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  1. I chose a Caitain because I liked the slant that STO gave to them. Much different from the Animated Series where we first found them. I'm more of a dog then a cat person. So my character has a dog, I thought it would be great to see a dusky tall felinoid with a little yellow dog. It would be a head turner on just about any Starbase or Outpost. R'rraww Hontrú was a silent character in lots of my early fan fiction and I thought it would be an interesting exercise to explore his youth and early career. So I brought him out of my fictional pages and brought him to our Sims.
  2. Full name: R'rraww Hontrú

    Date of birth (Age): 235712.01 approximately 24 anos

    Species: Caitain

    Gender: Male

    Hair color: Charcoal

    Eye color: Orange

    Height: 1.98 M



    Parents: M'Rreew and S'rret Clan Hontrú

    Siblings: 2 Clan Sisters (One killed at Wolf 359) 1 Clan Brother

    Spouse: Single

    Children: (Not yet)


    R'rraww grew up on the fertile and rich planet Ferasa the homeworld of the Caitain people. One of his earliest memories was of playing in the forests of his home, and tumbling about with his litter and clan mates. R'rraww has always had a fascination for living things especially plants, and he is very fond of keeping bonsai like trees in his quarters which he prunes and cares for as his hobby.

    When he was a kit of 6 anos, his father M'Rreew introduced the young Caitain to martial arts and meditation. By the age of 12 anos, R'rraww was among one of the best in his classes age group of the practice of Quong Rrouw the Claw Dance form of Martial Arts.

    Shortly after this tragedy visited upon the Hontrú family, His Clan Sister S'rwwao a Starfleet Officer was killed aboard her ship at the battle of Wolf 359, the Federation's first encounter with the Borg. R'rraww remembered that S'rwwao was so good to him before she left for the Academy. In his devotion to her memory her teaching him right from wrong, and to treat all life as sacred. These ideals made him do all he could to help his community and his clan. He vowed to do something meaningful with is life to honor his clan sister and to bring pride to his family, as she did.

    When R'rraww made this decision he was 15 anos, and he spent much of his free studies learning about alien species especially that of the Borg. He disliked the idea of the Bully (something foreign to the Cait way of thinking) R'rraww could not imagine how one who thought of themselves as bigger or more powerful than another would want to bring harm, instead of assistance to another. It was unthinkable.

    One year later a major catastrophic event occurred when an planetquake took place on the other side of Ferasa. R'rraww asked to be allowed to be a part of the relief effort and was allowed to take the shuttle over to the other side of his world. This would be his first encounter with off worlders as the Federation sent some of their help in the form of the USS Valance and her crew. The young Caitain was very impressed with how effective and helpful these beings were. It was during this time he would meet the Klingon that would help him shape his career in Starfleet. Four anos later, R'rraww Hontrú became a cadet at Starfleet Academy on Earth, studying strategy and tactics, and tactical space theory. He hopes to become a Starfleet Marine Corp Officer someday so he can train as a pilot. R'rraww would like to fly shuttles and fighter craft.

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