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  1. Kral must have fallen asleep at some point in his journey to Starbase 118, having only been jolted awake when the ship he was on docked to their destination. He took a deep breath as he stretched his arms out, it would be a few moments before they were allowed to depart the ship so he wasn't in any particular hurry at the moment. He looked around the room for a moment longer before pushing himself up out of his chair and grabbing his bag to head for the exit. As he stepped off the transport and found his way through the station and down a few flights of stairs, up a few others and eventu
  2. Hello everyone! My name is John, I hail from the Great State of Texas. I came across the site for the Federation News Service one day and that led me here so I am going to give this a try. I have been a Trek fan all my life, starting with TNG and through to the rest, I am an experienced roleplayer, though I haven't done anything Trek before so we'll try to adapt to this style for it. I decided to make a Tellarite character because I didn't come across any others in the community, so I will try my best to make him argumentive and somewhat stuck up, don't take it personally.
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