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  1. Hi, all. I assume a bunch of you may know me from the discord server. But I'll keep it commonsense here, so here comes an introduction for those who have no idea who I am. My real name is Beth Taurasi, and honestly, my head's in space a whole lot these days because I don't work. But my work entails a lot of advocacy for people with disabilities, as I am totally blind like one other person I know who's here whose name I don't want to call out because I don't like to embarrass anyone. So yeah, you guys know who I'm talking about. My hobbies and interests include reading, and my book series choices are a lot of science fiction and fantasy, which is where Trek falls. I also wander in some RPG worlds as well, so I get the gist of fantasy and science fiction worlds. My Trek moments were mostly when I was little, and I was blessed to have a great science teacher who made us argue about the future, which she then included tribbles in the argument, which then ... she was mistaking some prehistoric animal for a Star Trek one. Kind of weird. My character's name is Nora Valentine, because of two things: one, having to do with the light of life, somewhat inspired by an American queen who was dubbed "the light" of her king, and Valentine, because it reminds me of red hearts, flowers, and the sun. Love, mostly. She is a blind woman who wants to be the best at documenting everything she is sent out to scope out, a coms officer who keeps everybody together, the glue of her crew. She could also be dubbed a historian, for thousands of years later, her writings could become the center point of studies in another whole parallel universe. History does that, you know. Anyway, I want to say hello to all my fellow cadets out there, and you all can see me in my profile photo. I apologize for wearing a nightshirt, nothing special, but I only meant to catch my face anyway. It's late at night and I'm super excited to begin the journey across the universe and back again.
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