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  1. (( Surgery suite )) Once he had completed the twins medicals. Boris returned to the surgery suite. Hendon noticed the bandaged hands and ankles. Lisa and the other nurses. Where gathered around a dustbin. He smiled as they jerked back at his arrival. Hendon: Let me guess. Mr Pom? Lisa: The little **** is dead. Hendon: You put it into that bin. To punish it for biting you, Lisa: :: Mumbling :: and told him I was going to remove his *****. Must of been a heart attack, Hendon: No it’s programmed to shut down. If threatened with castration. Just press the reset switch
  2. If this is anyting to go by I can well imagine how much fun it was!!! ❤️
  3. (( Embassy Medical Centre - Duronis II )) (( Recovery Room 1 )) Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr! A nasty little face with a mouth full of fangs. Looked at Lisa. As she tried to check Bubbles Van Peltz. After her heart operation. Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr! Bubbles: Now now. Dats naughty. The nice lady is looking after mummy whummy, Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr! Bubbles: He’s looking after his mummy, Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr! Lisa: Really..... well so am I. Mr Pom: Grrrrrrrrrr! The tiny canine monster made a dive for Lisa’s hand. As she ran a scanner over Bubbles ches
  4. (( Embassy Medical Centre - Duronis II )) (( Surgical Suite )) Lisa was glad the Chief Surgeons office. Had once been part of the medical conference room. This made it easy to discuss. The four legged problem. That was keeping them out of Recovery Room one. As they could watch as the evil little furry face. Kept appearing and disappearing. On the other side of the Recovery Room window. Finally their lookout signalled that the Chihuahua. Had not appeared in the last ten minutes. Nurse 1: Someones going to have to go in there. To check Mrs Van Peltz is ok. The two nurses
  5. OOC:- I just want to apologise to anyone who has a Chihuahua. I’m sorry but they give me the chills. (( Embassy Medical Centre - Duronis II )) (( Surgical area )) Lisa walked along the corridor and noticed two nurses limping. One also had a bandaged hand. Nurse 1: They only allow it in the room because she is matey with the Chief Surgeon. Lisa: What and who? Nurse 2: Mrs Van Peltz, Lisa: She did that to your hand and legs? Nurse 1: No. Mr Pom her dog, Lisa moved towards the observation window. Bubbles Van Peltz was laying in bed , dozing. Suddenly s
  6. So, below is actually two related sims. I really appreciated the humour and creativity in this scene. Something I definitely did not expect to read but thoroughly enjoyed. I hope y'all do too. Edited to add a third sim, another in the ongoing, hilarious take of nurse vs snappy toy dog Edited to add a fourth instalment that contains a pretty nifty twist. Didn't see that coming but it was pretty good!
  7. I would love to. Thank you very much for the warm welcome. I always enjoy our chats.
  8. This one was hard to answer at first but as i started to get to know my character a but better, I realised she would like to get to know the Romulans better, and may well be a supporter of bringing Romulans and Vulcans closer together again.
  9. I selected the Discovery uniforms, because I think they look very smart, but I really like Roshanara Rahman's arguments above.
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