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  1. INTAR SYSTEM — With the impending departure of USS Kumari, Captain Yineth Nikara arrived today to assume command of Starfleet forces in the area. Hailing from the highlands of the Rakantha Province, Yineth Nikara was born during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. The son of a member of Bajor’s ruling body, the Council of Ministers, he became an agent for the Bajoran Resistance at the age of eight, after the murders of his father and elder brother. View the full article
  2. SAN FRANCISCO — The United Earth Parliament published its calendar of sitting dates for 2394, revealing which cities will host the planetary legislature during its two plenary sessions next year. Nouakchott will host the February session, and Punta Arenas will host the August session. Committee meetings and any emergency sessions will sit at the parliament’s permanent facility in San Francisco. “The ‘traveling parliament’ scheme was created in 2387, when it was decided to finally renovate and expand the current parliament complex in San Francisco,” says Jay McCloskey, Assistant Direc
  3. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Starfleet officials reported today that the academy received its lowest number of applications in nearly three decades, as the organization struggles to reshape itself and compete against a growing number of civilian alternatives for deep space exploration. “I want to make clear that while we did have a lower than expected volume of applications, the number of applicants still exceeded the number of available spots,” said Arun Mehta, Dean of Admissions at the academy. “This year’s incoming class continues the proud Starfleet tradition of upholding the highest standa
  4. Richard Janon reports from Forward Operating Base Gwalior on Intar near the Tzenkethi border, which opened to fanfare, musical performances, and a surprise starship landing. When the Federation was first contacted by the Intaran Executive Council, little did they know it would take three Starfleet captains to negotiate for a joint Federation/Intaran base. Despite their request for a meeting with a Starfleet representative, the Executive Council turned away Captain Jonas Han[...] of the USS Indominable, requesting that Starfleet send a representative “of great stature”. In res
  5. INOX SYSTEM — Despite its promises last year since taking power, the new government on Inox remains unable to provide its citzens with basic needs as it continues to battle competing factions. View the full article
  6. PARIS, EARTH — Federation President Narala has appointed the newest member of her cabinet: Ambassador Lily Ventu to the post of Secretary of the Exterior. “Ambassador Ventu has ably served the Federation in a diplomatic capacity for many years. She has firsthand experience in representing us to our galactic neighbors, and I can think of no one better skilled to advance our interests beyond our frontiers,” said the President in a brief statement to the press announcing the appointment. View the full article
  7. CARDASSIA PRIME – The closure of the Headquarters Allied Reconstruction Forces today marked the first time that Starfleet has had not an active presence on the Cardassian homeworld since the end of the Dominion War. Located in the Coranum Sector of the capital city of Cardassia City, HARF–as it has come to be known by its staff and local residents–has spent the past seventeen years assisting in restoring the shattered infrastructure and rendering aid to the battered Cardassian people in the wake of the Jem’Hadar’s genocidal rampage in the dying hours of the quadrant’s bloodiest confli
  8. PARIS, EARTH – A long and contentious election year has finally reached its apex today as Narala formally began her term as Federation President. An estimated one million people attended today’s inauguration in Paris, and billions more watched the event live as it was transmitted to all corners of the Federation on subspace. While the festivities did not officially begin until 10:00h local time, the streets of Paris’ 8th arrondissement were lined with spectators since just after midnight. Official estimates indicate that nearly one in three people who attended the inauguration were fr
  9. PARIS, EARTH – On the penultimate evening of her extraordinary thirteen-year term, outgoing President Nanietta Bacco delivered her farewell address to the Federation. Speaking from her office on the fifteenth floor of the Palais de la Concorde, Bacco began by reflecting on a 500-year-old quote by Earth leader Red Cloud: “My sun is set. My day is done. Darkness is stealing over me. Before I lie down to rise no more, I will speak to my people.” “While these words seem most fitting for someone approaching an end,” Bacco said, “I actually had them in mind thirteen years ago when
  10. ANORIA XII – The Colonial Coalition announced today a conference that will take place on the colony world of Anoria XII, to be chaired by Trill Chief of Staff Anaria Kthria. “We are happy that the Federation and President-elect Narala are sincere in their desire to discuss our problems, but it will take more than words to reach an equitable arrangement and to prevent this from happening again,” said Zirathi Tormsa, a spokesperson for the Colonial Coalition who stood in front of the new debate hall at the University of New Madrid where the conference will take place. “We are one Federa
  11. BOLARUS IX - A starship construction company announced a new and controversial business venture to create a drone fleet to augment Starfleet and planetary defense forces in the Bolian system, with possible expansion across the Federation. View the full article This story was written by the writer for David Cody. Submit your own FNS story today!
  12. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH - The United Earth government has pledged its full support to the Federation in ensuring the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Narala goes smoothly. "As the seat of the Federation government, it is the unique privilege of all citizens of Earth to witness such historic events as a presidential inauguration on our soil," said Yu Xiùlán, ombudsperson for the United Earth Ministry for Justice, in San Francisco. "It is likewise our unique duty to do all we can to guarantee the environment is secure, orderly, and memorable for all who will be taking part in the festivitie
  13. NIMBUS III - Federation President-elect Narala has left her home planet of Nimbus III this morning, en route to her inauguration on Earth. In keeping with the tradition observed by many of her predecessors, she will undertake an informal tour of Federation member planets during the trip. View the full article
  14. RATOR III - After touring a handful of Romulan worlds, Federation President Nan Bacco ended her state visit to the Romulan Star Empire with a speech before the Imperial Senate. As celebrations for the new year began back on Earth, Bacco spoke to her hosts at the new capital of the Empire, Rator III. “I am moved by the resilience of the Romulan people in the aftermath of such tragedy,” said the president during her address before the Romulan legislature. “Everywhere I went, I saw not just the determination to rebuild but also the hope for better things.” Read the rest of the article at the FNS
  15. NEW ROMULUS – As Federation President Bacco continues her trip through the Romulan Star Empire, the visit has drawn harsh criticism from the Congress of the Romulan Republic. Continue reading the rest of the article at the FNS website. FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  16. ZEVARUS PRIME — Federation President Nan Bacco arrived in Romulan territory, becoming the first sitting president to visit the Romulan Star Empire since the turn of the 24th century. Continue reading the rest of the article at the FNS website. FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  17. PARIS, EARTH — As voters across the Federation scramble to get their ballots in before the 2392 presidential election period ends, the staff for the incumbent, President Nan Bacco, is racing to complete preparations for the president’s state visit to the new capital of the Romulan Star Empire in what will be the final achievement of her administration. Continue reading the rest of the article at http://fns.news FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  18. GHDAR I — The Gorn Hegemony announced to the Federation that it wishes to open new dialogue between the two powers and rebuild relations that have chilled since the Gorn invasion in 2383. Continue reading the rest of the article at http://fns.news This article was written by Colonel Nugra of the USS Doyle-A. Submit your own news story to the FNS! FNS Home FNS Data Feed FNS on FB
  19. President Bacco leads tributes to Ambassador Spock Stardate 239211.28 MOUNT SELEYA, VULCAN – Outgoing Federation President Nan Bacco spoke today at a memorial service that took place on Vulcan’s most sacred of peaks to honor the late Ambassador Spock on the fifth anniversary of his passing. Speaking against the backdrop of the Hall of Ancient Thought, the President of the United Federation of Planets spoke warmly about the iconic diplomat. “Spock’s contributions to the course of the history of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants go without saying," said Bacco. “We are left poorer without his sage adv
  20. Massive unrest on Cygnet XIV after revelation of planned bio attack By Amelia Kerellian Stardate 239211.20 Protests at the Federation Embassy have grown since the announcement of the planned attack and Starfleet's enforcement of a gag order by the Cygnetian government. CYGNET XIV — Protests and demonstrations erupted at the Federation Embassy and across the planet following the announcement that news of a planned bio attack had been suppressed earlier this year by the government and Starfleet Command. On stardate 239211.09, a terrorist plot to release a deadly bio-virus was detected by
  21. Subspace relay network disruption leaves billions cut off from wider Federation By T'Vas Stardate 239211.07 Aging infrastructure such as subspace relay stations badly in need of repairs and upgrades was blamed for yesterday's outage. MONASH SECTOR - Several worlds and outposts across the Monash sector were cut off from the Federation subspace relay network temporarily before communications were quickly restored. "There was a short outage in the network due to a faulty subspace relay station that led to a cascade failure, but the problem has been resolved," said Iris Kena, general manager of
  22. Bolians protest Cardassian practice of wearing of Bolian skin clothing By Nash Blaxland Stardate 239209.25 The skin of Bolians was prized material for clothing on Cardassia until a ban nearly a century ago.STARBASE 118 — Nearly one hundred Bolians and several dozen others staged a sit-in outside the Diplomatic Corps offices on Starbase 118 today, protesting the Cardassian practice of wearing Bolian skins as garments. A delegation of Cardassian dignitaries arrived on Starbase 118 last night to discuss a scientific and cultural exchange with the Federation. One of the attendees at the welcome r
  23. Policy changes put future of New Zealand Penal Settlement in doubt By Nash Blaxland Stardate 239208.28 Among the facilities affected by the proposed changes is the New Zealand Penal Settlement. AUCKLAND, EARTH — Policy changes within the United Earth Ministry for Justice may force the closure of the Federation Penal Settlement in New Zealand. The Ministry today announced a series of proposed organizational changes to Earth’s corrections system, which could come into effect as early as next year. One of the changes requires that all correctional institutions on Earth, Luna and Mars be ope
  24. President Bacco accepts invitation to visit new Romulan capital By T'Vas Stardate 239208.02 After the destruction of Romulus (pictured) and Remus in 2387 by the Hobus supernova and years of infighting, Rator III has emerged as the new capital of the Romulan Star Empire. PARIS, EARTH — The Palais de la Concorde announced that President Bacco has accepted an invitation to visit the new Romulan capital of Rihan on Rator III later this year. The new Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire had extended the invitation to the Federation President earlier this year in a move widely seen by fore
  25. Federation President to attend launch of bold venture in interstellar diplomacy Stardate 239205.04 MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Federation President Nan Bacco is among the dignitaries scheduled to attend the launch of Astrofori One, a new space station designed to serve as a forum for interstellar affairs. Hailed as one of the greatest cooperative efforts since the Federation/Klingon/Romulan Alliance during the Dominion War, the Astrofori One Project echoes the even earlier historic achievement that was the founding of the Coalition of Planets that led to the United Federation of Planets itself in th
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