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  1. So! Hello fellow Trekkies! I'm Samuel, hailing from the Southeast Asian island nation of Singapore. I am a paralegal in training, currently in my final year. My interest in Trek only began about two years ago, when I came across little short clips on YouTube of TNG, DS9 et cetera, and I have been hooked ever since. I like every series equally; no real favorite among them, acknowledging that each series has its flaws and its merits. Because of this I have plenty of trouble understanding or feeling the divisiveness or dislike that other members of the community seem to embrace over certain shows
  2. Keeping himself from grinning from ear to ear was a supremely difficult affair for the sprightly-framed, lightly tanned Bajoran as he stepped off the transport onto the cool metal deck plates of his destination: Starbase 118, at long last! The beeping of the base's equipment, the ever-present bustle of the starbase's crew, soon-to-be crew and his fellow cadets, people of a veritable plethora of species just waiting to be met and talked to (preferrably over a good glass of spring wine.) It was every young explorer's dream - and he was living that dream here and now. Some lesser folk might have
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