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  1. The problem I ran into in the past is someone new would come on and take a yeoman position and somehow end up trying to take control of the ship for the “greater good” without the game master knowing. I have been working on something that is more dark intelligence that floats the line but not like crazy.
  2. Agreed. Darker projects did something similar to this with audio dramas. Obviously it gets weird when riding timeline agents from section 31 but If designed correctly could be some great storytelling.
  3. Ensign Jordan Blackwater stepped off the transporter into officially his first posting on Starbase. He was the only one not in uniform just dark pants, dark shirt, and some messy dark hair he had not shaved down to Starfleet regulations. Most of those on the transport vessel thought he was a civilian, and it came with usual questions, “why are you this far out?”, “is your parents out here as well?”, “you must be getting ready for Starfleet academy?” It was fact non of these. His parents lived on Vulcan with his grandparents. Jordan’s grandmother was Vulcan, and his grandfather was h
  4. Does anyone believe their is a correct way to write for Section 31? I’ve seen it abused in the past way to much which is why so many sims leave it to fleet management or game masters to run them. however I believe if a group actually discussed it and there were rules in place a section 31 mission or arc would bring out some great game play and character development (minus all the abuse).
  5. Ya that’s what makes us fun. My wife hasn’t seen nerd yet. Just tested the waters.
  6. Hello all. My name is KC and I live in Dallas Texas. I’m recently a newly wed with my wife Rose who is now wanting to rewatch pretty much all Star Trek shows and movies which is amazing. We are expecting a little girl and she will be here St Pattys day. I currently am working on a character with a huge background but I guess I’m just a nerd like that. I currently work on survey gas pipelines and leaks. I found starbase 118 on google as well.
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