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  1. Though, I Walk Through the Valley of Death, Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost ((Surgical Suite- deck 4, USS GEMINI)) ::Reid was waiting for his surgical team to get themselves transferred from the USS Wyoming, to the USS Gemini's sickbay during the middle of a battle with a Klingon K't'inga heavy battle cruiser. He realized it had taken him awhile to be tansferred, Why should it be any less time for his crew? It all started aboard the USS Wyoming, where he had been working triage, and then sent to surgery to mend the wounded casualties by patching them up, help stabilize them, storing them anywhere
  2. ((Sickbay - Corbin’s office - USS Darwin)) ::Corbin sighed heavily as he swung his large feet onto his desk and leaned back into his chair. He took his PADD and had it start playing the latest football game he got downloaded from earth recently and then pulled up Dr. Manius’s file. He was still tired from this last mission and ran his free hand through his hair as he looked down at the PADD. :: ::Dr. Manius’s file was full of contradictions. Half was full of praise at his work ethics and his doctor knowledge and skills. The other half was full of complaints both from patients and staff
  3. ((Manius’s Shared Quarters)) ::Todd had been in a place of peace and hadn’t wanted to be disturbed. For some time now he’d been vaguely aware of a piercing sound droning on in the background. As time went on and it didn’t stop the sound seemed to grow more insistent. A throbbing sensation in his temples started to accompany it, dragging him from his half-asleep state. He rolled onto his back, scrunching up his face as the pain in his head intensified. :: Manius: Alarm Off! ::There was sweet silence in the room once again, broken for a moment by a relieved sigh. Waking up more fully and blin
  4. (( Counselling Suite, USS Garuda )) ::When he was still a young child on Earth, the juvenile advocate in New York City insisted that he be entered into regular therapy sessions. The distaste from those days still lingered with him as he pressed his finger to the panel next to the counseling suite. :: :: He had nothing against counselors, of course - those he’d dealt with were some of the most sincere people he’d ever met. It was the therapy process that made him uncomfortable. Seeking it out made him feel as if he were still broken in the same way that eight-year-old boy on Vulcan had bee
  5. (( Prison Colony, Unknown Planet )) :: The descending piece of starship smashed to the ground with a definitive thundering collapse, crushing anything beneath it in moments. They'd ran for it. Staying behind to become hybrid jam at the bottom of the chasm wasn't an option. The jagged edge of the armoured piece had pierced the floor, ripping a chunk of metal from it and sending the two falling through the pit and the light, what light there was, immediately snuffed out as the metal shard scraped along the walls, sealing them inside whatever underground cavern it was.:: :: When Dade had managed
  6. (( The Pit, DSX )) :: In the center pit, a shirtless, holographic Evan was trading blows with a Klingon that towered a good foot higher than the Vulanoid. In neighboring pits, the real Evan was trying to determine how bad his holographic counterparts injuries were. Without the accompanying pain, it was harder to remember that his left knee was badly bruised and that three of his ribs were cracked. :: Still new to the way the fighting system in the pit worked, it was also difficult to remember exactly how his blows would be affected. He couldn’t trust his instincts, and that put him at a disa
  7. (Mitchell’s Quarters - USS Atlantis) ::Mitchell woke up to a pain in his neck. Gingerly, he raised his head and reached up to find the sore spot. He found it on the side of his neck. Groaning he looked around to get his bearings and realized he was on the couch in his quarters.:: oO Ugh, ow! Oo ::He carefully rolled his head, trying to work the crick out his neck. He remembered about making it back to the ship, and stumbling to the couch, then settling in to wait for his stomach to settle for heading for his bed. From the impression on the couch arm, he hadn’t made it off the couch. Slee
  8. IC: ( Before the talk with commander Blueheart ) :: Mitchell and Marcus talked for a while and the Angosian/Betazoid found that he liked to talk with someone that has been in service for as long as he has. In fact Rode had been in service more than him and that allowed to some complicity :: DICKENS: As we don't have a fighter bay, we'll have to use the shuttles or runabout. MITCHELL: Yeah, we can use the pair of Type 9's on board. Their built on a hull form similar to fighters. DICKENS: Type 9's... noted :: he liked the design of the little shuttle :: So, do you have any plans for the rest of
  9. ((Holodeck 2 - USS Atlantis)) ::It wasn't always easy to know another person, but Ren Rennyn had never been afraid to try.:: ::He'd grown up covered in family and friends, a constant stream of need and personality that sent him sometimes running off to the lonely corner of a field for a minute's peace. In the long term, it left him friendly, and open, and craving connection. It left him a little afraid of loneliness.:: ::Out here on Atlantis, with black space drifting by, he felt stifled. He didn't want to be alone, but he needed to think. After the excitement of time with friends on Uzoka
  10. ((Presidential Palace – Kuantan, Uzoka 4)) ::When Marcus left, he took a bit of Raj’s joy with him. Left alone on the wind-swept verandah, Raj turned a sorrowful face towards the nocturnal cityscape that was Kuantan. The air was pregnant with the scent and moisture of a recent drizzle. Somewhere in the distance red lanterns swung lazily, tickled by an invisible finger. He sighed, looking up into the starless black sky. Somewhere high above him in that sea of infinite black, the USS Atlantis hovered, a moth encircling a blue-green marble. His home away from home, away from home. Incredible
  11. Polling closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, June 29th. This is a run-off poll, where our general membership will choose from the top sims of 2014 Rounds 7-13 to find the best sim that will proceed to the final round of the contest. Please read the sims below, which were chosen by a panel of judges (one from each ship) to find the best sims from each round of Set 1: Round 7: Aron Kells & Arden Cain: "The Seeker"Round 8: Liam Frost & Hsina Amman, "Qualifications"Round 9: Tyr Waltas, "Here we go again"Round 10: Raj Blueheart, "Dreams Made Of Memories (Part 2)"Round 11: Nienne Kenoi, "A Moment
  12. ((In a shuttle in space attacking a Borg cube)) :: Tal adjusted his flight path. As he had expected the Borg had not fired on him so their seemed to be little point in his continuing to tax the shuttles maneuvering systems when the enemy seemed to be ignoring him. :: :: Tal doubled checked the distance from him to the shield that was protecting the Borg cube. Soon very soon in fact at the speed he was travelling so he reached over, tapped a couple controls and brought up the next song. Just hearing it brought back memories of that beach front tavern that Jason had always been dragging him to
  13. ((Transporter Room 1 - USS Atlantis)) TRANSPORTER CHIEF: Nope. ::Ren tried not to whine. How could he not have made it in time for the beamout?:: REN: Can you tell me when the next beamdown is? TRANSPORTER CHIEF: Nuh uh. Don't know. ::Ren grumbled, but nodded his thanks. Who else would know, or be able to assign him to a landing party?:: ((Bridge - USS Atlantis)) ENSIGN YZA: Nope. ::The Bolian helm officer gave Ren a scowl. He kept taking all the good jobs from her, leaving her to stand on the side of the bridge and wait for hours at a time. Such was the fate of a relief officer. Now s
  14. (( Imperia Solorum - Lokesh City )) :: Even with as much of a gentleman that Harrington considered himself, when it came to looking the part, he had left that to his resident Orion. Velitha had a knack for picking out the right clothes for the right job and they always gave him the edge that he wanted. At the moment, he wore a plain tuxedo with the black bow tie and a simple white flower, the color being only in the gold cufflinks around his wrists. He stood in the luxurious lobby of the magnificent building studying his reflection in the gray marble floors. :: :: Looking up from his musings i
  15. ((Forward Torpedo Launch Bay, Deck Fourteen, USS Excalibur-A)) ::Teyvion had been on the upper gantry of the torpedo bay, looking down he could see the empty casket draped with the Federation Standard. He knew it was only a symbolic gesture, everyone did. It was a blessing that it was on the torpedo loading system, so no-one would have to feel the absence of weight.:: ::His mind cast itself back a few years to a funeral he had attended for another member of the twenty-third, not from his unit but they had been the ones who had found him. They'd been assigned to search the ruins of Ohmallera,
  16. ((Deck 3 - USS Atlantis)) ::Ren Rennyn arrived outside his quarters to find a nervous Vulcan waiting for him.:: SOVAK: Ren. I... Hello. ::The look on Sovak's face said he was eager to talk. His body language said he was anxious to run away.:: RENNYN: Yeah, I Hello, too. ::Ren didn't know how to feel. He'd known Sovak since their first day at the Academy. They'd been roommates through thick and thin in some of the most stressful, intense, significant years of their lives, training to be officers and explorers of the galaxy. Sovak had been through a lot in his quest to become a better Vulca
  17. ((Gymnasium, USS Atlantis)) ::Ravenscroft stormed in as soon as the doors slid open, snatching a pair of red boxing gloves from the wall and shoving his hands into them roughly as he made a beeline towards his favorite section of the gym. He stopped abruptly. That sound. No. Someone was abusing his punching bag!:: ::As he drew cautiously nearer, his face all red from anger and frustration and embarrassment, he stopped short once again. The Vulcan who had punched his nose was now punching the life out of the cylindrical jet-black bag.:: RAVENSCROFT: ::expression somewhere between shock and amus
  18. ((Road of the Mind)) ::Being stuck in the mind was never funny, but being stuck in somebody else’s mind was even less.:: ::Sayre was aware they are in Ireya’s mind, he could make some minor changes in the environment, but everything here was far too playful and in pink-purple shades, that it was obviously girls playground. He was pretty overwhelmed with a smell of thousands of flowers. Most of them were pretty familiar, but the size was wrong. They were all oversized. Oversized so much he thought they fell into a giants land.:: ::So fully aware that they are in her mind, Sayre was afraid if
  19. ( Jeffries Tube Alpha 35 - USS Ursa Major - 7 years prior to current events ) oO Ah, c'mon! This is the third time this week. Oo :: Sparks flew around Eileen's knees as she scooted backwards rapidly to avoid an arcing connection. They'd been working on Ursa Major's sensor suite for too long now, in her estimation. It'd become almost expected for there to be new glitches and cross-connections with the varied work teams trying their best to speed the upgrade under the circumstances they were in. Smoke began to issue forth from the hub she'd been working on and with little thought she pushe
  20. ((USS Tomcat 1 January 2391 - Alternate Reality)) ::Just over a year has passed since the Federation forces began a fighting retreat, and the Special Operations Units of the Federation did one extraction after another now those remaining forces gathered and restocked what they could out at Wolf 359. Word came in that Earth was under attack and unlike the Breen attack in the First Dominion war, the Dominion went past the ethical line and launched two Anti-matter warheads on Starfleet instillations one in Paris the other on SFA. That was last year in December and the anti-matter bombs had the ex
  21. ((Unknown)) ::Sunlight splashed into the [...]pit of the fighter, blinding her. Raising a suited hand, she blocked the light, squinting her eyes open just enough to make out her surroundings. That was when she realized that her hand wasn’t suited, and the light wasn’t pouring into her [...]pit.:: ::Pulling herself up she looked around. Everything seemed unfamiliar and dark, except for the area where she sat. The five or so feet around her was like a piece of home; the feeling of tarmac under her made her look in the direction where her plane should have been. But it wasn’t there. Only the st
  22. (( Evan Delano’s Quarters, Deck 9, USS Garuda )) :: At this range, subspace communications were sometimes difficult to arrange, but Starfleet had gone to great lengths to establish a secure, fast network that allowed live communication with most of the core Starfleet worlds. That being said, Evan’s mother still accused him of not calling often enough. :: DELANO: Mom, I called you a week ago. I can’t help when we’re out of range of the subspace relays. SUSAN: You could still write, or record a message. DELANO: :: sighing :: I’ll try to do that more often. Did you get the package I sent? S
  23. ((Science Lab - Duronis II Embassy)) ::S'Kahh looked at the cube suspended in the air over the tech labs console. He knew there was a containment field around it, but its presence was only notable though the nearly imperceptible whine it gave off as air passed though the field. He felt it more than heard it, whiskers twitching as the sound travelled though them.:: Rossh: Computer, begin a level three scan of the object. ::Lights flickered across the console for a moment before the computer replied, listing off the materials the device was constructed of. Some of the materials were quite ex
  24. Submitter Note: In Part 1, Major Parker was relieved by Colonel Waltas for the position of Chief of Marines. This did not go down well and after a few insults, this occurred. ((CIC Office, Embassy)) :: Hannibal unleashed a wild haymaker, designed to take off Waltas’ head, but barely missed, with Waltas’ guiding Hannibals’ momentum over the desk and smashing the mast holding the Marine Corps flag, scattering PADDS and other debris all over the floor. While Hannibal was getting up, Waltas began to taunt him..::: WALTAS: So far the only thing you're good at is breaking furniture, Marine. Maybe
  25. ((Sickbay - USS Atlantis)) ::Lynn assured Sovak his confidentiality would be maintained, and the Vulcan explained that, unlike other Vulcans, he had failed to achieve control over his emotions. If this were a Vulcan ship, that would be considered exactly the kind of danger to the crew that would require Lynn to break his confidence. Fortunately, this was not a Vulcan ship. Which was great, because as the lowest ranking ops officer, Sovak would have hated cleaning up after all those meditation candles.:: ::Sovak attempted to explain himself further, but he was distracted, not only by the unco
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