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  1. ((Atlas Base - Main Gathering Hall)) The crew were gathering around the food table, but things soon were awry when a drunken crewman ended up embarrassing himself. Regan was not particularly amused and was going to escort him to the brig to cool off. No one else seemed to interject, until Commander Traenor approached sympathetically. Wilde: I'll take him up to the ship. He can either sleep it off in the brig, or I'll leave him in your care if you wish, Doc? Traenor: I'd rather take care of him myself, if you don't mind, Mr Wilde. He doesn't need to spend any more time in
  2. ((Main Hall - Atlas Base)) There was a small gaggle of officers in the corner near the food tables, and there was a prone person they were surrounding. Some extrasensory feeling washed over Maxwell Traenor, leading him to an overwhelming sense of concern. As he strode up to the group and saw the prone individual, his heart fell. He could smell the waves of alcohol vapors and bile emanating off the man, and felt both understanding and responsibility. It was a blessing of the fates that the others around likely hadn't recognized the individual yet. Wilde: I'll take him up
  3. ((Atlas Base - Main Gathering Hall)) Having finished embarrassing himself at karaoke, Regan actually felt really good. He didn't realise how much steam he needed to let off, and anyway what's the harm in having a little fun. The crew were mixing well, and Regan noticed R'Ariel dancing a little during his song. He got down from his stage, well - table, and returned to the little group of junior officers. Sival/Nakada/R'Ariel/Caden/Waters: Response Wilde: Ha! Well, we Wilde's don't do anything by half... Responses Wilde: Although the Captain was
  4. Congratulations to all the winners. So proud to see so many familiar faces both oocly, and people that Artinus has had the pleasure of simming with. Not everyday you see your first in character friend on the same list as your first rival (From a totally different ship) Cheers to you all!
  5. Congratulations to all of you. Thank you every one, for your hard work keeping this community going!
  6. Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to those who have offered me kind words.
  7. Juneau's own Artinus Serinus sporting traditional Magna Roman formal attire.
  8. Artinus was doing as many sports as he could. Also, he started programming his strategic combat simulation holoprogram.
  9. ((OOC: I really enjoyed the XO's impassioned plea to Lt. Waters, as she continues her transformative journey. Kudos to both of you for a moving interaction. Simple, but effective.)) ((IC)) ((Deck 1, Bridge, USS Eagle)) Waters: The June
  10. Can I rework previous sims? Or, failing that, can I write the story for my PNPC? Neither seems to be forbidden by the rules exactly, but I thought that I would seek guidance, nonetheless.
  11. Welcome aboard. I hope you'll enjoy your time, as much as I have.
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