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  1. Welcome @Sarah Phillips! I am nearing the end of my training and everyone has been incredibly helpful and kind. You will have a wonderful time here!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Ginny, I'm currently living in Missouri, almost directly in the middle of the United States. I worked for ten years as a medical transcriptionist and senior medical editor in Level I and Level II trauma centers but left work fourteen years ago to homeschool my son, who is now a senior at a traditional school. My family is small, just me, my husband and our 18-year-old son and we are all lifelong Star Trek fans. I found out I was pregnant way back in 2001 during a commercial break of a Star Trek: TNG marathon and spent a good portion of a complicated pregnancy
  3. T’Vath stepped out of the reception area of the docking port into the general chaos of the Promenade at Starbase 118. Her acute hearing picked up numerous voices, different languages and tonalities, all rising and falling and blending into . She wished only for a quieter spot to gather her thoughts and decide on her next course of action. The other cadets passed by her without a word as she stood studying the starbase schematic on her PADD. She did not expect greetings or conversation. As a Vulcan who completed her pre-medical studies at the Vulcan Science Academy, T’Vath had always found
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