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  1. I also wondering when will I receive the email giving me the group. Thank you
  2. Hi, I was wondering about what exactly happens during training. I also am wondering about what online platform training will take place on.
  3. Jacque looked at the grandiose starbases dockyard. His dark brown hair and pale skin were luminicing in the bright light of the bay. He was thinking to himself "I've done it. I going to be going on a ship and exploring new worlds." It was Jacques dream ever since he was a little boy to join starfleet. He read about Picard and Janeway; those were his hero's. He went onto the turbolift and arrived at the shuttlebay he walked up towards his ship. He saw many different races, all with one goal to preserve the United Federation of Planets, and to explore new worlds. He took out a photo of his
  4. Hi my name Jack I live in utah. I used to be mormon then I left the church for a better life. I found your group by a google search. I am currently a high school student who has a job at a theme park as well. Excited to join Thanks
  5. I Still do not have the email, could you possibly resend it? Thank you
  6. Hi I was wondering how long it takes for my application to be reviewed. I submitted it 24 hours ago. Your website said it usually take about 12 hours, doe it take longer sometimes. I am fine waiting, just eager to get started hopefully. Thank you
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