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  1. When he turned into a spider and scared the crap out of the captain.
  2. Any fight with Sisko sparring with anyone is best. I actually laughed at Janeway vs that Microorganisim horror virus thingie. Like, what? lol
  3. To be honest, To improve as a Writer cause I've been writing for fifteen years. Being born deaf IRL has made me a better writer, but I'm still on that road. AND still improving. I still have issues and areas to improve on my writer, but I'll never give up on it cause I love writing. I got the Top three choices tho No1 Is Career advancement for Hayley, cause since the New Years, she's been wanting to get involved more. So, that was the one I chose. But if I had to choose three, its Career Advancement, Improve my Writing and Building relationships/Romance/Rivalry. I mean, there's g
  4. On her free time from her work, Hayley came along for the ride
  5. I wonder how much spam was use to make THAT guy's head exploded on screen. Hmm.... *shudders*
  6. She wouldn't. I mean, she's an introvert and talking in front of people scares her. So....yeah. Her own comfort zone is hiding in a corner somewhere. Tinkering. With something...
  7. If we're still talking about these ships and since I'm new here, I'm curious. Are we in distant future going to have another playable ship like a defiant class or maybe something similar to a Soyez or a Miranda class? Small ships are boss....just saying. 👀🤫🤔
  8. The tall, dark haired stranger pointed the weapon at Hayley. The young cadet stared at the barrel of the distruptor with fear and gulped. Sweat poured down her brow. Swallowing her fear, she bravely responded, “Please. Let me go and I will leave.” The stranger grinned with coldness and shook his head, “No. You don’t get out of this. Poor little girl. Fresh out of the academy, huh? Such a shame.” Without a second, he fired. The hot beam of the disruptor caught her flank thrusting her backwards. The back of her skull hit the metal post of the lamp. Clutching to her side, Hayley fell to
  9. I'd like to participate and try to write something up. I might be late to the party or my submission might not even count, but its practice. *shrugs* .....oh and I'm bored.
  10. Thanks! I'm liking this place so far. I hope I can follow through things easily. I've had to learn over the years. I'm a bit dyslexic, so if I mis read posts or have a hard time understanding the point, that's probably why. Someone did say I had mild or medium or whatever. But im not letting that stop me though, cause I can work around it if I work hard enough
  11. As the shuttle stopped before the destination, Hayley stepped off the transport. A bustle of activity became apparent soon as she entered through the airlock. Several communications went off on several com-badges. Though, none were for her. Starbase 118 at the moment stood as a huge place for her. It made her feel tiny even if she wasn't by any standards small. She trained hard for this. The workouts she endured made her into the woman she wanted to be. Growing up off the beaches of the Scottish isles, Hayley enjoyed exploring and surfing. It molded her into a strong, athletic body. However, s
  12. Hey. First off. I want to say. I like and still love Star Trek, no matter what CBS all access has done with it. I haven't role played in Star Trek for almost ten years? Its been a long time. I miss it. I've been trying to good search it and trying to find it, but no such luck. I'm lucky to have found this site though. It wasn't easy. One google search has led me here through a site. Anyways, I dunno. Google can be disobedient sometimes. My name is Ben. Just call me Ben. Its fine. I can go with other names, but I dunno. Even though I dislike the name, I was born with it. Its simple and ea
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