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  1. The young cadet stepped from the transporter onto the deck of the Starbase. His blue eyes looked around taking in everything he saw as his hand scratched at the dark start of a beard on his face. A rakish smile crossed his lips as he grabbed his bag and headed toward the promenade. Liam was excited to finally start his Cadet Cruse and to fly an actual Starship and it was visible in the way he walked and the smile still plastered to his face. As he entered the main level of the Starbase he realized he had a few hours before he had to report in so he looked around for a place to eat. Spotting a small cafe with some seats outside he headed over. Waitress: “Hello luv, oh well looks like another fresh new Starfleet Cadet, killing time before you leave luv?” The robust human woman behind the counter smiled a warm motherly smile at Liam which of course made his smile grow. MacLeod: “ Ahh yes Ma’am I am and just thought I would grab a bite to eat.” The woman smiled and winked at him. Waitress: “Well well of course my luv, Mabel loves making sure you young cadets have a good meal before you head out. So tell me what I can make you?” Liam knew what he was craving and was hoping Mabel knew how to make it. MacLeod: “Well Mabel that sounds perfect and I was wondering if you could make me a bacon cheeseburger with some crunchy fresh french fries?” This was one of his favorite meals and back at the academy there was a small place he would visit on late nights when he had to study that made the best Burger. Mabel: “ Well luv you have come to the right place, why don’t you go take a seat and I will bring it out to you shortly.” Liam nodded and headed to a spot just outside the entrance. While he waited he reached in his bag and pulled out a book. The worn pages showed that this book had been read over and over again.
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