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  1. BENZAR — Increasing evidence suggests what appeared to be randomised attacks of Federation and Starfleet locations and vessels since the anniversary date of the attack on Ohmallera (stardate 238802.22) have been part of a networked effort to destabilise the peace. The seventh anniversary of the attack on Ohmallera by a hijacked Starfleet vessel bypassed the Federation News Service without much coverage; however, the events of that fateful day, of the 1.2 million souls lost, have endured for many. The tragedy sparked a backlash against Starfleet and the Federation government, leadin
  2. VURAL IX — Federation efforts to establish a colony on Vural III have suffered a major setback as the construction team slowly recovers from an outbreak of Anchilles fever. An expeditionary team of scientists has found themselves all dressed up with nowhere to go as an outbreak of the dreaded Anchilles fever has grounded their mission before it could begin. The scientists, along with a team of construction workers, had been tasked by Federation leaders to establish a colony on the Class K planet of Vural III through the use of pressure domes and were due to travel some days ago from their
  3. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — With the quantum slipstream liner Red Star still missing, a press conference was called at Starfleet headquarters spearheaded by Starfleet officials alongside Red Carrier, the owner of the commercial passenger liner at the center of the media storm. “It is with our strongest endeavor to do everything in our power to find the Red Star and return the passengers and crew to their families,” said Alexander Ohera, a spokesperson from Starfleet. Red Carrier chairman Seeshu Rebal was, unfortunately, unable to attend the press conference due to private circumstances on
  4. CARDASSIA IV — A recent report compiled by a variety of Federation scientists and xenocultural experts found that the Cardassian Union is rebuilding its architecture and infrastructure with surprising speed. “To be perfectly frank, the rapidity with which they are repairing their shattered world is astonishing,” confided Tw’ev Gaith, a statistics professor from the Grizzelan University of Applied Mathematics. “The damage their world has sustained over the past half-century is cataclysmic, and yet the evidence does not lie.” Cardassia has been subject to a variety of extraordinarily f
  5. STARBASE 118 — After an extensive retrofit, the venerable starship USS Columbia was reactivated under the command of newly promoted Captain Theo Whittaker. The Nebula class USS Columbia (NCC-85279) has taken part in many missions for the Federation, her last assignment being one of the ships attached to the Andaris Task Force in the Par’tha Expanse. Although still connected to the Andaris Task Force, the Columbia will leave the Par’tha Expanse to its new responsibility of exploring the Sagittarius Reach, a vast unexplored region outside of Federation space. Joining Captain Whittaker will
  6. LUNAR ONE COLONY — A wedding party was denied boarding onto a transport from Lunaport space station after reportedly drinking four cases of Romulan Ale in fifteen minutes in response to being informed that they could not take thirty-five cases of the substance as hand luggage. The bachelorette at the centre of the allegations, a Starfleet Officer named only as Thalaa to protect her identity, was determined by staff at the Federation Port Authority to be severely under the influence of alcohol and a risk to the safety of other passengers. She was only one among twelve Andorians and Klingon
  7. PLANET TE-965-2035 — While rescuing officers from the 22nd-century Starfleet vessel Columbia, the crew of the USS Thor helped a pre-warp species find a new home in the Typhon Expanse. The ionisation of the planet Kjenta II, where the rescue took place, was such that it rendered almost all modern technology useless. Indeed, it was these circumstances that led to the crew of the Columbia (NX-02) being stranded there in the first place after an ill-fated away mission over two hundred years ago. Previous rescue attempts had been mounted before, with varying degrees of success, leading to some
  8. SOL SYSTEM — A civilian Kreetassan trade vessel suffered heavy damage when a 21st century human land vehicle collided into the trade ship. It took investigators time to identify the offending vehicle as it bares little resemblance to what it once was. The roadster, an early model of Earth electric cars made by a private company around the early 2000s, was unmanned and has seemingly been adrift in the Sol system for over three hundred years. Upon collision with the Kreetassans, only its aluminum frame remained, devoid of its original paint job or plastic and leather innards due to continuo
  9. MAK’ALA, TRILL — High ranking officials in the Trill Ministry of Science and the Trill Symbiosis Commission announced plans to update the procedure used to evaluate potential hosts for joining. “These changes, that shall be revealed in the upcoming weeks, will be implemented to improve upon a moderately effective, yet aging, process of selection,” said Dr. Karnan Sleyhn, head of the Trill Symbiosis Commission. “We are confident that with these alterations, the chances of a successful joining of a host and symbiote will rise.” Read the rest of the article here: Trill Symbiosis Commiss
  10. ANDORIA — Under the guard of a squadron of Starfleet officers, the first day of the trial of Breloc Tejar was conducted today. Tejar, a Cardassian overseer of Bajor during the occupation, was found in Federation space last year and arrested. An investigation is ongoing, but has yet to uncover the purpose of his trespass, or his whereabouts before his capture. Tejar’s crimes on Bajor, on the other hand, are well documented. During his time as overseer, he was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Bajoran citizens. As such, he is currently facing
  11. Last year, 16-year-old Nissaa Zin left her home in the Turkana IV town of Anndaic for the last time. Investigators believe she was looking for cordafin – a stimulant that induces euphoria when smoked but is toxic at concentrated levels in the body. The cheap drug has ravaged out-of-touch colony worlds, where Starfleet rarely visits. But for some, it’s the last refuge of happiness when there’s no food and no security to be found. Nissaa was too poor to afford the amount that would have been necessary to hurt herself. But she died nonetheless – when she arrived at the dealer’s home, sh
  12. TRINITY SECTOR — The inhabitants of the remote Federation colony Pernipia Gamma IV are celebrating the second anniversary of the planet’s colonization this month. Pernipia Gamma IV, situated in the blurry border region between Federation and Romulan space, was colonized by a group of 170 human settlers in late 2391. Despite initial setbacks, including a deliberate poisoning of livestock and a power struggle splitting the colony’s duumvirate leadership, the colony has prospered during its two-year infancy and laid the foundations for future growth. “Pernipia Gamma IV is a planet with
  13. EARTH — On the heels of the new Earth year of 2394, Federation worlds today observed the beginning of the new stardate year. Fireworks lit up the skies over the most iconic landmarks of many member planets as people gathered to celebrate. From San Francisco to Moscow on Earth to Vulcan and Starbase 118, crowds said goodbye to 2393, a tumultuous year in interstellar politics and a welcome end to another year of Starfleet’s ongoing missions. While many celebrated with family and friends on their home worlds, some also paid tribute to the many notable sentient beings who passed away dur
  14. PARIS, EARTH — In an unexpected twist of events, the Federation Council has upheld its decision to forbid Bajor from hosting the trial of Cardassian war criminal Breloc Tejar. Over three months have passed since Tejar was located in Federation territory. Though a full investigation was launched in the hopes of identifying the reason for Tejar’s trespass and the circumstances surrounding his discovery, little understanding has been gained. Despite this, the Bajoran Council of Ministers launched an appeal toward the Federation’s leadership, attempting to repeal a previously established verd
  15. BENNELONG CITY, SAPPORA VII — Markets sector-wide were up this week as the Federation Council bestowed the status of potential candidate on New Sydney, the first major success in that planet’s efforts to join the Federation. New Sydney applied for Federation membership earlier this year in the hope that access to new trade markets and offworld investment would solve its ongoing economic woes. Fiscal mismanagement, corruption, and declining trade revenue have kept the planet in depression for over a decade, during which an estimated four million inhabitants have left seeking better opportu
  16. KHITOMER — In what’s sure to become one of the largest events in recent galactic history, staff from the Federation and the Klingon Empire are working overtime to prepare next month’s celebrations on the Klingon planet to mark one hundred years since the signing of the Khitomer Accords in 2293. The Khitomer Conference was the first step in a century of peace between the two powers, which has only been disrupted briefly in 2372, when the Klingon Empire withdrew from the Khitomer Accords and fought the Federation while under the covert influence of the Dominion. The following year, Chancellor
  17. TYCHO CITY, LUNA — Luna’s local elections are still six weeks away, but a holographic candidate seeking election to the Tycho City Council has brought unprecedented controversy to the normally uneventful campaign period. The hologram, who is human and male in appearance and goes by the name Tenebrius, submitted the required documentation to Luna’s Commission for Elections last week. Drawing comparisons to other famous historical firsts, Tenebrius described sentient holograms as the latest in a long line of victims of institutional disenfranchisement. Addressing supporters at a rally
  18. EARTH — With the 80th anniversary of the Federation Achievement Assessment, some now are questioning the usefulness of the standardized test taken by billions of Federation children. Created by the Federation Curriculum and Assessment Authority, the Federation Achievement Assessment (FAA) is described by its creators as “simply” a general achievement test that lasts a maximum of five hours long and involves two written tasks and 100 multiple choice questions, assessing students’ general knowledge and skills in written communication, mathematics, science, technology, the arts, and social s
  19. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Starfleet officials released a report today that proposes a reorganization of its network of recruitment centers. Seeking to reverse the continued decline in applications to the academy, the report recommends closing approximately fifty centers with consistently low recruitment and reassigning their resources and personnel to existing centers where recruitment is steady or rising. In addition, approximately twenty new centers would be opened in areas of so-called “high impact potential,” such as New Sydney, which has applied for Federation membership. View the
  20. BAJOR — The unexpected capture of a Cardassian war criminal in Federation territory has caused diplomatic tensions to mount between the Federation Council and the Bajoran Council of Ministers. Breloc Tejar was a Cardassian overseer during much of the Occupation of Bajor. Known as a ruthless enforcer of the law and for his less-than-charitable attitude toward the Bajorans under his command, Tejar is directly responsible for the death of thousands of Bajorans, either through ordered executions or other means. Now, a quarter of a century after the Occupation, Tejar has been arrested wit
  21. TYPHON SECTOR — Retired Starfleet Vice Admiral Val’ri Raiajh will take on her next posting as the Federation ambassador to Bel-Terra. The former Base and Sector Commander for Starbase 719 and the Typhon Sector who recently retired was named by Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu as the ambassador to the colony world. Those I’ve spoken to on the base, including current Base Commander Captain Cathryn Pearson and newly installed Sector Commander Vice Admiral Kalin Kale wish the recently widowed Raiajh well in her new posting. View the full article
  22. INTAR SYSTEM — Starfleet and Intaran military personnel have foiled a Tzenkethi attempt to use an asteroid as a weapon against the planet Intar. It was only a matter of luck that the latest attack by the Tzenkethi was seen for what it was, rather than the natural disaster it was intended to look like. View the full article
  23. CYGNET XIV — Unrest over the revelation several months back that the government had concealed information about the theft of a bio virus continues with no sign of resolution as the planet reevaluates its membership with the Federation. View the full article
  24. SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Following years of planning, the Federation Council gave final approval for the launch of the Federation Frontier Teaching Initiative, an education program for children and teachers on non-Federation space stations and in colonies. View the full article
  25. TILANNA V — The troubled planet of Tilanna V, once rejected for Federation membership, has found solace within the Klingon Empire. In a quick move, which has left some Federation political observers reeling, the border world which was recently at the heart of a narcotic smuggling scandal has today formally lifted the flag of the Klingon Empire over its soil. Recently, the planet has been besieged by terrorist gangs attempting to expand their web of distribution for a deadly new drug known as “All Time High.” Through actions by the USS Aegis and her crew, a coup attempt was narrowly a
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