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  1. Starfleet Academy. A place where children enter and Starfleet Officers emerge. That had been the vision set out for him when Freki had attended a science fair on his home world of Cait. The young Caitian had been excited for weeks to attend and talk with representatives from all walks of life and all tracks of Starfleet, from those recruiting for the enlisted track to those specialising in the sciences, engineering and even the command track. Since he was a small boy, Freki had been interested in how things worked. First, it was an antique watch that was passed to him from his grandfather
  2. Hey everyone! My new cadet is Freki Azorius. My name is Kasper in real life, I live in Wales, in the UK. For work, I work in Communications and Social Media with a bit of Human Resources here and there. I am interested in reading, writing, history and travel as well as cooking and romantic walks on the beach hehe
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