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  1. Romulans extend invitation to Federation President Bacco for state visit By T'Vas Stardate 239203.18 After the destruction of Romulus (pictured) and Remus in 2387 by the Hobus supernova, factions within the Romulan Star Empire have been battling for legitimacy, with Rator III's claim emerging as the strongest. RATOR III — The new Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire has invited Federation President Bacco to give an address before the legislative body in what would be an historic occasion. Foreign affairs analysts see the move as an attempt by the new Senate on Rator III to secure its
  2. Tragedy on the USS Atlantis By Ens. Sabrina Holly Stardate 239203.12 PIKTAR SYSTEM — The chief engineer of the USS Atlantis has been killed during a critical mission after an explosion aboard the vessel. The crew of the USS Atlantis has suffered a major setback during their mission to Bravo Outpost responding to the Prometheus crisis. They had sent an away team down to the outpost to deliver biological samples to the scientists and left the rest of the crew on the ship to aid a diplomatic emissary of the Jenataris Cloud Dancers. The Atlantis had been experiencing a series of tremors, the most
  3. HAVE YOUR SAY: Nikael Kalre's Open Letter The Issue: Two weeks ago the Federation New Service received an open letter from known terrorist and leader of the Maquis Reborn Nikael Kalre which spured a hot debate in the offices. Eventually Editor in Chief Reza Kardgar made the decision the publish the article with a short foreword from himself, over the strong objections of many staffers including notable columnist Maronida Shiir. Since that time Mr. Kardgar has been personally vilified in the press and media, despite framing the action as an exercise in free speech. Protestors have gathered out
  4. Unrest continues on Inox as citizens demand reform By Reza Kardgar Stardate 239203.03 Martial law has been declared in Grand Karra City, the capital of Inox. INOX SYSTEM — Demonstrations have continued on the non-aligned planet Inox, with anger at the government at an all-time high after a prominent official was cleared of corruption charges last month. Four weeks after Commissioner Ureshn Kilas was cleared of allegations that he had tampered with last year's parliamentary elections, protesters show no signs of backing down as they clashed with security forces. "We will not have our voic
  5. FNS Situational Briefing: 239202.07 Stardate 239202.07 From demonstrations on Inox to a blackout on Earth, the FNS Situational Briefing brings you the top stories happening now across the quadrants. 1: Demonstrations after Inoxan official cleared of corruption charges INOX SYSTEM — Protests and demonstrations have broken out across several major cities on Inox after a high-ranking government official was found not guilty of a dozen corruption charges. In a lengthy and highly publicized trial in the Inoxan capital of Grand Karra City, Commissioner Ureshn Kilas had been charged with tampe
  6. HAVE YOUR SAY: Federation Transport Union Strike The Issue The Federation Transport Union, citing continued Nausicaan pirate attacks and Klingon raids that have killed dozens of transport crews, is currently on strike. All shipping and transit runs have been suspended, including those of 812 major shipping carriers. The Transport Union argues that President Nan Bacco and the Federation Council have not done enough to protect the shipping routes, particularly those connecting the outer colonies to the core worlds. President Bacco, who unsuccessfully attempted to avert the strike late last ye
  7. Peace talks between Brekka and Ornara end with a fistfight between planetary ambassadorsBy Vian NovaStardate 239201.19 ORNARA — Peace talks between the two civilizations of Ornara and Brekka came to a spectacular end today when an Ornaran ambassador threw a fist at a Brekkian delegate. The sudden aggression by Ambassador Wenrequi Cartop was reportedly caused by "an offensive remark regarding the Ornaran people" from the Brekkian delegate Renei Oberm. The Brekkian delegate denies this remark was ever made. Having finally removed the addictive drug felicium, of which was initially supplied t
  8. President Nan Bacco assures colonists relief aid as Transport Union strike continues By Reza Kardgar Stardate 239201.16 ESPERANCE -- Federation President Nan Bacco has assured colonists that relief aid will be provided as the Federation Transport Union strike entered its third week, but those in the outer colonies are doubtful of the president and the Federation's convictions. "The Federation does not back out of its obligations," said Bacco in a speech from the Palais de la Concorde in Paris, Earth, earlier this week. "I want to assure all our citizens, particularly those colonists now
  9. Siege of DSX ends as Maquis leader escapes Stardate 239112.28 MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Starfleet and Cardassian forces have wrestled back control of Deep Space 10 from the Maquis Reborn, but the perpetrators remain at large. "The terror is now over," said DSX security officer Lieutenant Lidia Ivanova. "It's up to us—Federation and Cardassian—now to help rebuild and remain resilient." Following the bombing of Deep Space 10's main medical center and assassination of the station's Cardassian CO Gul Tolas Dajhul by Nikael Kalre and the Maquis Reborn, the crew of the USS Garuda worked quickly
  10. CYGNET XIV — After several years of governmental reform, the Cygnetian governmental crisis ends with a new Constitution, government and remains within the Federation. Last week, the reformed Cygnetian Assembly, containing members directly elected from various districts rather than the previous Circles and Councils, passed the Second Cygnetian Treaty of Unification, a treaty that finalizes the new government and constitution, by a vote of 690-63, with most of the holdouts being the core of the previous clans on the Council of Matriarchs. This treaty focuses on liberalizing the
  11. STARBASE 74 – The court-martial proceedings against Commander Victor Yaeger, previously the commanding officer of the USS Astraeus, are scheduled to begin today. Yaeger presided over the accidental stranding of the Astraeus, resulting in the deaths of 46 members of his crew. Though Yeager and his attorneys have been tight-lipped about the specifics of their defense strategy, Yeager is expected to plead not guilty to more than a dozen separate charges, including conduct unbecoming an officer, dereliction of duty, and gross negligence. The incident occurred while Yeager was serving as
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