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  1. ((Interrogation Room, Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn)) ::Finally getting the resolution to his burning questions, Tor'kath was relieved to know that the endeavor had been successfully completed. The pilot Mar Valek had managed to secure the objective, and having finally broken the Starfleet captain Renos, he was certain that the warship's true intent at Zakdorn was still secure. He was ready to return Renos to nir own ship and disappear into the ethers, but his henchman had accidentally administered a mortal blow to the captive. Tor'kath had already risked the anonymity of his ship
  2. Note, the forum ate the paragraphing so I had to re-space this myself, any errors in spacing are therefore most likely mine and not that of the original authors. (( Starbase 118 Promenade )) (Time index: just before the mission starts) :: It had been nearly three years since Chythar had roamed these halls. In fact, he hadn’t seen much of the base since it was attacked by metal-munching dragons, and pulling the then-Commander Livingston from an explosion’s aftermath and into sickbay. He didn’t recall the names of any stores or restaurants from his first tour of duty here as a medical officer, b
  3. ((Main Engineering)) :: Ashley strode into Main Engineering, purple eyes glancing curiously at all the equipment and crews goings abouts. He was on a search… as was usual for *some* crewmembers… for his next appointment. One Cadfael Peters, who he had last seen unconscious on the shuttle that had acted as his method of rescue from the Asphodel. But if the man was back on duty, he was healthy enough to attend a scheduled appointment. He wasn’t going to let people think he was a pushover about these things. :: :: Cadfael wasn’t known for avoiding the required sessions, though with all th
  4. ((Freighter Anatoli - Captain's personal bathroom suite)) (nine days ago) ::Seth Ralston raised the still-hot tip of the silenced phase shift disruptor to his thin lips and blew on it. There was no smoke - gunpowder and bullets hadn't been used in his line of work for centuries, but he had always been a fan of Terran 'old western' holovids and at times like this he fancied himself the spitting image of an old frontier bounty hunter. Before him Captain Grek's eyes bulged out of his head as he sank below the fragrant bathwater. Little bubbles filtered up to the surface marking Grek's last brea
  5. ((Starbase 118: Counsellor’s Office)) ::It was incredible how routine visiting the counsellor had become. Kellan’s conditional return to duty after Counsellor Sheridan’s breakthrough with him on the Einstein, which had stipulated that he would need to continue with regular therapy sessions, had led to a change in career goals and an increase in Kellan’s confidence after a breakdown that he had expected would see him locked away and medicated to the point where he would live his life as a vegetable. Then it had become clear that he wasn’t in Ravensville any more - this wasn’t some fabricated al
  6. ((Bridge, USS Yamaguchi, Twenty-Five Years Ago: 2367)) ::The ominous black cube slowly filled the viewscreen until the stars behind it were blocked out. The screen flickered as a voice filled the room, and a figure--half man, half machine--walked forward.:: Locutus: Resistance is futile. You will disarm your weapons and escort us to sector 001. If you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you. ::As his bridge crew watched the assimilated captain of the Federation flagship on the viewscreen, Captain Marcelo Libório finally broke the silence.:: Libório: That'll be the day. ::A seasoned
  7. ((Starbase 118: Holding Cells)) ::Chen sat with his arms folded over the back support of the chair he'd wheeled out from behind the nearby guard station console. He'd spun it around and re-settled himself after sitting in view of Lukic for a good ten minutes, just watching him. With the seat backwards like this, he could lean forwards towards the cell and really pile on the pressure. He didn't need to tell Lukic why he was there. He didn't need to bombard him with questions. He certainly didn't have any desire to indulge in the interrogation methods that some of his black-collared compatriots
  8. ((Sick Bay "Ward" - SS Medina Ascending)) :: So things had become strange. The doctor who had come to nirs sick bay, knew more than nem, though ne not being a real doctor, that was not surprising. But it appeared to Dajunari that the Andorian was showing off. Or ne was simply paranoid because ne worried that the stories of Starfleet were true and they'd come to take over the ship and assimilate it into their 'culture'. Ne was careful, maybe paranoid, maybe a little too attached to these rooms, but the blue man had a point, when he had said, that both of them wanted to make sure that the crew
  9. ((USS Darwin, Deck 1, Bridge)) :: As suspected the warship began to turn. Renos was willing to give Mister Jellico a chance. Ne’d had great advice and support from all of the bridge and ne believed in their ability to win this. So far they were managing to stick to the relative shelter of the tail. How could they lure the ship back to the planet without having to take the brunt of those forward weapons? :: :: Ne got up and quickly scuttled over to the science console where no took over. The J’naii Captain had enough of a scientific background to be able to confidently and proficiently take c
  10. ((Holodeck 3)) ::The light brown kimono and tabi that she wore, in addition to the sword hanging across her back, had attracted attention as she had padded quietly through the corridors leading from her quarters to the holodeck, but, being in her own mental world, the jet-black-haired young woman hadn't even noticed. The fact that it was a mans kimono didn't seem to occur to anyone, thankfully; Chloe found that she could move better in it than in a traditional woman's version with its unattached sleeves. Now she stood outside the holodeck.:: Mannin: Computer, display a Japanese dojo, Hokka
  11. ((Corridor, USS Garuda)) ::She was roaming through the halls, so that was a good sign, wasn't it? Okay, maybe not roaming, but she was free to move about, so that was something. As Alora trotted to catch up with Rahman, her lips soured into a frown when she realised she'd been stripped of her uniform and her rank. That was not so good a sign.:: DeVeau: Hey. ::The science officer slowed to match strides with the Kriosian, a friendly smile that couldn't mask her concern fixed upon her features.:: DeVeau: Are you okay? ::Making her way to her quarters from the Captain's ready room, Rosh
  12. (( Outside Roshanara Rahman's Personal Quarters, Deck 35, USS Garuda )) ::Quinn had found her way back to her quarters, after leaving sickbay. She'd showered, she'd cried, she'd paced, and then she'd showered some more -- mostly while pacing and crying. Officially, she was on medical leave, but the Director of Intelligence was still the Director of Intelligence, and it didn't take long for information to find its way to her. ::So here she was, for no logical reason she could fathom, hanging off a door chime on deck thirty-five. Finally, it opened, and she dragged her gaze off the floor to
  13. ((Sickbay, USS Atlantis)) The faintest blue Across the blackest mirror A pulse of the soul A song of the heart The softest whisper Ever slower Requiem For a fading flower Bleeding scarlet For a world Too proud to remember. Tears of scarlet Falling Painting A bleached shell Whose spark of life That faintest blue Across the blackest mirror That softest whisper Ever slower Bids farewell To a brother To a lover To a world Too proud to remember. A poem by: ==================================== Lt Emerson Ravenscroft Xenolinguist USS Atlantis NCC-74682 as simmed by: Cmdr. Raj Blueheart
  14. Previously on StarBase 118: Mercury... 2392: "Allah Yerhama"2404, Parts 1 and 2: "The Life After" And now the continuation... Dr. Del Vedova and LtCmdr Rahman: Definitive Diagnosis "Do not be afraid; our fate Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift." —Dante Alighieri, Inferno (( Sickbay, USS Mercury, 2390 )) :: Del was a pacer only in the most extreme of situations, and considering what he was about to do to his friend -- probably his best on the Mercury, given how little he saw Aron these days, and how (literally!) old he'd become -- he thought that this situation qualified. He almost wante
  15. ((Mercury: Holodeck Three)) ::The room was constructed of wood logs, each stacked uncut, with just the top end with branches removed. The moss was still on the tree, faintly breathing in the dark and breathing out a soft glow, filling the room with a shifting blue light. In the center was a small fire, casting red shades against the blue. Charles was wearing a robe, long and deep green. He had dyed it himself, dipping it in a paste that came from plants that had come from the replicators. It had streaked as it dried, dirt stains and grease that had spilled onto it when the last ceremony had
  16. ((Dark Room - USS Apollo)) :: Liam still had trouble working his head around what might drive a man to do what the Colonel had done. On a very basic level, he understood. There was only so much a man could take before he reached his breaking point,and it was obvious that Tark had reached that point. But what caused him to cross the level of anger that he must have had was something Liam couldn't get his head around.:: :: And perhaps there was a reason. There was a passion in the Colonel's words. A conviction to his speech that betrayed the sense of loss the man felt, and the sense that what
  17. ((Tal Tel-ar's Quarters , USS Apollo)) :: So Tal was out of Sick Bay again. Sherana wanted to check on him, to see if getting him off that planet had been worth it or if he decided to make it all a waste. When she arrived, the Nurse had told her that he had been discharged. Well, that was good, so at least they didn't run around in the heat for nothing. The Orion hated how it had made her feel, when he disappeared. She had not only been angry, that he went out alone to such a place without any company in that condition... but also worried. She cared more than she wanted to admit, and that was
  18. Voting closes Sunday, October 28th, 2012 at 23:59 PM. This round of voting only qualifies one sim to move on to the next round of judging. REMEMBER: This is NOT a popularity contest. Vote based on MERIT, not the fact that someone is your crewmate. Any crews found “stuffing the ballots” or ratings, will be disqualified PERMANENTLY. Yes, that means the whole crew!
  19. ((Pierce's Quarters, USS Apollo)) ::The updates to her medical log were sporadic, incomplete. Pierce worked diligently trying to detail her headaches by duration and intensity. She wrote out the descriptions of her empathic 'visions' longhand on paper before dictating each one. The most intense one had been during the mission briefing, but the more the counselor thought about it, the more she remembered. Little flickers of colour or sound, easily dismissed as fatigue. Something was certainly happening here. She hadn't dosed in around half a day. Minimal headaches.:: oOStill possible those vis
  20. ((Conference Room 1, USS Tiger-A)) ::The Fleet Captain left the conference room before everyone had cleared out of the room. She headed to her ready room to drop off the PADD she was carrying. She looked over at the cat bed by the door and it was of course empty. She hadn't seen Andy since before they had been caught in the temporal displacement wave. Shaking her head she exited the room, walked across the bridge like she was in a daze and entered the turbolift. When the doors closed she leaned heavily against the wall, her face holding a reflective and melancholy expression.:: ::It hadn't bee
  21. ((USS Mercury - Deck 3, Corridor)) ::Isaac stood outside the VIP quarters shortly after making the last of his preparations. The game of cat and mouse was over. He was going to end this here and now. He took a deep breath to center himself, then closed his eyes and opened his mind, searching for his prey. It didn't take him long to find them inside the VIP quarters, along with several menials. Zolrak and Dreth stood off to one side of the room, probably whispering beyond earshot of the other Cardassians present. He could feel their excitement, their eagerness. They were waiting for the
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