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  1. As much as part of me thinks the idea is "too cute," another part of me is intrigued to find out what has happened to Naomi (and by extension, the rest of the crew) since Voyager has returned to the Alpha Quadrant.
  2. I answered the Animated Series, primarily because, except for the episode Yesteryear, the whole series was declared non-canon by Gene Roddenberry.
  3. I'm Biba and I teach (math and science) and coach (basketball and softball) at a small high school. Though I've done cooperative writing before, this is my first foray into cooperative writing in the Star Trek genre and I've enjoyed it so far. I stumbled on this site quite by accident, just by asking one of your members (Lt. German Galven) about a composite picture he had created. Random facts about me? Worf is my favorite character, because I love how, not having grown up in Klingon society, he's pursued an idealized version of what it is to be Klingon, and from time
  4. "Temporary quarters are that way, Kay-det," the human Chief Petty Officer at the transporter console explained, pointing to a map temporarily brought up on a nearby control interface, "And the holodeck where ya'll will be taking your final exam is just a couple of turns and turbo ride down. Anyway, all that is accessible on your PADD or from your quarters, or Heck, you can ask directions from anywhere on the base. Don't be shy." "I appreciate your guidance, Chief," Cadet T'Gan replied somberly. The Chief Petty Officer grinned broadly. "Well, good luck on your final exa
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