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  1. Oh what an interesting concept. I love the idea of Star Trek: The Hospital. Sign me up How about some others...maybe they're just spoofs... The Real Housewives of Risa Amazing Race: Delta Quadrant Who Wants to be a Platinumaire 30 Minute Meals with Neelix Starfleet Academy, 90210 This Old Starship World Dabo Tour hosted by the Bellagio Really Antiques Roadshow
  2. Planet Haven I think sounds idyllic: Haven was a M-class planet orbiting Beta Cassius. It was inhabited by a humanoid civilization. The planet was renowned for its tranquil beauty to the point that many thought it possessed mystical healing powers, though this claim was unsupported by scientific evidence. According to legend, Haven "has been known to mend souls and heal broken hearts." Source: Memory Alpha
  3. I've always wanted more information on the Nova's waverider. It's an atmospheric shuttlecraft. I would imagine on a science vessel it has to be pretty neato.
  4. Welcome to our community! I agree that you've found the right place.
  5. I've always loved the majesty of Voyager's opening credits. A tiny ship with a HUGE bravado of brass.
  6. Welcome! I've been simming for about the same amount of time. I'm sure you'll find this a great place.
  7. Greetings! I'm very excited to begin the process to join this community. I've researched a number of different communities and found this one to be quite active and well organized. There are some online "fleets" that work hard to be big. Everyone who applies can get a ship. That's not exactly my motivation. I'm interested in flexing my creative writing muscles. For many years I belonged to an online writing community and have not found the same connection as I have in the past. That site has thousands of members and if you step away due to life concerns things can move too fast and it's tough
  8. Gazing at the impressive expanse floating in a vacuum of space, Airik Tierney had to admit it was much bigger than he envisioned in his mind. Having primarily been a land-dweller, the cadet was less accustomed to starbases as he was to planetary stations. The awe still caught him each time he came upon one of the feats of scientific and engineering minds. Cadet Tierney blinked with interruption by a glimpse of his face reflecting on the side panel of the transport’s vessels window. The image of his pale face and shocking white hair made him appear almost like a specter, old or ill. It was
  9. Howdy there. I'm Dr Moon(e), it's my real name. Most people call me Moon. I've applied under a character whose name is Airik. I'm still fairly flexible in the medical or other sciences. I applied using a race that was not listed in the database, but is a known race in the Star Trek universe and isn't anything obscure. I live in the U.S. in the State of Minnesota. I found this site through a Google search. I was a big Star Trek pbem fan a few years ago - er - 20 years ago which makes me seem old, even at 41. I fell away from it for many years and am really interested in getting back. I was/am a
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