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    Sci-Fi novels, TV series, and movies (especially Space Operas like Star Trek), Ferrets (mammals in a family of Mustelidae), etc.

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My first encounter with the Star Trek universe came at the age of 19 when I started attending a University in St.Louis, MO, USA. At that time, ST: TNG, DS9, and VGR were on the air.  Fascinated by those fantastic shows, I instantly became a huge fan.

Before I became a fan of Star Trek, I was immersed in a major fandom movement for a Japanese historical fantasy novel series and its author.  I even organized a group of my own.  As a natural-born reader, I read a lot of novels and other books since I was a middle school student.  And, after years of reading, I finally became interested in writing stories of my own.

I enjoy writing my Sci-Fi and fantasy stories (mainly in the Japanese language).  And, I feel so happy to have some friends who encourage me to write new stories by evaluating what I wrote now and then.

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