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  1. ((Corridor near Astrometrics, USS Atlantis)) ::It was the middle of the night, ship's time. The ill-fated reception had ended hours ago, though Sovak had not been required to attend. He had been busy realigning Astrometrics sensors and programming data collation. Grunt work, but an efficient use of his programming skills. That work was interrupted when the Grenushi ambassador's clouds broke loose.:: ::Sovak had suffered the same effects as other telepaths aboard. He still wasn't sure something weird hadn't happened that he didn't remember - he certainly hadn't been in control of himself - bu
  2. ((In a shuttle in space attacking a Borg cube)) :: Tal adjusted his flight path. As he had expected the Borg had not fired on him so their seemed to be little point in his continuing to tax the shuttles maneuvering systems when the enemy seemed to be ignoring him. :: :: Tal doubled checked the distance from him to the shield that was protecting the Borg cube. Soon… very soon in fact at the speed he was travelling so he reached over, tapped a couple controls and brought up the next song. Just hearing it brought back memories of that beach front tavern that Jason had always been dragging him to
  3. (( Private Quarters of Nienne Kenoi; USS Garuda)) :: The color scheme for her new quarters were cream and mauve with accents in a muted green and she approved. Sort of. It was soothing enough and feminine. Alright but not quite what she wanted. No, what she wanted, really wanted, were hardware floors and floor to ceiling windows that let in lots of light and a workspace for her art. She wanted those beaches that turned this lovely shade of pink as the first tendrils of dawn worked their way up into the sky. She wanted that one turquoise wall in her bedroom that always made her mother cringe w
  4. ((Sickbay, USS Atlantis)) ::The Captain entered the cubicle and nodded to the nurse, then to the Kylon.:: BLUEHEART: Is he fit to answer a few questions, nurse? NURSE: response BLUEHEART: ::smiling somberly:: I promise to make it short. NURSE: response :: He shook his head in slight amusement. As if the current situation was going to stop him from talking. Dancing perhaps, and definitely not going rock climbing... but talking he could manage. :: BLUEHEART: Thank you. ::turning to the Grenushi:: Telnoth. ::noticing the neural inhibitors in place:: How are you feeling? ::His eyes darted to the
  5. ((Blueheart’s Quarters, USS Atlantis)) ::Dreams never follow a coherent sequence.. :: ((Dreamscape – flashback to stardate 238908.22)) ((Il Diavolo Blu, Living Museum District, Sigma Iotia II)) BLUEHEART: We have a reservation. ::The girl was in her early twenties. She had on a glittery sheer sleeveless blouse that extended to just below a small waist. A similarly colored pleated skirt barely covered her knees, seemingly attached to her blouse via a loose-fitting silver chain that functioned as a belt, perhaps. Her pitch black short hair stuck to her scalp in undulating rivulets, held in place
  6. ((Conference Room, Deck 1)) ::This was a mutiny! There were all against him! He was completely shocked that they would try and do this to him. Had he not been a good and honest Captain to him? Where was the gratitude and loyalty? :: ::Commander Greir Reinard was not himself and he couldn’t understand why everyone was questioning him. He couldn’t think properly or see past the red mist. He had never behaved like this in his life and everyone in the room seemed to know it was uncharacteristic of him too. :: Reinard: Oh no you don’t! ::Breathing heavily and getting more agitated:: Mutiny! I w
  7. ((Holodeck 2, USS Atlantis)) ::"...back in a bit," Kirosa had told him. He wasn't sure that was true. For a moment, Ren stuck to his place in the tree, watching the Orion ensign launch through the air, descending on the Kalar with her hunting knife high. She seemed to move in slow motion, suspended there too long before making contact with the beast, but at the same time it all happened much too fast.:: ::There was a moment when Ren was distracted by the realization that he'd cut his foot open at some time during his escape from the Kalar. It was a good, long, deep slice, the kind that only
  8. ((Waltas Estate, Ba'ku Homeworld)) ::The wizened eyes locked onto his in the way they always did; the way that smashed through his emotional walls as if they were made of paper. He never could maintain that penetrating gaze, not when he was ten years old and accused (rightfully) of scattering an entire coop of chickens across the village by riding a small wolf through the building, and not at 244 years old when he told her nothing was wrong and that he wasn't leaving.:: LYNTHA: They came for you. WALTAS::Toeing a small hole in the ground with his boot, he answered in the same voice he had w
  9. ((DyAmone Family Quarters ~ USS Atlantis)) ::Wanda returned to her quarters to get some rest before the reception. Talking to Kirosa reminded her of friends she made and lost since she joined Starfleet and deciding to seek them she first contacted one she haven’t seen the longest, James. She opened the com to USS Darwin, in her opinion truly strange looking vessel, but pretty in it’s strangeness. Atlantis’ position inside the corridor made the opening of the communication harder, but once the buoys made the path, the connection will be instantaneous and probably none of them will notice any p
  10. Polling closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, March 9th. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership will choose from the top sims of 2014 Rounds 1-6 to find the best sim that will proceed to the final round of the contest. Please read the sims below, which were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) to find the best sims from each round of Set 1: "I Left My Heart in San Francisco," by Lt. Cade Whitman (PNPC)"I am here, don't you hear me?" by LtCmdr. Jalana Laxyn"Churches," by Irina Pavlova"Fighting Fire with Fire," by Lt. Sinda Essen"Kindred Spirits," by LtCmdr. Wulfantine & L
  11. ((Prak Zel Grand Hotel)) ::The first thing Velana did after checking into her room was to put Maddox down for a nap and take the longest shower possible. Unfortunately, it wasn't as long as she would have liked since her baby started crying about twenty minutes into her steamy bliss.:: ' ::Although still tired and sore, Velana couldn't help but smile as she wrapped herself up in towels and went to sort out what was wrong. This was her life now. Relaxation had just become a luxury.:: ::After she changed Maddox and rocked him back to sleep, she got dressed and combed out her wet hair.
  12. (Turbolift, En Route to Deck 5 – USS Altantis) ::The after-effects of the confrontation with the captain had started to sink in. It was always in hindsight that things often fell into perspective: yes she was angry at the situation: it was unfair, it wasn't right and it showed blatant lack of faith and trust in the Orion simply going around her instead of approaching her with it and explaining why... yet the way she had approached it could have been infinitely better instead of lunging at the captain in blind rage and accusing him of being prejudice, racist and being 'unwilling' to have her le
  13. (Deck 6, Crew Quarters – USS Atlantis) IC: KIROSA: Computer, where the hell is the captain!? ::It was evident at this point that Kyla was furious with some recent news that she had been given that she was off the security detail of the captain. For whatever reason, for whatever happened to her before today, this was it. Enough was enough and she was going to front the captain out about it, in private possibly, but failing that, she would do it in front of the [...] crew, her career was on shaky ground right now (as far as she knew) so why should she try and salvage it if even the CO was agains
  14. ((Commonwealth Holodeck)) Blair: =/\= Blair to Warwick and Braddock, will you gentlemen please join us in the Captain’s Dining room?=/\= Warwick: =/\= Acknowledged. I'll be with you shortly =/\= ::He arrived at the room at the same time as Braddock and gestured for the man to enter first..:: Braddock: You wanted to see us captain? Blair: West: And so have I. There strong. I can taste, and smell and feel things. Braddock: Yeah I have two conflicting thoughts. One says Leah and Michael died on the Tiger and somewhere in the back of my mind I know their still alive. Blair: Warwick: I'm
  15. ((Zakdorn Hospital – Late Night Hours)) ::There was a room waiting for her at some hotel but Aribelle did not even consider staying there. Aribelle instead spent the night at the hospital, sleeping on the uncomfortable stiff couch in the waiting area and catching very little sleep as patients and their families poured in. The damage to the city would take some time to assess and clean up. The natives were surely feeling the effects of such destruction. They were trying to bring back order and sought answers that no one could really give.:: ::She wanted to be close, though, to her crewmates.
  16. (( Marine Holodeck - USS Thunder-A )) :: T'Ana sat on the floor cross legged watching the ship's company of marines practice their combat skills in the holodeck training program, sweat dripping off her face and her careful posed expression of neutral disinterest visible to her six guards. They stood in the corners and center of a rectangular part of the holodeck cordoning her off from the rest of the crew here. :: :: Being a prisoner as long as she had been, certain things had to be taken care of. They were not allowed to keep her in solitary confinement forever and so she was given one hour e
  17. ((Briefing Room - USS Gemini)) :: Liam was beginning to worry he was not getting his point across effectively. He wasn't unfamiliar with confrontation, but it was usually with someone directly opposed to what he was trying to achieve. This was different. He and Hsina were theoretically on the same side. While he wanted to give his officers enough leeway to do their jobs. But not at the risk of putting the rest of the crew at potential risk.:: Frost: This is not a negotiation. You have your position for as long as you demonstrate your ability to do it. If you're not prepared to follow the rul
  18. (( Docking Port 7 – Deep Space 6 )) ::He thanked every star in the quadrant that he was good at forcing his mind to stay focused. For such a large transport ship, it seemed that every single common area was a proverbial madhouse. Then again, he hadn’t spent much time outside of the interior of Federation space, so the more... lively races were still somewhat new to him. He didn’t spend a great deal of time interacting, however. He was now a Starfleet officer, and he had a job to do – namely, that of familiarizing himself as much as possible with the tactical systems and security posture of hi
  19. ((Deciduous Forest - Unknown Realm)) ::She could smell the forest before the darkness faded to reveal it. The sharp, crystalline scent of deciduous chill playfully tickled her nose and was followed by the appearance of colour. Yellows, golds, and oranges were tinged with undertones of red. Beneath her feet, a carpet of the bright hues softened any of her movements but there were still leaves that clung to the limbs and branches, not quite ready to hand over the glory of Autumn to Winter's kiss. It was a scene that held a hint of familiarity among the unfamiliar, a forest of her dreams, perha
  20. ((Observation Lounge, USS Atlantis)) ::Ren Rennyn had arrived in time to find a seat, nod hello to those he'd met, and even learn a few names he didn't know yet. Perhaps typical of a newly formed crew, a few seemed stressed by the travel and the sudden change in assignment. But typical of Starfleet crews, there was always someone with a friendly smile to point out the way. Now, Ren faced something different. Telnoth Haerin, the Grenushi ambassador, was eyeing each of them in turn with a sidelong glance. It wasn't just the condescending tone of his voice or the way he positioned himself away
  21. (Flyer class shuttle “Stinger”) ::Since he was traveling alone, Mitchell had a plotted a different course from any other ship making the journey. Instead of a least time course, instead he had set out in the general direction of the tunnel to DS-26. Which just happened to take him in the direction of Sol. But Earth was not his intended destination. Instead, midway through the journey he adjusted course for a much more historical destination. Since just off the computed course lay Wolf 359, site of the original battle to stop the Borg. :: oO I’ve never been to see it, so why not now? Oo :
  22. ((Evolution Bar, Deck 6, Drive Section)) ::Kael knew that the Commander was put in a difficult position and that in essence it would have been easier for him to simply just squash the issue. But he was doing his best to point out the benefits and was in his own way, fighting for his officers.:: ::It was clear to D'Nal that these Stafleet officers had no problem with the relocation and adoption of this Romulan boy. Turning from them and facing the window to his colony he needed to think. Saying yes, was, something that in his knowledge had never been voluntarily done. Why would you allow
  23. ((Holodeck 3, USS Garuda))) ::Alora's suggestion that they explore their home planets via the holodeck had been eminently agreeable. Her desire to show him her martial training was met with rather more reserve. Vulcans were by nature pacifists, and whilst Saveron understood the principle of being prepared to defend one's self - he himself practiced the Vulcan martial art of Suus Mahna to a high level - he was aware that Terrans as a species still occasionally employed violence purely for it's own sake. That was not a concept that he found easy to equate with what he knew of Ensign DeVeau, and
  24. (( Walter Schirra Interior )) :: Well, it wasn't the best plan, but it was all he had and it had seemed to make sense in the moment. The Mercury crew would be fine, after all, under the wing of a Galaxy-class, and there was nothing more that he could do -- or, indeed, wanted to do -- other than get out as quickly as possible. Of course, then the question really did become where he was going. He answered that in spirit easily enough -- so easily, in fact, that he wondered if he hadn't known the answer before he left: He was going to join his grandfather. Whether or not he was going to assi
  25. ((USS Excalibur - Deck 6 – Brek's Office)) ::After 40 minutes of frantic typing and then some serious editing, Brek was now staring at the final version of his report. It wasn't as long as he had pretended it would be in Intel. Just 500 words of brutal honesty. Once he had come to term with the fact he was the sole person responsible for his behavior, there was actually little to brood about.:: ::He took a sip of the Tarator soup he had replicated moments ago and he winced. It's not that the taste was bad, but, like most healthy food, it looked like something someone else had regurgitated an
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