :: The more Alexander dwelled on things the more he realized he had been very slow to make friends on the Starbase. Sure he had colleagues who he could consider acquaintances but no one he could really call friend. Disappointing as this was to him, he had no one to blame but himself for this turn of events and resolved to rectify the situation over the coming months. After all a strongly bound crew made for a strong team. And a strong team made over coming the stresses of Starfleet life that much easier. :: :: The young man’s mind changed to thought
  13. ((CMO’s Office, Main Sickbay, USS Garuda))::Working with his door open as was his habit, Saveron looked up as a figure eclipsed the view of Sickbay beyond. The face, though familiar, was one to which he would have attributed a very low probability of seeing in that particular location. It belonged to a crewmember with whom he’d had little to do beyond the necessary.::::The Vulcan doctor rose to his feet.::Saveron: Sochya Captain Reynolds.::He offered the ta’al, she replied with a nod.::Saveron: Since your next physical examination is not yet due one can only conclude that you have come seeking
  14. (( First Officer's Quarters, USS Garuda )) ::Discharged from sickbay, sleep was now taking up a great deal of his leave time. It wasn't an unpleasant circumstance, and he was aware that he needed the time to rest and recuperate. Tomorrow, he would be back in uniform for a ribbon presentation, but for now, he was living in pyjamas, stealing naps whenever it suited him, and pottering about his new quarters on the Garuda. ::That had come as something of a shock. He'd believed Quinn, of course, when she'd told him of the damage to the Mercury. But *seeing* it… that was something else. He'd known r
  15. (( Holana Orphanage, Musilla Province, Bajor )) :: Holana orphanage was on fire. It filled Essen’s senses - the acrid smell of smoke, the sound of the crackling flames, the intense oppressive heat pressing down on her.Ess shook her head in confusion. What was she doing back on Bajor? This wasn’t right, the orphanage had never caught fire when she’d lived there. :: CINDER: So this is where you‘ve been lurking? Pretty dull place, really, I’m glad I could make it more interesting. No need to thank me. :: A blazing figure strode out of the grove of Jumja trees. As she did so the trees burst into f
  16. ((Holodeck 2, USS Garuda))) ::She had finally managed to untangle herself from the questions of the Counselor. While Alora understood it was his job, she just didn’t feel comfortable divulging her troubles to him. Maybe once she got to know him a little better she might feel differently, but for now, she was fine simply confiding in her friends. One of those friends just happened to be a certain Vulcan Chief medical Officer whom she knew waited on the holodeck along with his son. The ‘evaluation’ such as it was had taken more time than she expected, so she arrived a minute or so later than
  17. ((Epsilon VII Medical Facility - Counseling and Neuroscience offices)) ::The call has come through from Starfleet Medical, indicating that the USS Excalibur-A, a ship in dire need of a full counseling staff yet barely able to keep one counselor onboard at any given time, was docked back at Starbase 118. Doctor Solan arched a perfectly sculpted Vulcan brow, and idly wondered if it was logical to contact him with such short notice. If he was not an enlightened follower of the Kohlinar, he might have attributed an emotional reasoning to the late orders. His colleagues often said things like ‘th
  18. ((StarBase 118 - Promenade)) ::As the others went off to eat, Tracey considered joining them, but they all seemed still like strangers to her and she didn't feel so hungry as of yet. So she strode through the shopping district of this massive starbase almost aimlessly as her thoughts turned to her adopted Romulan infant still on DS 285, wishing she could return to his side, and soon.:: ::As she walked, she passed by an open doorway where a distinct sound could be heard coming from within. Pausing, she looked into the darkened lounge and could see the silhouette of the massive instrument stan
  19. ((Nygel II aka the Gateway Planet)) DeVeau: Ow. ::Her eyes still refused to focus completely, but they eventually condescended to doing so enough that Alora was able to recognise Rahman.:: Rahman: Ow is right. DeVeau: Ow infinity. ::Those blasted lights kept wriggling and writhing, which almost made Rahman look as if she had a strange case of dancing Venuvian glow pox.:: DeVeau: Dare I ask where we are? Rahman: We're on the cavern floor. Commander Ross and Dr. Saveron are above us. I'm not sure about the others. DeVeau: I was afraid you'd say something like that. ::Her entire body scre
  20. ((Church)) ::Irina never went to church. She was raised Russian Orthodox, and after arriving in the United States her father continued to attend services, but Irina had not stepped foot in a church since leaving Russia. It just made no sense. Since her mother was killed, the whole concept of some happy and wonderful grandpa in the sky looking out for you just didn't work. Those lessons were relearned in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Irina learned that nobody was coming to help her, and that if she was to survive, it would be only by her own wits, and no small amount of pure, blind, chao
  21. Please use this thread for any general discussion or questions about the Top Sims Contest. Do not post praise or criticism for submitted sims in this thread. Instead, post those praise or criticisms in the submitted sim's own thread.
  22. Guest

    Lt Cmdr Atimen - Alone

    (( Ithassa Sector - 2 Years Prior )) ::It had been a long day’s work for the inhabitant of this small shanty on a hill. Wood and plaster like the houses of old, it was a single rectangular structure with singular purpose. A lone mattress lay bare on a corner, along with a portable food replicator unit - not the only technology, for the rest of the room was filled with it.:: ::It was raining. The hardest rain he had yet seen, and he feared for his work. The lush green grass outside soaked up the ambrosia of life, rejoicing in the growth it would bring. The structure might have been made by
  23. ((Shelter ~ SB118 Ops)) ::Wanda was evacuated from main sickbay together with her mother. Wanda was spending days since mother’s injury and sitting by her bed, reading her and talking to her hoping it will wake her mother from coma she was in ever since the end of the first surgery. After all this months, Wanda was almost ready to accept that her mother will not wake up any time soon. Her father couldn’t accept that. He even accepted a desk position aboard the station to can be near his wife, something Wanda considered impossible for her parents.:: ::Though, she considered impossible for th
  24. This is it, the final round of voting for 2013's Top Sim. The winner of this vote will be considered the Top Sim of 2013 -- one of the most highly coveted writing awards in our community. Voting closes automatically at 23:59 Eastern Time on Sunday, December 29, 2013. Please read all three sims before choosing the one you like the best in the poll above. These sims were submitted by members of the community. A panel of judges which consisted of one judge from each ship voted on the best sim from each round. Then, the best sims from each set were culled in run-off rounds. Run-off Round 2 had a
  25. Welcome to Top Sims Contest of 2013! All announcements for the entire 2013 contest will be posted in this thread. The Top Sims contest allows members of our fleet to be recognized by their peers for superior writing ability. Unlike the Writing Challenges, this contest allows only sims that have been used in a current plot to be considered. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES You can submit ANY sim -- from your ship, or another ship. You can submit your own sims if you wish. All sims are welcome, including staff (Captain, First Officer, etc.) sims.The sim must be written with good spelling, good grammar,
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