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  1. (( Brig; F.M.S. Krayvet ))Falcon: Worst case, yeah, they’ll know we’re up to something and come stop us. I’m banking on them wanting to keep at least one person in here alive. If they come into get her, that’s our opening. Trel’lis: With my prior Security and Tactical training, I can be useful on all fronts. Taelon: That’s good, at least… ::glances at the Diva and her manager:: Trel’lis: It’s not difficult to locate hidden panels, when you know *what* you’re looking for, tactile-wise.::Taelon started heading toward the forcefield, with Trel’lis looking on. Her science and security experts w
  2. ((Restaurant, Starbase 11)) ::Loleh sat alone at a tiny table located in the corner of the restaurant. The whole place had a quaint feel to it. There was a mixture of different cultures, which made sense as the restaurant specialized in serving famous dishes from different Federation worlds. Surprisingly, she had found a traditional Al-Leyan dish on the menu. Despite her instinct telling her not to try it, she couldn't help but get a taste of home. She specifically requested that they make it for a native. Similar to the Thai dishes on Earth, she found that most places replicated Al-Ley
  3. ((Holodeck 1, USS Darwin-A)):: Valdivia had initially meant to come back to Camelot, check how the population was doing against the dragon. He knew the creature was programmed not to attack the city itself, so they were mostly safe, but the simulation could have interesting points for every character involved. The city would go on. But would Lancelot or Gawain? Would any of the knights decide to take on the dragon? He wanted to know, but he would also feel bad going in without at least telling Varaan, whether he decided to join or not. Also, although that would be easily solvable, there was th
  4. ((Corridors just outside the Intel offices)) ::Outside the intel office sector, officers and crew members alike were roaming the corridors, weaving past each other as they tried to reach their destination. Akoni was surprised that she had yet to bump into anyone as officers zipped past her in speeds that could be considered reckless. As she rounded a corner, she found that most of the holodecks were unoccupied, as determined by the green light that hung above most of the sliding doors. The final door at the end of the hallway would do, since people would probably avoid accidentally
  5. Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.~ Francois Rabelais(( Trill - Laxyn Residence )) :: Time was one of the few things one never had enough of. One of the things that one needed more of, no matter what. But sometimes there was too much time and there was no way to fill a cosmic time account balance and use it for later. If so Jalana would have some extra hours on it now to use on something important. :::: The silence in the room was eerie. At some point her mind had turned off the receptors for the steady beep coming from the life-signs scanne
  6. ((Deck 11, Security offices, USS Darwin – A, On route to Outpost Unity)) ::The mission was over.. well the ‘recover the Captain’ one was anyway, it was something that was always a little awkward for the Assistant Security Chief, trained as he had been to view everything he did as almost a mission in its self. His Boot Camp Sargent always maintained that there was only ever one mission, and that was ‘Yourself’. If you worked that mission to your full ability then wherever you were or whatever you were tasked to do made little difference, as ‘Your’ mission meant the rest would fall i
  7. ((Deck 7, Shayne's Quarters, USS Darwin-A)) ::The room would be considered chilly by most humans, downright frigid by Vulcans, and almost seasonal to Andorians. He liked it cold. It seemed that the temperature of his surroundings was directly proportional to his ever-temperamental stomach. The hotter he was, the more uncomfortable he felt.:: ::His quarters were spartan. Small things that no one else would recognize decorated the room here and there. A framed patch collection, cultivated over the years, hung on the wall. A small table stood near the chair in which he now reclined. Up
  8. (( The Wagon Wheel, Deck 95, D2285 )) :: Having taken some time to debate whether he actually needed all the extra things he usually lined his belt and pockets with while on duty just for a quick trip to explore the local color of the starbase the Doyle-A had been assigned to, and successfully achieving a compromise that was far less straining for the plain black cargo pants he had chosen to don that day, Akeen had quickly maneuvered toward a destination he hoped would remind him of home - the one that moved through space, to be precise. A few polite inquiries with the members
  9. (( Upper Promenade - Deep Space 285 )) :: With the JAG meeting completed, John pretty much had nothing else to do, which was a good thing because he wanted to take a look at all the cool things the future seemed to have. It was a very strange feeling, knowing everything that was going on around him, but being surprised when he encountered them. The turbolifts, the replicators (especially the replicators) and the strangest aliens he had ever seen. What was really mind boggling was the fact that he was clear across the galaxy and the star that Earth orbited could not even be seen! :: :: Le
  10. ((Bridge, Deck 1 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Maxwell Traenor sat in the center chair of the bridge, thumbing across a PADD with idle attention. His mind wandered at times to his past, where he would have one of these data devices seemingly attached to his hand. A long career as a journeyman stellar cartographer had meant that he was used to perusing reams of scanned data and would carry one (or several) of these wherever he was - work, meals, the Promenade of whatever starbase he was stationed on, even to bed. As an older cadet at the Academy, he had carried one constantly, what with studying
  11. ((Bridge, Uss - Darwin)) Brell: =/\= I only have one other thing to say. This has destroyed your legacy and how we will all look at you in our minds. I can only think to ask one other thing, was there a point ever you thought of turning on your orders and begging the captain to shelter you instead? =/\= Iy: ::the J'naii looked contrite:: =/\= There is no point in lying. No, I was always steadfast in my ideals, in my mission to treat Renos. However, I never wanted nem to suffer through the process. Though ne has, it was against my wishes, and whatever regret I have is t
  12. (( Flynn's Beach House - Little Risa - Starbase 118 Commercial Sector )) Larson: How's the water? Trel'lis: Very refreshing and cool! Larson: :: Smiling. :: Sounds like I need to start being in the water then. Larson: Do we know what kind of break it is here? Trel'lis: I think Mister Fynn would know that better than any of us, to be honest. ::shrugs:: Whittaker: :: to the group :: Ahoy there! Trel'lis: Ahoy there too, Commander! :: Looking up at the sound the voic
  13. ((Medical Offices - Starbase 118)) ::Damien Bagwell the third, or "Big D" as he liked to call himself, was busy preparing for his next shift in Sickbay. A rather sweet gig, he thought personally. Lots of attractive females in distress, totally needing a tanned, toned dose of comforting in their time of need. And he, was often on hand to offer such a service. The only downside, was the unfairly attractive new CMO, she was a sweet looking redhead with a fiery temper to match. She just didn't "get" him. Something about "integrity of the position" or some medical babble like that. To be fair,
  14. ((WestPoint, Betazed)) ::Kalos stepped on to the pad and seconds later he materialized at the WestPoint. A large complex build by and for the wealthy of the nation. There were a few skyscrapers with state of the art apartments and for those with even more money there were large villa’s located at edge of the river. At least one of those belonged to his parents. He made his way to the river, crossed a small bridge and then found himself in front of a large steel gate. The gate was closed and a security guard wearing a company uniform stood guard. :: Guard: Evening sir. How may I h
  15. ((Sickbay, Deck 10, USS Darwin-A)) ::An unexpected visit from Lieutenant Logan querying a serum to be used on the Captain in an aid to help move nem as it would seem a boarding party could arise in an attempt to recover the Captain from nir captives. After what could have been a heated debate between Kurt and Isabel about evacuating a patient safely, both doctors were on par about their decision to say no to the drug. Doctors Cook and Pond now stood over the body of the late Janel Tarna. The interruption had for a second clouded the thoughts of the pair.:: Pond: So, where were we?
  16. ((Conference Room 2, Deck 2 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Watching the Senior Staff head out of the Conference room, Kurt rose slowly to his feet he needed to speak with several department heads to request some equipment from them just in case…:: Logan oO Any action on an enemy controlled site has so many ‘ifs’ and conditions that can cause things to turn against you so quickly there’s no way to think of them all let alone be equipped for them. We just have to try and find the most adaptable equipment that covers the majority of problems and then …….. work hard and hope Oo ::Moving round
  17. OOC: Set during the intruder alert and search for Lynn Mayr. ((Brig, USS Gorkon)) ::Quinn's heart was thumping in her chest when she arrived at the maroon doors that served as the entrance to the brig, and not just because of the speed at which she had hurried there. ::She paused, taking a breath and steeling herself to step inside -- then almost jumped out of her skin when the doors parted of their own accord. Brunsig stomped out, his brow knotted and lips thin, and very nearly collided with her. She squeaked in soft surprise, darting
  18. ((Saloon, Reverie Rock)) ::Kaji and Nugra had talked along the way, and she thought they had an idea what was going on. They were sure it was some sort of dream because they could remember waking for brief moments. Kaji had no idea where to start looking for Ben, but she was sure if they got to the bottom of this dream, they'd be able to make sure he was safe. She kept glancing at the Gorn walking alongside her, his stride covering two of hers so she had to jog to keep up. He was furious. She could feel it radiating off him without her empathic skills. He didn't mention the confession she
  19. ((Nicu Icavoc’s Quarters, Deck 7 - USS Darwin-A)) ::Maybe it was because Nicu Icavoc was already in an uncharacteristically bad mood that he decided to put the doctor on the spot. Maybe he wanted to understand what sort of knowledge the medical team were working with and how much support he could realistically expect from him. He watched Graeme closely looking for any signs of nervousness as he answered his question.:: Icavoc: Tell me Doctor, what exactly do you know about Dokkaran medicine? Cook: I know enough to know that most our drugs have no effect on y
  20. (( Doctor's Office, Reverie Rock )) :: Bam Bam had left and Alex sat in his office trying to see what he could and could not control. He also went over the details he could remember of the last 3 days. Time didn't move quite right and his realization that he was in a dream intrigued him. He had tried to wake up, but for some reason, he couldn't. :: Faranfey: Alex, darling. :: She said as she entered the office, putting the rifle carefully on the table. :: :: Alex turned to see Selene, her clothing changed and the signs of pregnancy gone. His hear
  21. (( Saloon - Reverie Rock )) :: The parasite’s avatar, Scorpion walked into the saloon with a face of sheer triumph. Nugra knew the thing realized he found the source of the dreamworld and the moment of truth had arrived. Scorpion: After all these eons, I have finally found you. Hiding as a simple drunk. How ingenious. Lucky: We all knew this day was coming. :: Nugra glared from the dirty drunk to the bandit who stood in the doorway of the saloon. The energy in the room had intensified and an imaginary heat could be felt basking on his face. It was clear now that Scorpion wa
  22. ((Invicta – T’Lea’s Quarters)) :: T’Lea was sitting on her couch in silence, not really meditating, but thinking about her conversation with Ms. Moonsong when the door chimes rang.:: :: A moment more passed as if she hadn’t heard the announcement, and then she rose to her feet.:: T’Lea: Enter. :: Her voice was calm, and so was her response when Rune walked in.:: Jolara: ::jaw set:: We need to talk. :: It didn’t take eyes to see that Jolara was in a hostile mindset, one that T’Lea didn’t want to deal with.:: T’Lea: Now is not a good time.
  23. (( Toran Sevo’s Quarters - U.S.S. Gorkon )) :: What a wild day. It started as a nice, refreshing time out with some of the Gorkon’s crew on the Helase. He had intended to let his alternate/future self, Ayiana, “out on the town.” They spent several hours on the Helase, with Toran steering her into the casino and some much-needed life experience. He left her to her friends and crewmates, and wandered off on his own. It didn’t last, however, as the face that had haunted Toran the past month had suddenly popped up on every screen in the ship. Erik Jansen. The man responsible for the de
  24. "To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." ~ Phyllis Theroux (( Trill - Laxyn Residence )) :: While being in space it was easy to forget about time. Boardtime did not replace the sight of dawn and sunsets, the biological clock used to find its rhythm. On a starship that clock took a while to adjust and slowly began to use shifts instead. The problem with that was, that once the body was used to that, it was difficult to pull out again. So it could happen easily that once one sat foot on their home planet after a long time gone, the body did not
  25. ((Flynn’s Beach House - Little Risa)) ::Mirra Ezo laid on the ground, with her hair spread out in a fan around her head like a fiery halo. The last few days had been difficult, to say the least, and her empathic senses felt battered and bruised. With her eyes closed, she focused on her breathing in an attempt to recharge. While normally she would wander through the lush green of Central Park in the New York district, she currently found herself lounging on a beach towel, her bare toes digging into the warm sand as the artificial tide ebbed and flowed just below her.. Sh
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