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  1. Congratulations to the Award winners and Thank You to all Staff for your well appreciated efforts to make SB118 a safe, coordinated and fun place to play RPBEM! ~~ Rebecca
  2. Congratulations to all! Again, a big thanks to those who sent in nominations and to everyone in the SB118 community for making it such a great place to play Star Trek role play by mail. Now, Let's Celebrate !!! *dances through the room, singing and clinking champagne glasses with the other guests* Whoohoo! ~ Rebecca (a.k.a Romy)
  3. Congratulations to everyone who were praised with an award !!! A big thank you to everyone who nominated, even if your nominee wasn't awarded with a prize. Also a double thumbs up to the staff for making the effort to organize this event and to make it so incredibly spectacular! And finally a huge hug to everyone in the community for making this such a wonderful place to play and hang out. *group hug* Tell your fellow players that you appreciate them, no matter what time of the year, it will be a prize on its own and very motivating to get compliments like that. ~~Reb
  4. Romy is ready for the Award ceremony in her night sky blue, flared gown with pea[...] feather embroidery on the fitted sweetheart line bodice. Topped with a braided hair up do and completed with matching azure earrings.

  5. After having scoured every clothes shop on the Starbase Romyana finally decided on a dress that she likes. She already tried it on ahead of the big day and does a twirl of excitement! "I'm ready. I can't wait for the Awards Ceremony. It will be such fun!"
  6. Cadet Romyana Casparian stood at the back of the bridge of the long distance federation transport vessel from where she could see the spectacular Trojan class Starbase growing bigger and more beautiful on the large view screen. The ship moved carefully closer toward the upper section of the base, preparing for the docking maneuvers. She was totally amazed by the enormity of the structure as it quickly occupied the entire view screen and continued to dwarf the entire ship. Then the view screen snapped into focus on an impossible sight - a blue planet she immediately recognized as Earth -
  7. ((OOC: When reading this I could see the scene play out in front of my eyes the descriptions are spot on, and the conversation manages to weave through different topics both in the character's recent lives as well as past events. Very well done!)) ((Science Department Holodeck Facility #1, Deck 547, Starbase 118)) German had been configuring the holodeck to meet the right specs, but more he just wanted the room to look just the right way. He hadn’t seen Ayiana Sevo for a while after they were training officers together quite some time ago. After the barrage of emails between the two
  8. Ooo, Yay! Many, many thanks to @Sheila Bailey for the great cooperation for this sim. And Kudo's to @German Galven for combining them into this post. ~ Rebecca
  9. Hello Tobias, Welcome to the SB118 community. Your character introduction is like reading the start of an exiting sci-fi adventure novel. I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters! (And lucky me, since you are now also stationed on Ops, my character gets to be in those chapters from time to time.) Happy simming! ~ Rebecca
  10. Thank you for the compliment! I didn't think my very first post would be worth a special appreciation. This is very motivating and I cannot wait to write more and sim with the others aboard SB118 Ops. Ciao! ~ Romyana Casparian
  11. Hello Jeriko, Welcome to the SB118 community. I enjoyed reading your introduction. So much information in a few paragraphs and still a pleasant read. Well done! Hope you will enjoy your time here. Ciao! ~ Romyana Casparian O239703RC0
  12. Well done to Dar and Eston. Congratulations!
  13. Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca, I am from the Netherlands, have a fondness for mills, cheese and tulips, but do not wear clogs. Ever since I was a little girl, I had a facination for the moon and the stars. When the teacher asked the class what we wanted to be when we grew up, most of my 7 year old peers said policeman or doctor. When it was my turn I said, "Astronaut". Sadly, when I grew up I realised the chances of this becoming a reality were VERY small, especially because I have a liver deficiency and to go into space one needs to be top fit. So, dream shattered? No, dream
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