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  1. A fun little look at our lower decks by the Chin'toka's Noa Levinson. Thank you for an entertaining interlude, @Noa T'Nessa Levinson ---- ((Port Observation Lounge, Deck 6, USS Chin’toka)) Kisau was quite excited after her shift. While she wasn’t involved in that work directly, she’s heard some… curious chatter among the more superior officers. A first contact with a new species! Even without a lot of details, that was really exciting. She only graduated a few weeks ago and the ship was already getting ready for a first contact?! That was just awesome.
  2. I'm so happy to have @Geoffrey Teller guesting with us on the Resolution for this mission. I'm always amazed by his ability to find his way inside a character with very little information to go on and yet, he's incredibly descriptive and elusive at the same time! ((A Grove of Seven Trees, Memorial Forest, Thama Homeworld)) A warm breeze flitted through the graceful, slender branches of the l'far trees, filling the grove with a gentle rustling that Ashal Koas found pleasant and soothing. Her spade dug into the rich black dark soil easily as it had for the last two hours,
  3. Thank you, @Mei'konda ,for making us laugh. I throughly enjoyed the read as I know some others did as well. Also, I hope I did this right. Lol (( Inside Tych Manor, Elazar IV )) Kiax: With all due respect, Representative, that doesn’t really seem fair. Surely we should be dealing with a representative from both species governing bodies here? Yourself, and a Mekra’fari. Dagden was just opening his mouth to angrily rebuke Kiax when Serala stepped in. He closed his mouth, and did his best to settle down. This was an uncomfortable situation to be in. Once again, no one in
  4. There are times when reality and fiction intermingle a little bit and our characters allow us to articulate and cope with things we otherwise wouldn't be able to. Today I saw a little piece of @Alora DeVeau's soul here and, as I expected, it is deliciously beautiful, like her prose, despite the sorrowfulness that permeates these words. Here for you my friend ((USS Thor - Alieth’s and Peri’s Quarters)) Everything was fine. The computer sounded the alarm and again and again until the dark eyes of the one occupant finally opened and Peri pu
  5. @LtJG Aine Olive Sherlock does a smashing job as a security officer in this sim, thoughtfully working through the intricacies of an upcoming diplomatic negotiation and offering inventive, yet actionable, suggestions for ship's security. Very nicely done! ((Conference Room 'B', Deck 7, USS Resolution)) She hadn't been down on the lower decks much, and if it hadn't been for this meeting, she'd almost have forgotten that Engineering had its own conference room. Walking in a little early with her PADD in one hand and tea number three in the other, two officers were already presen
  6. OOC: I just love Cheesecake. The dog...and the dessert. But I especially love how this sim ended. [[ U.S.S Thor, Deck 6, Senior Enlisted Mess Hall. ]] The biped held the delicious thing in front of her for a moment but then, to Cheesecake's despair, he pushed it away. Even worse, he said the forbidden word. "No." Not only that but he repeated it several times. This was, no doubt, a definitive verdict that condemned her to an eternity of not being able to taste whatever it was that the biped didn't want her to have, which was, to begin with, tragic, and to follow,
  7. I don't know why, but I just got such a giggle out of Regan crooning out this tune in the mess hall after discovering his ex works in the shuttle bay.
  8. ((A Grove of Seven Trees, Memorial Forest, Thama Homeworld)) A warm breeze flitted through the graceful, slender branches of the l'far trees, filling the grove with a gentle rustling that Ashal Koas found pleasant and soothing. Her spade dug into the rich black dark soil easily as it had for the last two hours, shifting the dirt aside and forming a small mound nearby. With each load of soil moved she got closer to her goal but her pace was unhurried and regular. Even here, in the company of those she held most dear, she didn't risk letting her mask slip. Not now. Not when she wa
  9. What makes this sim great is how the description of time highlights Alieth's feelings of vulnerability in this emergency situation; it's brought into painful focus with the Olympian effort needed to complete the routine and mundane act of tapping the comm badge. Really neat writing. ((Transporter Room One, Deck One, USS Thor)) Time, occasionally, gave the appearance of dilating and contracting simultaneously, without any particularly significant gravitational alteration, or any obvious anomaly. This fact, of course, had more to do with a sense of urgency and the action of hor
  10. A great post from Lephi introducing a new species for our current mission. The writer really does a fantastic job of setting things up and digging into what makes this race so unique. An enjoyable read. ((Mosh’ka Alet Camp, Eladar IV (Fari), Deep underground)) The Mosh'ja Alet camp was quite stunning to see. The complex leant itself to a natural beauty, set deep under the surface. The camp was a labour of love that had been born of a desperate necessity. It was already well established by the time that Qalipu had first set foot in it, beckoned to the cause by Katnar'fari. He
  11. ((Saucer Hull, USS Veritas - Early Morning, Day of Departure from Kidman I)) Roshanara stepped back out onto the hull and walked around the bridge module, although this time she didn’t have to walk quite so far to the ship’s name and registry. Sitting on top of the saucer with her back leaned up against the front of the deck 1 dome was Starfleet’s newest commander, Blake. The captain walked over and took a moment to look out towards where Blake was staring. The morning sun was just beginning to dawn. Rahman: You’re up early. Blake: Used to live by the mantra, “if there’s no
  12. As much as Teller is guiding one of the scenes of this mission to a adrenaline filled and high paced scene, @Tony, aka Kells Here shows us the other side of the Coín with a cold, restrained and Intelligent scene with a slow by highly dramatic pace, a challege of linda with our main antagonist. GORGEOUS (( Anroc's Private Villa, Level 801, Saldanian Corpate Hegemony HQ )) Kells: (deadpan) You mentioned something special. What would be special, Aron thought, was a straight answer, and a quick exit. But he listened to what Anroc had to say. Anroc, however
  13. This sim is a roller coaster of adrenaline with a perfect pace, increasing the urgence of the scene slow and steady till the cliffhanger-y end. @Geoffrey Teller Delivers again? Oh yeah he does ((Damaged Yacht, the Skies above the Zet Homeworld)) Katsim: Are...are you sure this is going to work? The craft rocked, another near miss marring the deckplate near Nenni's skull. Geoff felt that made a more convincing argument than anything he could say, stepping back from the console and working his way towards everyone else. Alieth: ::Trying to imp
  14. From the way he described the ribbons to his mention of leaders eating last, this sim brought back so many memories from when I was younger. It put a smile on my face and gave me some feels (as the kids say these days). From his great descriptive writing, as you've seen recently from the posts here, Justin is such a great writer who deserves every bit of recognition he gets. (( Home of Ambassador Sarep, Vulcan )) Yogan had been to enough dinner parties to suspect some kind of organized fun was about to start. In the back of his mind, he wondered if the lights might suddenly go off a
  15. OOC: This was originally a two part post, but for easy reading I am combining it so we all enjoy this wonderfull sim. It speaks for itself. IC: ((XO’s Quarters, USS Juneau)) Natalia woke up from her nap and sat up in her little bed. She pushed aside the blanket and picked up the little badge and activated the HMT she had named George. Natalia: Hi, George. Springing into existence in a cloud of photons and fabric, the Holographic Muppet Teller was a goofy mass of smiles and hugs a few seconds later. HMT: Geordi? Who’s Geordi? Not me!? ::Su
  16. Our normally reserved Ensign Peri Katsim may not say much, but she certainly expresses herself through some inner dialogue that's very well used in the scene. It's a dynamic moment but we still get an insight into what the character really thinks! Thanks for taking the leap! Great job @Alora DeVeau ======================================= ((Yacht Outside 99th Floor Domicile Administrative Center, SalCorp Cohousing Unit 34556)) Alieth: Peri, what were you thinking, you almost… What was she thinking? Shock registered over the young woman’s face. What else should she
  17. I just love seeing cross-ship JPs. Lovely sim ladies! <3 ----------------- ((Starbase 118 Ops - Jalana’s Guest Quarters)) Since Alora hadn’t gotten to sleep until past dawn, she had spent the rest of the morning sleeping. After a few hours, however, her body insisted that she get up, far too used to keeping a certain rhythm and schedule. Because it was shore leave, the day offered up opportunities to do some more pleasurable things, such as introduce herself to people she hadn’t had the opportunity to really meet very well other than a quick greeting at the party, i
  18. @Alieth just has this amazing writing sense where she can take a completely benign scene and really make it a joy to read. Outstanding tee-up from @Ben Garcia for this scene as well. I'm loving this so far, and can't wait to see if Cheesecake is going to get the nasty replicator filter or not!
  19. This was beautifully written! 😍 -- (( Cargo Management Unit 27-Alpha, In orbit of Vulcan)) Yogan’s thickly gloved hands tapped side-by-side control panels; the left one monitored his flight, the right one dispensed the cargo. There were dozens of starships, shuttlecraft, and CMUs darting in all directions in orbit of Vulcan, but Yogan had his sights on only one–the Nova-class USS Resolution, which lay dead ahead. Although he felt a bit cramped into the small craft–they weren’t exactly made with people of his stature in mind–it was an exhilarating opportunity he daren’t mis
  20. I've really enjoyed having @Tatash in our group. I love his very picturesque narration style. His sims are always well thought out and artfully done. ((CO’s Office – Starbase 118)) The party they had all enjoyed not that long prior was well and truly over and the mood was dour as he stood outside the Commodores office waiting for the invitation in. The dreaded talk, the one that had been alluded to during the ceremony was upon them. He had given the other officers a nod as he strode his way in, before internally wincing
  21. There are no gigantic explosions, no great heroic deeds, no mighty efforts. This is a simple but well written sim that gives insight into the character and help sets up the situation that character is about step into. I appreciate @Alex Brodie's ability to make me care and connect with his character. ((Brodie’s Quarters, Deck Five, USS Thor)) Brodie tossed his scribe onto the desk and leaned back. Two hours he’d been poring over legal texts and treaties and directives and it was giving him a headache. He knew the battle…and it was a battle…ag
  22. Just a lovely, quiet sim for shore leave that made me smile. Caution: Sweetness overdose risk! ----- ((Corliss and Loxley’s Quarters, Deck 5, USS Gorkon)) Large bristle brush. Styling scissors (the nice ones with a gold trim). Fine-tooth comb. Tea tree oil. A small red candle that smelled of Revann, bringing her mind to a forest, fresh air and nature abounding. She inhaled, grinning. Amongst all other ways, this truly was her favorite of stress relief. Trimming her hair. Which, astoundingly, seemed to have grown the last time she had undone he
  23. @Wes Greaves has a delightful style and wonderful prose in which he is able to slip in little personal details, leaving room for the scene to unfold around him, while at the same time he is able to mix touches of humour with a beautifully described serious scene. And, for the record, after this mission Greaves-fly-in-the-wall is canon. ____________________________________ Capt Wes Greaves - Old Words, New Meanings ((Transporter Room 1, Deck 1, USS Thor)) Wes had expected to find the skipper on the bridge. As soon as the away team was b
  24. ((OOC: This was originally posted broken up as 3 parts. )) Part 1 ((Lightside Station – Maintenance Dock C-83)) Marot was a hard working engineer, but an even harder working opportunist. Some might say that he had Ferengi blood running through his veins, but in fact he was Betazoid through-and through. He was pretty good with his hands, but he was even better with his mind. Telepathic skimming was the bread and butter of his gambling prowess. Cheating the gaming tables was his biggest money maker, but it also came in handy on the docks, until the day he touched the wrong m
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